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  1. I've been working on texturing soldiers. I use the regular, "setObjectTexture" so that I can view them quickly in game. I noticed that I can kill everyone in a huge area. In order to find out if it was everyone or just the units using the textures, I tested other units and found some odd issues. As for those, i'm not trying to fix them here, but what I found out was eye opening. I set CSAT units and AAF units, evenly spaced around. ONLY AAF get killed by grenades. CSAT units never died. With a grenade at the feet of a CSAT guy, AAF guys 20 meters away died or badly wounded. CSAT barely flinched. But my question here is just about the textures for now. Here is a picture:
  2. With the change to the randomize headgear for FIA, What do I do now to shut that off? This is what I have been using: this setVariable ["BIS_enableRandomization",false];
  3. Never mind. I found the problem and it was not an editor problem it was a Kosovo addon. Can someone delete this thread please thanks.
  4. What are you doing? It's easier to help you if you tell us how you are trying to change it. Are you putting code in the init, or doing something in game or out of game. What texture are you changing, the uniform or the folded uniform? They are very different. What have you tried so far? Details please.
  5. I'm a little confused. Part, because I had no idea what CUP meant. Just looking at your readme, it doesn't say what it stands for. But my question is the same. Do we use both @CUP and @ACR_A3? And if we use @CUP do we need to download anything extra. The armaholic page says community upgrade project is optional, but your CUP folder has a lot inside it. The readme made it sound like the all the A2 upgraded stuff is inside the CUP folder. So does your latest download contain everything needed? I've been waiting for all this stuff, i'm glad it's finally coming together. Thanks
  6. Victim9l3

    Kunduz, Afghanistan [10km] v1.20

    How about everyone give feedback to this map and stop talking about AiA. This is not the place to talk about it. Hardwork has been done to make this map, so please respect that. If you want to talk about how most maps using AiA are terrible and use mostly A1 terrible looking building, completely bringing down A3 quality, :p go somewhere else. This thread is for Kunduz, Afghanistan.
  7. Victim9l3

    Armor value differences

    Thanks. That makes sense. But it seems odd that someone would use a calculation of such a small number. You can do the math in your head in less than one second. Why not just put 40 instead of 5*0.8. And I looked at 5 other mods and every one of them used that calculation. Just with different numbers. It seems like they use "3*0.4" for helmets and "5*0.8" for vests. In fact for all the mods I looked at, bi is the only one that doesn't use that formula.
  8. While I was doing my config for my mod, I copied from other mods as examples and I found a difference with armor value for helmet and vests. After my stuff was done, I looked at bi configs. I started changing values on my config (which was copied from a mod) and I started replacing the edited value from the mod with the values that bi has. That way my mod is closer to bi. I noticed on several different mods the armor value is set up like this: uniformModel="\A3\Characters_F\Common\equip_tacticalvest.p3d"; containerClass="Supply100"; mass=40; armor="5*0.8";--------------------this value is quoted and isn't just a number passThrough=1; on bi the armor looks like this: armor=20;-------------------------this value is a whole number and not quoted So my question is why are they different and which should I use. What do the *and. mean? Thanks
  9. For some reason, your mod removes the T-100 Varsuk. I tried using my normal missions after adding this and everything with a varsuk became unplayable. The varsuk is missing from the drop down menu completely. When I removed only your mod, it was back again. Not sure why. Maybe you or someone else can confirm it.
  10. I searched and found a thread exactly for what I am looking for. However, it was a year ago and no one responded. Hopefully I'll be luckier. My mod is almost done and I need to get the icons/pictures for the inventory, etc. It doesn't look like people are just retexturing the icon picture. It looks like an ingame shot of each piece. A helmet, for example. User icons look identical to bi's. Is there a template or a procedure or what? What do I need to do please?
  11. Victim9l3

    Config help

    Where did you get the pbo? is it a bi pbo or a user created one? Also, you said you changed the weapon to your choice. What does that mean? Did you change the weapons or did you change the weapons that the soldiers are equipped with? The way you describe it makes it sound like how I used to change things in BF2. For this, it can be complicated. First, you can't mess with bi pbo's. The game is watching you. And if it sees one of it's little babies manipulated, then the entire pbo won't work at all for textures. I tried a jet once. It was in the game, but textures wouldn't work so I was flying around in an invisible jet. Second, changing the name of something won't change anything, because it's still the same model. Third, on a soldier, changing the weapon can be easier. You just need to find the right classname and replace it. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Assets So you need to be clear. What exactly did you change. Maybe you could copy the section you changed and post it here so we can see it so we know exactly what you are doing. But most important, all of the things I mentioned can all be changed in the mission. Well, as long as you create it. Changing someone elses mission is a different story. So please be specific.
  12. Damn, I have been working on a CSAT mod for a long time now. I am creating the config files for them right now. Being my first time creating config, it's taking me a little longer than I hoped. Your units look extremely close to mine. I did every back pack, vests, etc. I also did different headgear for bi's urban. I have desert and woodland versions of bis CSAT and Army units in the regular hex and green hex camo. I knew this would happen, but I took a break to work on Hind. Well, you beat me to it. Good job and the units too.
  13. Victim9l3

    Need to understand config

    Thanks. Let me see if I am getting this. Here are 2 examples of different mods that are creating the same soldier. It's an auto rifleman. This first SampleModA is creating "SampleModA_Soldier_AR" and he is using all the information and inheritence from the AAF AR "I_Soldier_AR_F". While SampleModX creates his from O_Soldier_base_F. I'm guessing that the soldier_base is the base for all soldiers of that kind. Meaning that even the I_Soldier probably has that same base. The 2 examples I use are at the bottom. The ModX needs to add more info because the base is the base. The base won't have weapons or ammo or uniform or anything. So Mod X NEEDS to put all that info into his AR. But the ModA is using an already existing unit. So whatever he does not include will be taken from the I_Soldier_AR. For example, ModA does not have a display name, but ModX does. So what will the display name be in the game for ModA? Since the display name is missing, the game will show whatever the display name is for "I_Soldier_AR_F". AutoRifleman. Because it inherited the name from I_soldier. However, if ModX did not put a display name, there would not be one. or won't work at all or something. Is that correct? I'm guessing that anything I add into the modA sample, that would override the info from I_Soldier_AR_F. For example, the "linked items". If I put "linked items" in my soldier, then that is what it will have and it won't use "linked items" from I_Soldier_AR_F. But if I don't add Linked items, then my soldier will have whatever I_Soldier_AR_F has. But are there any settings that can't change when Using I_Soldier_AR_F instead of base? Like a "display name". if i add a display name will it still show or would I_Soldier_AR_F rule out mine? One last one. You can't see it since I didn't want to copy all the codes, but Sample ModA did not include any magazines. Only items and weapons.Can I still add magazines even though they aren't included? (ModA is the mod i have been basing my stuff after), and I don't want I_Soldier_AR_F loadouts, so if i add my own loadouts will it be ok using I_Soldier_AR_F or would it be better to use the Base? Thanks for the help. class SampleModA_Soldier_AR: I_Soldier_AR_F { author="xxxxx"; _generalMacro="SampleModA_Soldier_AR"; scope=2; side=2; faction="SampleModA"; vehicleClass="SampleModAmen"; model="\A3\Characters_F_Beta\INDEP\ia_soldier_01"; uniformClass="SampleModA_Uniform_A"; linkedItems[]= { "SampleModA_PlateCarrier_IA1", "SampleModA_Helmet_IA", "NVGoggles", "ItemMap", "ItemCompass", "ItemWatch", "ItemRadio" }; class SampleModX_Soldier_AR: O_Soldier_base_F { author="xxxxxx"; _generalMacro="O_Soldier_F"; scope=2; displayName="Automatic Rifleman"; vehicleClass="ModX_men"; nakedUniform="U_BasicBody"; uniformClass="ModX_Camo"; backpack="ModX_Carryall"; hiddenSelections[]= { "Camo1", "Camo2" }; hiddenSelectionsTextures[]= { "blah\blah\blah.paa", "blah\blah\blah.paa" }; linkedItems[]= { "ModX_Vest", "ModX_Helmet", "NVGoggles", "ItemMap", "ItemCompass", "ItemWatch", "ItemRadio" };
  14. I have made a CSAT mod that adds about 5 new choices for units. Desert and woodland versions of current CSAT and brown camo and green camo units that were AAF reskinned to be CSAT Army. Also a few other things. When I created them, I was using AAF D and ACC mods that were similar units to test my skins on. I am now at the config stage. I don't know why, but there doesn't seem to be any tutorials or even guides or definitions. At least none that I have found. While searching, most responses tend to tell people to copy working configs and replace with your stuff. So I have been using 1 mod as my guide. When I come across a problem, i'll look to others to find the answer. But that only confused me more. It seems every mod has a different way of doing their configs. There is rarely any consistency from 1 to another. I think I got the backpacks and uniforms and units correct. I have hit a wall with helmets and vests. One mod uses: class MOD X_Helmet: ItemCore another uses: class MOD Y Helmet: H_HelmetB Both are the same helmet. So with their being no list of definitions or anything I don't know why the 2 mods are using different codes. Basically it's the AAF helmet. I made a couple textures for the helmet and I need to know what I should put. Maybe someone has the full code I need for the helmet that I can just copy and paste for each texture I made. But I still need to know the difference so I can understand and get better. I'm not interested in changing values of anything so I just want to retexture using CSAT or AAF or NATO values that bi gave them. I thought I understood because of the backpacks. I knew that if I put: CSAT_B_Kitbag: B_Kitbag_Base I knew that I was taking the values of B_Kitbag_Base and creating a new bag. And then any other bag I made would us CSAT_B_Kitbag values. Like this: CSAT_B_AmmoPack: CSAT_B_Kitbag CSAT_B_LATPack: CSAT_B_Kitbag I had same issue with Vests. I got some help understanding Vest_NoCamo_Base and Vest_Camo_Base. But the mod I'm "copying" seems to use them the same. Both have "camo" and hiddenselection info identical. Both have the same info under it. Every line under it is the same except the name of texture. BUT looking at another mod, they replace Vest_Camo_Base with Vest_V_PlateCarrier2_rgr. So the same vest in different mods look like this: Vest_X: Vest_NoCamo_Base Vest_X: Vest_Camo_Base Vest_X: Vest_V_PlateCarrier2_rgr So I don't know which I should use. So if anyone is left that isn't completely confused by all this, I could really use a lot of help. I have no idea what i'm doing. Thanks.
  15. I don't know if you are aware of it, or maybe it's on purpose, but there is a section of connected buildings on the beach near the concrete pipes and tall rocks. It's definitely out of place. You can crawl under it. The island is small but looks good. I'm sure it will have a few good mission ideas. thank youy.