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    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Maybe related. In one of my missions I play a lot (so the initial engagement is often similar). Once the AI know where I am they often kill me through stone fences using a katiba in one to three shots if I rely on it for cover. Using the same weapon I can't harm them through the same fence even if I pump 60 rounds through it. So. It really does seem like the penetrability of at least some materials is having an issue. I disabled agm_ballistics and I swear I wasn't getting hit through the walls anymore. Disabling it make it take more hits to drop an AI though so I do like that module. :-) That and that the AI don't flinch when hit when using AGM (the rag doll module) like they do in the vanilla game are the only two issues that I see and can reproduce in my mission fairly easily. This is on stable branch using Elite level.
  2. Lots of good fixes in the new version. Thanks! One thing I noticed. I shoot an opfor dead (very very dead) and drag him. After I drop him he is unconscious. As in, he moves around like he is unconscious. Blood also disappears. I also get a message saying "Alpha 2-2: 1 - Cease Fire". Be there is just me, blufor and him, opfor... I tried to log it in bug tracker but it wont' let me change my password so I can't get on. It is taking a lot less hits to take them down now most of the time. I had one pirate that took at least six shots to go down but the rest took one or two. One of them must have been rambo!
  3. thx1137

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    I am liking the AI with the latest stable build. I use "Normal" level AI. I get head shot sometimes but mainly when I should be. IE: <100 meters where the enemy is prone and facing my direction already. In almost every other situation they take a few shots to get me, it varies how quick they zero in but then I expect that due to the different AI skill levels. I have also noticed improvements in driving for some AI vehicles in my armour path finding mission. They aren't running into so many building corners :-) I was in a building and shot at one guy today, missed him, got suppressed by one of his buddies then got the shock of my life when the guy I shot at climbed the stairs entered the door and shot me! Fluke? Maybe. Awesome. Oh yeah. I haven't felt a need for an AI mod for a little while now though I would like it if the vanilla AI dropped smoke when heavily suppressed or trying to cover for wounded. The only mod that sort of affects AI that is a must have for me right now is AGM. It really shouldn't take five body shots to take out an AI. The short of it. I get hammered when I get a bit lazy so maybe the difficulty is a little high for a "Normal" level but then I'm not particularly good. My squad mates always get more kills than I do! From my perspective the main thing I would like to see now is a reduction in what I think is path-finding cost. I have one mission where there are ~40 AI in Kavala. I get 20 to 27 fps (usually 20) as they hunt each other. Another mission is mainly in the woods where I have 120 AI and I get 45 to 60 fps when they hunt each other. I think adding vehicles in particular are pretty bad but they are so good when they explode. :-)
  4. thx1137

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    "Arma is just a very poorly optimized game and takes very little advantage of the technology in modern GPU's". Your not a programmer are you. Anyway. The GHZ rating between an AMD chip and a Intel chip has no correlation because they are not the same architecture. The AMD chips have always been and are still very poor for high end gaming. They are cheap and quick for basic games and desktop work but never have been any good for CPU intensive games. Moving from a AMD 3.6Ghz to a current I5 or I7 at 3.6Ghz will definitely improve performance. Just manage expectations. My 3770k at 4.2ghz gives me 45-60fps (GTX 780 GPU at ultra, my 660ti gave me 30-45 at very high) is most of my missions because I take care in reducing the amount of path-finding the AI does to it's minimum. Path-finding in a sandbox game like ARMA is very expensive CPU wise. My 120 AI bush bash mission gives me 45-60fps. My 40 AI Kavala mission gives me 20 to 27fps. Oh, 60 is the cap because I use VSync. Just don't get a Celeron, those are basically as bad as the AMDs though maybe even a bit worse.
  5. thx1137

    LIFTER for ArmA 3

    Latest patch fixed the pause for me. Thanks!
  6. thx1137

    LIFTER for ArmA 3

    Yes. Using PwS. Patch 2s behaviour us different. It used to freeze as soon as the mission finished loading instead of waiting 6 seconds or so.
  7. thx1137

    LIFTER for ArmA 3

    Thanks RAV_RAVEN, I have just downloaded the new version VIA PwS. I am playing one of my SP missions. The initial startup was normal. About six seconds later the entire screen froze for a close to 5 seconds. I ran it a second type by hitting "Restart". It took nine seconds before the pause. The pause lasted for around 4 seconds. I did several other runs and it varied but these numbers were indicative. My mission has the following assets: 1 x MH 47E 1 x RAH 66 8 x BLUFOR troops - ADF UNCUT 1 x ZSU 39 6 x T100 tanks 24 x CSAT OPFOR 1 x trigger to detect all OPFOR dead. During testing I was jogging towards the MH 47E but did not other task. IE: I didn't try to get in or start her up. Oh. Specs: I have an I7 clocked at 4.4ghz with an GTX 780 video card. 16GB RAM and 480GB SSD.
  8. thx1137

    LIFTER for ArmA 3

    Is it normal to have a one minute or so freeze at the start of the mission? I thought the hotfix might have been for that but it hasn't made much if any difference to me. Stable A3 in SP mode.
  9. It doesn't do anything for me either. IE: If I use the earplugs at all whether the setting is at 0, .2, .8 or 1 all sound goes away so I disabled the feature.
  10. He is asking for what he asked I expect!
  11. Just a note to anyone wanting to use this. It prevents the binoculars, rangefinders, etc from working.
  12. thx1137

    ADF Uncut

    G'day, Wonderful job on the mod! A question. I understand that removeAllWeapons and removeVest will cause throwable items to no longer work. Does anyone know of a way to allow LEA to be used to configure ADF Uncut without having to use "Extends default loadout"? Manually editing the scripts is not a great option! EDIT: Extends default loadout isn't suitable. Bugger. I decided to write a program to patch the LEA scripts with some success, but not quite enough. Using this example: _wArray = weapons player; {player removeWeapon _x;}forEach _wArray; My program processes the LEA scripts so that they follow the example pattern. It actually works for the "Combat Medic". I can completely define the stuff I want in LEA just fine. The loadouts look fine in ARMA. But, it looks like the throwables only works for the medic. If I change the class in ARMA to Squad Leader", even if I apply the Medic profile to the Squad Leader, it doesn't work properly. The grenades in the vest can be thrown but not the ones in the uniform. The only way to get them to work is to drop the uniforms grenades on the ground then pick them up and put them in the vest. Eeek. It seems a little odd to me that the player class affects it. I'm so close to getting it to work. Damit! Ideas?
  13. Hi. Maybe you have time to read through 96 pages to see if something might be there... Normally we would have a Known Issues section that dealt with such things. As a general note. I found a video of the first XActionUI test so I guess there is nothing wrong with my install when comparing to the demo video.
  14. G'day, There appears to be an incompatibility between XMedSys (or XActionUI?) and SUPER_FLASH. If both mods are included then the whole screen except for a small area in the middle becomes blurred. I notice that if I do not include the SUPER_FLASH mod (I only have XMedSys) that the screen blurs for a second while it displays the droplet health indicator then becomes sharp/normal again. Also, it seems my menus look different to the video. Is this expected? I couldn't see anything in the release notes about a change in style. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/7598715/WithXMedSys.jpg (626 kB) Here is what it looks like if I remove XMedSys or SUPER_FLASH. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/7598715/WithoutXMedSys.jpg (798 kB)
  15. Is anyone else not able to turn off the depth of field anymore? At least, I assume that is what it is. It used to be subtle, now, only around 10% of my monitor in focus! Basically when looking at a soldier from 3 meters away only the chest area is in focus. All the UI elements are sharp it is just the 3d area driving my eyes crazy. It actually causes causes physical discomfort. EDIT: Apologies. I just noticed that this is probably not the thread this should be in... Anyway, the issue appears to be an incompatibility between XMedSys and SUPER_FLASH.