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  1. From what little I've played with it, it's pretty obvious when you're resting the weapon or not. Though an option to display an icon would be good, if only for teaching people that its a thing that you can do. A sound might work but might get annoying and would require sounds for metal (thin sheet and thick armor), plastic, rock, wood, and anything else I've forgotten.
  2. dsiOne

    Recoil Overhaul Feedback

    This is a fantastic improvement all around, fatigue, recoil, weapon handling in general! Though I do wish there was some sort of tell that you were resting your weapon but I haven't played too much with it yet obviously. Also, on a side note, lowering the effective recoil as you fire a longer burst would make it harder to learn how to control recoil. Currently, as is, you can pull down in one smooth motion during the burst and be pretty accurate. But with a 'tapered' recoil, you would have to adjust your mouse movement as you fire through the pattern just to be pretty accurate. I have no real opinion on what is better (tapering it certainly requires more skill, but Arma isn't CS:GO), but if your argument is that it's too hard as is, don't argue for making it harder. There's less conscious effort to be put into "drag mouse down at this rate while holding M1" than "drag mouse down at this rate while holding M1 until you fire X many shots, then start pulling it down at this rate, then when you hit Y many shots, you need to stop pulling the mouse down" of course keeping in mind that every caliber and every muzzle length combination will require you to gain a different muscle memory. At some point either system would become a natural adaptation of your body, but as it is now it will come to anyone much sooner. There is no force being applied to the mouse that we have to counteract, so there's nothing for our muscles to act against. In real life, with a fire hose or gun or whatever, you can just act against the forces being applied to you and get a good result. That's just impossible to do in a game, so the best thing to do is to emulate what needs to be done to get the same effect, "lean smoothly against the recoil" becomes "drag the mouse smoothly", and it turns out that if you do either poorly, you'll end up with a similarly poor result.
  3. Just quoting for truth here. If you don't want a sim, why would you play a sim?
  4. You have to aim now. People who complain about a "60 years soldier with severe alcohol problems" are complaining about no one but themselves.
  5. dsiOne

    Side to side sway suggestions

    Thankfully BIS has dropped the idea that we shouldn't have to worry about handling our weapons properly (see: AVATAR paragraphs), a consequence of that is that letting go of the mouse is not the best way to steady your aim. Your coordination in real life does not, and cannot, directly translate to coordination in a KB/M controlled sim, maybe if we had light guns... You have to hold the gun properly. Either fight the sway, lead the sway onto your target, or negate the sway as much as possible (go prone). Once you have learned how to handle your weapon you'll be able to easily make realistic shots, and . (note that person made those shots on the old patch before BIS nerfed sway)Calling the old non-existent weapon handling a true simulator is laughable.
  6. I have this issue too with ArmA3, idk about DayZ:SA. I could be loading a webpage in the in-game browser and still lose connection in ArmA3.
  7. dsiOne

    Fatigue Feedback (dev branch)

    You obviously aren't walking. Please at least learn the game's controls before trying to make feedback, learning how to move would be the next step.
  8. dsiOne

    Patch 1.24 (Bootcamp Update) Feedback

    The sway isn't random.
  9. Yep, weapon resting is a trade off. More accuracy, more obvious positioning.
  10. dsiOne

    Patch 1.24 (Bootcamp Update) Feedback

    This just plainly isn't true. Don't sprint for 500 metres with 100s of pounds of gear on your back and you won't be dead tired by the time you get there. The fact that this was possible before in-game doesn't mean that it was a good thing.
  11. dsiOne

    Patch 1.24 (Bootcamp Update) Feedback

    The soldiers in A3 are pretty much super soldiers. T . I mean it'd suck if you were anything less.Perhaps BIS should actually make the default movespeed walking though, just to dispel any ideas that moving by default at 13km/h is "walking".
  12. It isn't a minigame. Is counteracting recoil in the game a minigame? Responding to the changes in the road while driving? What isn't a minigame for you?
  13. Have you noticed how it's been, what, 3 days? And the complaining is already almost dead? :confused:
  14. Yep, it's really easy to aim. This is like complaining about having to counteract recoil :/
  15. That after looks really nice. Obviously you're still learning how to aim with the update though.
  16. Unlike that idea, realistic weapon handling both improves the "realism" and "gameplay" aspects.
  17. BIS really needed to add a "Weapon Handling Course For Beginners" part to the Bootcamp update. Of course I guess you can't really blame BIS for not expecting their realism chasing fanbase to think realistic weapon handling is unrealistic.
  18. I hope you realize how insanely hard that is to do and how broken it was that you were able to do it before.
  19. That dude is a soldier too. I know you haven't watched the video yet :o
  20. You might find this interesting...
  21. Why aren't you counteracting the sway? You do not understand how to play this game.
  22. You can do all of this in-game too, you just have to learn how to handle your weapon. It's really easy.
  23. I like how he made absolutely no attempt to control his weapon.
  24. I can't believe you people would rather mod skill out of the game than take a couple of seconds to notice that you're supposed to move the mouse against the natural sway.