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  1. SlovakianLynx

    PARTISAN ACTION - Reupload

    !ATTENTION! !DO NOT PLAY THIS MISSION WITH MODS, THAT AREN'T REQIRED! Description: you play as partisan female sharpshooter Sofia Synetós and provide fire support while an attack on a enemy village. This is just a reapload of a very old small mission, where I tested how things work in ArmA 3 compared to ArmA 2, as I found out, that it was broken. Changes over the old version: -Fixed a bug, whre squadleader got stuck on a waypoint and didn't continue. -added more enemies inside buildings to snipe. -added more "killcams". -a lot of smaller fixes/imrovements. Features: -You play as female partisan sharpshooter. -Fully voice acted. Most of it is dubbed by me, the rest is just text-to-speech program, as it would not be good only with my voice. -Small intro cutscene. -Custom notification icons. -You can select from some weapons before the mission. Known issues: -An error pops up in the mission briefing. It started to occure since I removed sound mod and even though I tried to resolve this problem with several ways, I just can’t get rid of it. Other, than that the mission works fine. DOWNLOAD on Steam Workshop
  2. So glad to read you are still working on this. I thought you gave up.
  3. SlovakianLynx

    CSLA Studio - A3 WIP

    Why did you change the shooting sounds of ČSLA weapons? They sound shitty now. Owerall, weapon sounds in games go down the drain...
  4. Hello comrade, I was looking forward for part 2 of this campaign, but right at the first mission, when enemies start attacking the lighthouse I get a Mission Failed even thought I'm there. I've tried reverting it 3 times, but always with the same result. Can you fix this please? I don't want to force it with endmission cheat.
  5. SlovakianLynx

    [sp camp] Gambit Royale

    Hold on, someone has ported Moschnyi to ArmA 3? That one and Zernovo ware my favourite ArmA 2 maps.
  6. SlovakianLynx

    Missing sound error. WHAAAT???

    I so knew it's going to be something, that I forgot to do correctly over time. Thank you for the help and Marry Christmas!
  7. Hello, I'm trying to remake mission Spaghetti Airport from H&D2 in ArmA 3. If you played the game, than you know, there is a radio playing in this mission. I've done missions with ambient music before and never had any problems, but now an error pops up saying, that sound march_Italy was not found. What the heck is going on? Did Bohemia changed something, or is just me not noticing something, becouse I haven't made a mission in a year? Alsow, I get an error when I use playMusic command, so I use say3D instead. Heres how my description.ext looks so far: OnLoadName = H&D2 Spaghetti Airport; briefingName = H&D2 Spaghetti Airport; OnLoadMission = HD2 Spaghetti Airport Mission Load; OverviewPicture = "Textures\flag_italy_ww2.paa"; loadscreen = "Textures\flag_italy_ww2.paa"; briefing = 1; debriefing = 1; ShowCompass = 1; ShowGPS = 0; showMap = 1; ShowWatch = 1; showHUD = 1; onLoadMissionTime = 1; onLoadIntroTime = 0; class CfgMusic { class march_Italy { name = "march_Italy"; sound[] = {"\music\march_Italy.ogg", db+0.3, 1.0}; }; }; and the exec command: tranzi say3D "march_Italy"; I hope my game isn't broken...
  8. SlovakianLynx

    [sp camp] Gambit Royale

    Thanks for the replys guys. I have noticed, that ArmA is acting strangely in the last days. I thought it's sopose to be the ending, thats why I forced it.
  9. SlovakianLynx

    [sp camp] Gambit Royale

    Can't believe I didn't noticed, that you released this earlier! I have played some missions and it is an enjoyement, however I came across a problem: In Mission Turbulence, I had to destroy armour. I did it with MAAWS launcher. A cutscene started with two civilians and sentence: Hey, Did you just see that? and then they just kept standing there and nothing happend. When I tryed to load I could not do enything with my character. I had to go back to menu and continue the campaign from there. I tried to reload it like this 5 times, but result was always the same. For now I just forced it with endmission cheat. Could it be just becouse I've got a weak processor?
  10. You can leave it, as it is. It was just me not knowing what I was doing.
  11. Nice! Thanks for explaining the bug! I played the mission agein and it really happens when you are looking in the direction of your teammate. I just didn't realise it before. I gave the order after the autosave, So I was able to finish the mission succesfully.
  12. Hello JohnnyBoy, thanks much for another great mission of this series, I really enjoyed it. Ferthermore, the dog commanding sounds seem to be too silent. Any chance af boosting them up a bit?
  13. I never thought you can achieve such good results recording just at home. Sorry I won't rate it, becouse: I don't like Steam workshop. I opose the whole dumb rating system. I have learned that a long time ago, when I was visiting a rail sim sight, where you could download objects for the game. Good quality stuff had bad ratings and the ones with lesser quality was top rated.Alsow one guy rated my ArmA 2 campaign 2/10 without a good reason. Therefore I preffer to write a comment, like was already said above. RATING SYSTEMS SHOULD NOT EXIST! They are only a good tool for cowards, who don't know what positive criticism is. Take all the time you need with the missions. Do not rush it, othervise it could loose quality.
  14. Hello agein after a long time JohnnyBoy. I bought the Apex DLC some time ago and discovered, that it's just an nice tropical enviroment and thats it! Community content alsow is not very big and interesting for me. therefore, when I saw, that you made a mission for it, I was happy, as I knew it is going to be good. And you really did not dissapointed me. Love the voice acting. Pure and proffessional. Do you make it in a studio? BTW, is Boomer a common dog name in US? I noticed there is alsow a dog with this name in Far Cry 5 lol. I'm looking folward to rest of the missions and hope there will be a campaing when they are all finished.
  15. SlovakianLynx

    CSLA Studio - A3 WIP

    Awesome! The town and church look amazing.