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  1. Surface Painter a simple toolbox for map makers by [CORP] zgmrvn & [CORP] Hashlych Current version : 1.1.2 Date : 10/19/2017 Surface Painter is a simple toolbox to help map makers in specific tasks. It's not meant to cover all your needs, the mod currently has very few features but it's open source and meant to be modular, allowing you to create your own modules using the interface, controls and other features like the Object Pool. GitHub : https://github.com/zgmrvn/surface-painter-mod thanks to : @cptnnick an @commy2 for their maths knowledge @lappihuan and @NeoArmageddon for helping me with model configuration and optimisation @_SCAR and its E2TB for your feedbacks features Surface Painter This tool lets you tweak the surface map directly in Arma using a dll that replicates your actions in an image file. instructions here : https://github.com/zgmrvn/surface-painter-mod/blob/master/readme.md Run Arma with Battleye disabled. Take manual backups of your surface map. Object Pool It lets you define objects that will be used by modules. You can search objects by name and set the spawn probability for each one. Brush A simple brush tool for random object placement. Edge Draw lines and create objects along them, can be set to detect terrain and follow it. Export Allows you to export created objects in your clipboard in a Terrain Builder format. Download https://github.com/zgmrvn/surface-painter-mod/releases
  2. @Kaleu Apparently it is because of the spaces bewteen the curly brakets and the color values. Try this : OKA_green_grass[] = {{0, 240, 80}}; instead of : OKA_green_grass[] = {{ 0, 240, 80 }};
  3. it's not, i directly implemented SCAR's function, however i think it's the early version with those two non-matching objects at poles
  4. Surface Painter v1.1.2 Big thanks to @_SCAR and the Discord community : E2TB - implemented _SCAR's fix for objects exported for TB, now .lbt files are exported, they can be imported in TB exactly like a .txt.
  5. well, i did not expect so much objects to be exported at once ^^ Surface Painter v1.1.1 - added hability to export objects directely in a .txt file
  6. @icebreakr I'd suggest to split this work in several shorter sessions next time ^^ It cofirms that an async export through the dll might be usefull How long did it take to place thoses 45000 objects ?
  7. Surface Painter v1.1.0 - object pool completely reworked - settings are not reset anymore when closing SP @icebreakr scale is now exported
  8. @miguel93041 also, there might be something wrong with how you generate your surface map in first place because as you can see on the following image all your transitions are blurred
  9. @miguel93041 if you want to get rid of this issue convert your image in 8-bits, that's what SP ultimately outputs.
  10. can you provide image file ?
  11. hi @icebreakr, that's the next step, the Object Pool will be refactored to allow more flexibility, here is a photoshoped prototype of what i'm looking for. Thanks @foxhound. Surface Painter v1.0.1 - fixed UI scale - fixed TIFF conversion from 32-bits to 8-bits Also, source code of dlls has been pushed on the repository.
  12. Surface Painter v1.0.0 DLLs have been implemented in the mod directory, so if you have the v0.1.4, you have to delete sp.dll and sp_x64.dll from your Arma 3 directory. added - notification systemenhanced - refactored surface painter tool, it now supports large images, instructions here : https://github.com/zgmrvn/surface-painter-mod/blob/master/readme.mdenhanced - splited modes and extras in modes list (export module is now in the bottom-left corner)
  13. Surface Painter v0.1.4 Refer to this post for a complet changelog fixes pixels export script error
  14. sorry, i fix this in a couple hours.
  15. Surface Painter v0.1.3 The DLLs have changed and are now packed in a single one so you should remove the old ones : x32 corp_tls.dll libgcc_s_dw2-1 libstdc++-6 libwinpthread-1 x64 corp_tls_x64.dll libgcc_s_seh-1 libstdc++-6 libwinpthread-1 then copy the new one corresponding to your system. Changelog : scalable pixel, any world size/surface map size ratio is supported (it has nothing to do with image file, still limited to BMP 16k) UI has been reworked module options are now config based and automatically created so it's easier to create and configure modules pixel visualisation optimization WIP features : DLL will handle TIFF LZW as default image format since it happens to be the faster for TB Objects Pool needs to be reworked : UI and more parameter per object, like z-offset, min/max scale, keep horizontal... notification system
  16. You might be interested in this Combined with socket.io you could easily push your data from Arma to your web app throught sockets, or even streams with the correct node packages but i dont know if the Node.js Extension for Arma 3 supports streams.
  17. Be carefull since this mod does not has project management functionnalities, you can't save or recover your work... First I want to clean the code and refactor few things then i'll look for new features. Silola made a crazy work on what he calls "wall builder" but it's not released and i don't know if it will ever be
  18. @HorribleGoat it looks like its ok for object's pitch/bank, however, it appears to be a little mistake that prevents the exported objects to be imported in Terrain Builder. Will be fixed very soon.
  19. Hi guys, with the new multiple keybinds support, it is possible to add multiple keybinds via the UI but is it possible to register them directly in the code ? Something like : ["modName", "actionId", "displayName", {[] call Z_fnc_function}, {}, [[DIK_1, DIK_RALT + DIK_1], [false, false, false]], false] call cba_fnc_addKeybind; thanks
  20. zgmrvn

    weird rvmat behaviour

    they are not, all of your models are looking for a glass rvmat file located in one of your pbos
  21. zgmrvn

    Hidden selections on uniforms

    C) you have to make separate p3d for each variation you can't do as much with hidden selections on uniforms as you can on vehicles and objects
  22. zgmrvn

    Animate shaders

    take a look to a3\map_altis\data\water\data\test_water.rvmat, it uses a shader named CalmWater
  23. zgmrvn

    Problems after the jets DLC release

    If a mission on Stratis/Altis contains buildings from Tanoa and you don't own Apex, you can't join, just saying since as you said you were on this server before the update.
  24. is it stretching or it doesn't even moves from it's initial position ?