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  1. SlovakianLynx

    Hot August Campaign for ČSLA

    The campaign was updated for new ČSLA 1.1 version. Changelog: -Fixed chopper not firing rockets in mission Operation Tyrkys. -Changed gear of some soldiers, so it corresponds more to their classes. -The paratrooper squads now wait for each other in the woods before assaulting the airfield in mission Operation Tyrkys. -When an enemy escapes Berda in mission Hidden and Dangerous part 1, the objective will be marked as failed. -When the player gets noticed in Hidden and Dangerous Part 2, the objective will be marked as failed. -Limited items in inventory of military vehicles, so the player can't use rocket launcher, when not necessary, for example. -The radioman now carries R-129 instead of RF-10 in mission Morning Reaction. -Tweaked the timing of dubbing, chat and camera in the opening cutscene. -Some other smaller changes and improvements. New mission is coming VERY SOON 😉
  2. SlovakianLynx

    [sp_camp] Shadow Fall

    I have come across the same problem, as someone mentioned on Steam. When I obtain the uranium and go outside to link up with the team, an error pops up, and the mission doesn't continue. From the team only Anatoli and Chovnyk are there. Rest is invisible only with class tags showing up. I am playing the campaign only with the required mods and nothing else. Restarting and reverting the mission does not help. The last option was to force the end with a cheat, but that returned me to the menu, as if the campaign was over.
  3. SlovakianLynx

    [sp_camp] Shadow Fall

    If you want to try to do something about it, I can test it for you to see, if it works without the DLC correctly.
  4. SlovakianLynx

    [sp_camp] Shadow Fall

    The campaign is unplayable, if you don't own Global Mobilization. I've downloaded the compatibility files, but in the first two missions the player is wearing an outfit from GM and I got the press LSHIFT+P to buy overlay. I resolved that with taking the clothes off, but it was a bit odd and funny playing in winter only in undies... Then, when I reached Clean Air mission I got a pop-up: Mission terminated because DLC content required. I will buy GM when it goes on sale, though.
  5. SlovakianLynx

    [sp_camp] Dark Tides

    I've restarted the mission 2 times, but the bug always occured. You are right about the campaign being broken. I can't past the Four Horsemen mission. After completing the first objective all friendly units freeze and never get to the rendezvous point. I've tried assaulting the power plant on my own, but there are too many enemy tanks. Also I've tried to restart and revert the mission, but it was always the same scenario. The last option was ENDMISSION cheat, but that returned me to the menu, as if the campaign was over. Well, it's good to read, that you will replace the campaign with a new version and don't give up on it, at least.
  6. SlovakianLynx

    [sp_camp] Dark Tides

    In mission Dead Weight the doggie camera can't be used. It pops up an error when I activate it. When I try to deactivate it, another error pops up and the two keep overflashing each other until the mission's end.
  7. SlovakianLynx

    Hot August Campaign for ČSLA

    Mission Operation Tyrkys and cutscene Calm Times ware added to the campaign.
  8. I have resolved it with making my own overlay:
  9. I've tested that three times and it seems to work. No more repeating. Thank you very much for the fast reply.
  10. Hello, I have an chopper, which I want to broadcast a radio message when it gets hit. Before I was able to do this on infantry with hitPart eventHandler and calling another script through it: this addEventHandler["hitPart", {execVM "trafeny.sqf"}]; in the heli's init field. Sometimes the script executed two, or three times, probably because the unit was hit by an automatic weapon. Now the problem is, that the chopper gets hit by M163, which has very high rate of fire and the script executes almost every time 10, or more times at once. Is there a way to force the eventHandler to run only once, or is there an alternative for detecting if a unit was hit? Here's the script, that gets executed by the eventhandler (with unimportant lines deleted, so it isn't a spoiler): mi24_1 removeEventHandler ["hitPart", 0]; mi24_1 setDamage 0.8; mi24_1 setFuel 0; sleep 0.5; playSound "Ot013"; mi24_1D sideChat "FUCK, WE'VE BEEN HIT! WE ARE GOING DOWN!";
  11. SlovakianLynx

    Hot August Campaign for ČSLA

    I have released a small update for the campaign. Changelog: The commander should not get stuck in the customs house anymore in mission Morning Reaction. Removed Laws of War dependancy from After the Assault cutscene.
  12. SlovakianLynx

    Hot August Campaign for ČSLA

    The campaign was updated. Changelog: Replaced the temporary cutscene with a full-valued one called Tension Intensifies. Improved the joining of units to the player in mission Hidden and Dangerous part 1. Increased the limiting radius after cutscene in the customs house in mission Morning Reaction, so it is possible to plant the charges even, if the commander gets stuck. Improved the texture of Soviet flag. Some other smaller improvements.
  13. SlovakianLynx

    Hot August Campaign for ČSLA

    I've added a mission called Hidden and Dangerous to the campaign. I had to spit it into two parts due to issues with AI. This toked some time due to PC problems, therefore a very short temporary cutscene follows after the mission, which will be replaced with a full-valued one in the near future. I just felt, that it's been too long since the last update. Please remember, that you need to revert the last cutscene for the new mission to show up. Changelog: Improved lights in all missions and cutscenes. Changed the hints to a nicer style. Corrected the broken objective complete icon. Some other smaller improvements.
  14. Hi, I've created a cutscene, that is suppose to look, as if the viewer is looking through binoculars. I've used cutRsc ["Binocular", "PLAIN", 0]; to achieve it, but the problem is that the overlay looks like this: As if the overlay was in it's original size (I'm running the game in an 1280x800 window), flipped 180° + there is some graphical anomaly. How am I suppose to display it correctly?
  15. I have been thinking what to do with restarting of the event handler script recently and came up with executing another script, that removes the MissionEventHandler right after its conditions are met (Sorry I don't know how to describe it better in english). So now it looks like this: in init.sqf: // Add the mission event handler addMissionEventHandler ["EntityKilled", { // Get the passed parameters of interest params ["_killed", "", "_instigator"]; // Check if instigator is player and the killed unit was on the same side with the instigator/player if ((_instigator isEqualTo player) && (playerSide isEqualTo (side group _killed))) then { // Get the amount of friendly kills of the player private _nKills = player getVariable ["YOU_nKills", 0]; _nKills = _nKills + 1; // Increment (friendly) kills // Check amount of kills if (_nKills >= 2) then { execVM "friendly_Fire.sqf"; }; // Set the variable with the new number of kills (this is in case you didn't finish the game of course) player setVariable ["YOU_nKills", _nKills]; }; }]; friendly_Fire.sqf: removeMissionEventHandler ["EntityKilled", 0]; hint parseText "<t color='#FF0014'><t size='1.1'>!FRIENDLY FIRE WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!</t>"; playSound "alarm"; sleep 1; v1 sideChat "Vančo have you gone completely nuts?! You'll face consequences for this!"; sleep 3; ["lose",false,5,false] spawn BIS_fnc_endMission; Works like a charm. As for the other issue I forgot to add, that condition !(player in thisList) and alive player and (rating player) > -2000 works perffectly. The trigger fires even when player eliminates friendlies and even, if it did't, it does not matter, as it would be game over anyway. Thanks very much for your help.