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  1. soapsurfer

    Exporting Eden 3d to 2d

    Have you tried the map view (press m) in Eden? It's quite similar in some aspects.
  2. soapsurfer

    Eden Feature Requests

    Is it currently possible to place a EMPTY ammobox? Even better would be a clear button when editing the contents of something. For some of the boxes it's quite annoying to remove like 20 items with 1 to 50 units each.
  3. There's not one thing that comes to my mind which can be done faster in 2D editor. 3D Editor has way more possibilites and tools. Also I don't notice any longer loading times? Maybe the initial start up is slower but you just start this thing once every session and we are talking about seconds here. From a developer perspective I'd say maintaining two editors instead of just one is much more work with little to no positive effect. So why keep it?
  4. Yeah, must be! :D No, was just a false alarm. I'm too tired, i guess. For me the files are also not loadable. Looking into the linked fix tomorrow.
  5. Anyone also using Game Updater from Arma Tools? For me the tool wants to update to 31GB total which would be almost the double amount of data... :huh: Edit: False alarm. :)
  6. soapsurfer

    Eden Feature Requests

    Arsenal Integration for Units (as mentioned x times before :P ) Editing inventory of boxes/vehicles etc Add setCaptive to attributes Some kind of organisation for missions (subfolders, tags, ...) Last point bugged me for quite some time. I create template missions for some stuff, maybe whole campaigns or other stuff that somehow needs to be grouped together.
  7. Some more screenshots from internal testing on Chernarus:
  8. soapsurfer


    Thank you! Proper JR support in the future would be awesome. :)
  9. soapsurfer


    Are there compat pbos for ASDG? Can't find any. :(
  10. So basically there is no way in making sure a player can be up in the next minutes even if everthing is patched up? But there is! The PAK. :D
  11. My group is struggling with the Advanced Medical System. We love the complexity it allows but can't quite figure out how to do it right. We have Instant Death disabled and Unconscious timeout somewhere around 20 minutes set. Sometimes, when someone goes down, we fix all wounds (indicated blue, no bleeding left), give blood infusions if necessary. Blood pressure and pulse are normal at somepoint but we cannot get players to get conscious again. We tried giving more epi for a higher heart rate but no success either. Is there anything special to do? I guess about 70% of the time players wake up somewhen during treatment but in the other 30% we have no idea how to wake them up and use the PAK to get them back to fighting.
  12. We had a similar issue yesterday, but not for all AI. We'll test some more today.
  13. Gratz on release :cool: Is there any documentation one the serverconfig?
  14. soapsurfer

    ASR AI 3

    Yup, I meant the optional RHS configs in the first most. Do I need to place them in the userconfig folder?
  15. soapsurfer

    ASR AI 3

    Hello, we are using Asr ai for quite some time now with vanilla units and it really adds to our Arma experience. Last week we tried RHS units and it seems like the mod is not working currently. I copied the RHS files you supplied in the asr folder. Is there any further configuration needed?