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  1. Unofficial paratrooper/partisan campaign for ČSLA Iron Curtain cDLC. WORK IN PROGRESS. Contains the more than 9 minute long opening cutscene, the first mission and a shorter cutscene. More missions will be added in the future. !DO NOT RUN THIS CAMPAIGN WITH MODS, THAT AREN'T REQUIRED! Especially with ones, that change AI behavior. Also, I don't recommend pressing the Esc key during a cutscene, as sometimes it breaks the camera animation. Features and future plans: Fully voice acted Cutscenes Collectibles Custom music Custom sounds References to older games Good and bad ending Known issues: The commander sometimes gets stuck after 2nd objective cutscene in Morning Reaction mission. I recommend saving the game before entering the customs house and reloading this save, if it happens. Sometimes a plane engine can be heard inside the customs house. This is probably due to a setObjectScale command bug. Explosive charges on the bridge levitate. I tweaked this 5 times, but after a while, they always started levitating. Steam Workshop Link
  2. SlovakianLynx

    ArmA 3 Face Class List

    Download of this file has been moved to Google Drive (check the new link). I thought no one is interested in it anymore, now that there are a lot of new faces in ArmA 3 and their class names can be seen directly in 3DEN editor.
  3. SlovakianLynx

    [sp camp] Gambit Royale

    Thanks for the patch. I've reverted the mission and did not experience any more crashes, or bugs. I also have only about 15-30 FPS in that mission, despite I've lowered everything, except the resolution to minimum. Thought it is just my computer being a pile of crap.
  4. SlovakianLynx

    [sp camp] Gambit Royale

    I forgot to add, that it was after getting killed and reloading a save.
  5. SlovakianLynx

    [sp camp] Gambit Royale

    AAAAAAARR!!! Now I'm playing this campaign and I thought, that I will report, that everything is in order, but In the last mission, when I get within 300 meters of La Riviére I get exactly the same crash again. Tested it 3 times.
  6. SlovakianLynx

    [sp_camp] Shadow Fall

    When you will release an update, I will test it and let you know, if it is also Ok on my system.
  7. SlovakianLynx

    [SP] Partisan Action - Reupload

    I've released an update for this mission. Changelog: Added one more MG magazine to Helen's inventory, so she now doesn't fastly run out of ammo. Placed ammo boxes inside the enemy HQ in case the player runs out of ammunition. Sniper observing the village now doesn't need to be eliminated in order to clear it. Fixed the "music does not want to play" problem. Added more music tracks.
  8. SlovakianLynx

    [SP] Free the Officer (currently broken)

    After years I've wanted to update this mission, but when I load it in the editor I get nad error, that CUP_BaseConfigs is missing, probably because it was removed, or renamed. Is there any way to get around this?
  9. SlovakianLynx

    [sp_camp] Shadow Fall

    I have completed the campaign and didn't come across any more crashes. I had two, or three error pop-ups, but nothing game breaking. It must be something, that is only in those two missions and I agree, that the crashing is very weird. I forgot to add, that in the 2nd mission optional objective visit Uday has the same description, as objective visit Yakim. Also, there is a small issue in Pirates of Porto mission. On the little island with the radio tower are two guys, who seem to want to escape it on a raft, when shooting starts, but they can't, because it is halfly sunk. Other than that everything in the campaign seems to be Ok. That new radiation system seems to be pretty cool.
  10. SlovakianLynx

    [sp_camp] Shadow Fall

    I have always blown up the trucks for distraction with the one mortar strike available, but the T-72 did not move, or was I supposed to go down there and blow them up with charges? Anyway, I have managed to beat this mission on about fifth save reload, when the tank decided to go somewhere down the hill. In the next mission Pirates of Porto (this one was a walk in the park compared to the previous one) I have experienced the same kind of crash near the pirate HQ. Just finished the September Crisis mission and that one seems to be Ok. No crashing when reloading a save. In this mission it is funny, that I'm undercover and Anatoli is wearing a ChDKZ uniform with the skull and bones patch and no one cares.
  11. SlovakianLynx

    [sp_camp] Shadow Fall

    I'm just playing the mission and it is still the same. When I save the game in Pustoshka near the house with the computer and load that save the game crashes. T-72 is still sitting on Green Mountain... But I've noticed a improvement with the vehicles. AI seems not to crash with them that much. Before I even witnessed a bus explosion in Vybor. It's great to see you still take care of your old stuff and have new ideas how to improve it.
  12. SlovakianLynx

    [sp_camp] Shadow Fall

    Wow thanks for the quick fix, I will test the mission, as soon, as I can.
  13. SlovakianLynx

    [sp_camp] Shadow Fall

    Hey man, I wanted to play this campaign again before I will get into Dark Tides (because I can't remember what was it about), but maybe it needs some more patching up, because in the 2nd mission: Every time when I load a game in Pustoshka the game crashes with an "the memory could not be written" error. I'm not sure, if this is caused by an error in the campaign, or something is wrong with one of the mods. Didn't happen to me before in ArmA 3. Also, there is an T-72 and BRDM present at the radio tower even though I have destroyed the trucks, as distraction. Is this intentional? The tank always kicks my ass when shooting starts... I've reverted the mission 3 times, but it is always the same. I'm running only mods, that are required by the campaign
  14. SlovakianLynx

    [SP] H&D2 Spaghetti Airport Remake

    Thank you, It's glad to see someone appreciates it. I don't find making cutscenes that hard, but making these to be, as close to the original ones, as I could was HARD.
  15. SlovakianLynx

    [SP] H&D2 Spaghetti Airport Remake

    I've released a big update for this mission. Here's what was improved: -Schumann now arrives on a plane, like in the original cutscene, but it's a C47, as Ju 52 was removed from Iron front mod. -An enemy plane now takes off when the team is detected, as in the original mission. -Characters now open their mouths, when they talk. -Changed the victory music. -Added some details. -Some other improvements.