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  1. SlovakianLynx

    WW2 OSS Op Jedburgh [SP]

    Hello, I've commented this mission on Steam, but I will continue here, as I don't want to spam the Steam page with comments. I really do not mind, that this mission does not have voice acting, the thing that is really bugging me, are the disabled radios. Sometimes I loose track of what is going on because of it and notice, that half my team is dead. I understand it when radios are disabled in an MP mission, because the chatter can get across player communication, bun considering this is an SP one I see no need for it. Could you please enable them? If you are not good ad voice acting, or it is hard to find actors for you (trust me I know these problems only too well) you can always use text to speech for it. I know it's not the best solution, but it is better, than just silence and text. I wanted to continue playing this mission today (didn't had time before), but for some strange unknown reason I've lost all it's saves. I will start playing from beginning and will give you feedback.
  2. Remake Description: This is a remake of a mission Spaghetti Airport from old game Hidden and Dangerous 2 from developer Illusion softworks. The Mission includes very closely made airport layout, Briefing animation and cutscenes with original voice acting. Thoug it is designed to be more realistic and historically accurate. I'm Aware, that the italians wear german uniforms, that the main buildings are too modern for WW2, etc. I just had to work with what we have in ArmA 3. Original Description: Your task is to find and capture Hans Schumann, an Officer transporting plans of German advances in Afrika. You will have to kill all enemy who would prevent you from carrying out your task and destroy the planes at the airport. Mission Objectives: Find Hans Schumann Kill all the airport personnel. Changes over the original mission: The airport is larger - For more realism. Some enemies are more strategicaly placed. No too modern weapons are used except Lee-Enfield No.4 T, as we don't have an older allied sniper rifle and Mosin-Nagant M44, as we don't have Carcanos. Music playing on the radio and when action starts are different, as the original ones ware annoying. Added more music tracks for more immersion. Schumann arrives on a Kübelwagen, as JU-52 was removed from Iron front and some mod kept breaking the unitCapture command. Event when an enemy aircraft takes off and starts engaging the player has not been implemented, as some mod kept breaking the unitCapture command and I could't figure out a different way to do it. Known Issues: Characters don't open their mouths when they talk, as I had troubles with converting the original game sounds to lip files. Machinegunner on the roof sometimes boards into cargo instead of gunner position. The commader and sniper have defautly Colt 1911 magazines in inventory. This is probably due to a Pistole640(b) bug. Sometimes when the "actor" dissembarks from the Jeep in first cutscene, he starts running around the place. The Airport still needs adding decorative objects, however the mission is fully playeble, as it is. Requirements: CBA_A3 CUP Terrains - Core CUP Terrains - Maps Faces of War IFA3 Liberation IFA3_AIO_LITE Iron Front ArmA 3: Faces of War Compatibility patch DOWNLOAD Steam Workshop Link
  3. That works! Thanks man, you'we been a huge help.
  4. That's what I was trying to do...
  5. This is getting so frustraiting! I have been trying to figure out how to make a hint with picture and text underneath it for two days, but every time the hint pops up an error, or just doesn't show up at all. Here is the latest script: hint parseText "<img image="pics\slynx_WW2_SAS_Objfail.paa"/></img> <br/><br/><t size='1.2'>You failed to find Schumman</t> "; obj_1 setTaskState "FAILED"; playSound "fail"; player addRating -2000; sleep 5; enableRadio False; clearRadio; 5 fadeMusic 0; ["lose",false,5,false] spawn BIS_fnc_endMission; It also does not work, when I try to show only the picture without text, however, when I want to show the text only, that works. What am I doing wrong, or is there a better way to do it? I've also seen some scripts for this with multiple lines, but, that was too much for my simple brain.
  6. SlovakianLynx

    PARTISAN ACTION - Reupload

    !ATTENTION! !DO NOT PLAY THIS MISSION WITH MODS, THAT AREN'T REQIRED! Description: you play as partisan female sharpshooter Sofia Synetós and provide fire support while an attack on a enemy village. This is just a reapload of a very old small mission, where I tested how things work in ArmA 3 compared to ArmA 2, as I found out, that it was broken. Changes over the old version: -Fixed a bug, whre squadleader got stuck on a waypoint and didn't continue. -added more enemies inside buildings to snipe. -added more "killcams". -a lot of smaller fixes/imrovements. Features: -You play as female partisan sharpshooter. -Fully voice acted. Most of it is dubbed by me, the rest is just text-to-speech program, as it would not be good only with my voice. -Small intro cutscene. -Custom notification icons. -You can select from some weapons before the mission. Known issues: -An error pops up in the mission briefing. It started to occure since I removed sound mod and even though I tried to resolve this problem with several ways, I just can’t get rid of it. Other, than that the mission works fine. DOWNLOAD on Steam Workshop
  7. So glad to read you are still working on this. I thought you gave up.
  8. SlovakianLynx

    CSLA Studio - A3 WIP

    Why did you change the shooting sounds of ČSLA weapons? They sound shitty now. Owerall, weapon sounds in games go down the drain...
  9. Hello comrade, I was looking forward for part 2 of this campaign, but right at the first mission, when enemies start attacking the lighthouse I get a Mission Failed even thought I'm there. I've tried reverting it 3 times, but always with the same result. Can you fix this please? I don't want to force it with endmission cheat.
  10. SlovakianLynx

    [sp camp] Gambit Royale

    Hold on, someone has ported Moschnyi to ArmA 3? That one and Zernovo ware my favourite ArmA 2 maps.
  11. SlovakianLynx

    Missing sound error. WHAAAT???

    I so knew it's going to be something, that I forgot to do correctly over time. Thank you for the help and Marry Christmas!
  12. Hello, I'm trying to remake mission Spaghetti Airport from H&D2 in ArmA 3. If you played the game, than you know, there is a radio playing in this mission. I've done missions with ambient music before and never had any problems, but now an error pops up saying, that sound march_Italy was not found. What the heck is going on? Did Bohemia changed something, or is just me not noticing something, becouse I haven't made a mission in a year? Alsow, I get an error when I use playMusic command, so I use say3D instead. Heres how my description.ext looks so far: OnLoadName = H&D2 Spaghetti Airport; briefingName = H&D2 Spaghetti Airport; OnLoadMission = HD2 Spaghetti Airport Mission Load; OverviewPicture = "Textures\flag_italy_ww2.paa"; loadscreen = "Textures\flag_italy_ww2.paa"; briefing = 1; debriefing = 1; ShowCompass = 1; ShowGPS = 0; showMap = 1; ShowWatch = 1; showHUD = 1; onLoadMissionTime = 1; onLoadIntroTime = 0; class CfgMusic { class march_Italy { name = "march_Italy"; sound[] = {"\music\march_Italy.ogg", db+0.3, 1.0}; }; }; and the exec command: tranzi say3D "march_Italy"; I hope my game isn't broken...
  13. SlovakianLynx

    [sp camp] Gambit Royale

    Thanks for the replys guys. I have noticed, that ArmA is acting strangely in the last days. I thought it's sopose to be the ending, thats why I forced it.
  14. SlovakianLynx

    [sp camp] Gambit Royale

    Can't believe I didn't noticed, that you released this earlier! I have played some missions and it is an enjoyement, however I came across a problem: In Mission Turbulence, I had to destroy armour. I did it with MAAWS launcher. A cutscene started with two civilians and sentence: Hey, Did you just see that? and then they just kept standing there and nothing happend. When I tryed to load I could not do enything with my character. I had to go back to menu and continue the campaign from there. I tried to reload it like this 5 times, but result was always the same. For now I just forced it with endmission cheat. Could it be just becouse I've got a weak processor?
  15. You can leave it, as it is. It was just me not knowing what I was doing.