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  1. hello, i remember i read somewhere that you could put satchels on walls, vehicles, and stuff like that. but i am not able to do anything of that. when i try to put them on vehicles they just happen to be put on the ground instead.. is this a planned feature?
  2. Qosmius

    Place satchel on vehicles?

    really, if that is a reason. because friendly fire trolls may use it then there is no point in even making this game. hey lets remove a feature because ppls can use it on friendlies. you can drive over friendlies with your tank too ---------- Post added at 16:12 ---------- Previous post was at 16:12 ---------- really, if that is a reason. because friendly fire trolls may use it then there is no point in even making this game. hey lets remove a feature because ppls can use it on friendlies. you can drive over friendlies with your tank too besides noone will ever be using it then since it has to be scripted in. will see it in 1 of 500 servers maybe
  3. ok so i am just very curious about some stuff....what has actually been changed in development since arma 1 which is over 7 years old now? i know they have improved graphics, added physics which is very awkward at the moment, stances, underwater and a bit better inventory..but are these the only new things that has been done in 7 years? i dont mean to be rude or anything. but as far as i can see it, arma 3 is only a game with better graphics, new models and with a touch of a bit more arcadish approach to a simulator game. sure alot of peoples will hate me for writing this, but if you think hard enough, there isnt really much that have been done since arma 1. same glitchy engine, same vehicle models, same tablock, same body armor modell, same vehicle damage modell. can anyone give me something else than new units, physics and underwater? yes i know the game is not released yet. but the kind of stuff we se now in beta wont change that much in the final release anyways
  4. yeah, we are giving them feedback, and alot of it too. but it seems like they are ignoring most of it which are pretty important to fix. we have been nagging about tank armor and body armor for years and it is still not working. if they make that work properly in arma 3 it is a big + but most of the things we ask for gets overlooked
  5. what has been changed so far in the beta, excluding the things i mentioned in my post?
  6. do not write anything here if you cannot give constructive feedback. im not interested in hearing about ranting about how bad my post is and such...give me info about what is new and done different. why arma 3 is worth buying
  7. Qosmius

    Some thoughts on reloading

    cool story bro..but you see, another post from you where you do the same as your first one. first you start to derail the topic train then when someone comments you go in for a full attack for a flame war
  8. Qosmius

    Some thoughts on reloading

    so what? if he makes a thread and says that there is something missing, maybe the devs look on it and say hmm, that is actually not such a bad idea, lets try to implement it this time. if you are going to be a negative douche to flame someones post go away pls
  9. Qosmius

    Some thoughts on reloading

    you know how useful your comment is? below 9000 it is good that ppls suggest things like this so that devs can see more what they missed out on. beta is here to discuss stuff like this hkflash
  10. they are very fun to use :) me and a friend were on a king of the hill server today, each of us took with us about 9 or 10 aa missiles each. 20 in total, went to a hill not so far away from where enemy helis took off. out of 20 missiles i would say we took out 18 of them with the power of tab lock and overpowered missiles. for real, absolutely every aa missile was a 1 hit kill..not even a single missile even damaged them slightly, only brutal overkill every time. i would expect atleast maybe that they would be able to escape some times with some engine failure or such but no..they drop down like bricks every single time if you want some fun just do the same :) pick up aa launcher. take 10 missiles with you, go near enemy base and voila you have air domination ---------- Post added at 20:09 ---------- Previous post was at 20:05 ---------- also it is not possible to emergency land ingame either..as you can in real life (autorotation)...insta death if anything hits the heli
  11. hey guys, if you take an alamut launcher, you can carry 9 missiles if you have a big backpack with one loaded in the launcher. just drop the medkit of whatever since noone will find you. besides im just writing this in a humorous way..i seriously think mission makers needs to rethink theyr weapon load outs etc etc ---------- Post added at 14:10 ---------- Previous post was at 14:06 ---------- also the missile damage and helicopter damage modells needs to be a bit worked on. it should not be the case that every heli you hit go down harder when you get hit by mike tyson. would be fun to see something that atleast there is a chance to not get totally destroyed. and i dont think arma engine works with 2 engine systems? since alot of helicopters have dual engines, and can fly a short distance/emergency land with 1 engine operational. but both engines seems to be destroyed at the same time every time
  12. yes i know, i just posted this so that more ppls get aware of it and more ppls can do it so they can experience it themself. helicopter damage modell needs some work, and maybe some new lock on system?
  13. maturin..it has been broken since arma 1 then? :P...helis have some armor to you know..out of 20 helis i would guess that atleast 1 or 2 would be able to get home damaged and not fall like a rock out of the sky
  14. Qosmius

    Comanche missiles power

    it is not powerful enough when it can disable any vehicle the game has to offer so far?
  15. hi, i am just wondering why helicopters have this ridicolous lock on system to anything. i feel that the helicotpers here are waaay to overpowered than what is should be. come come a transport helicopter without any form for radar have 360 detection of any vehicles out to several km? i hope this is getting fixed because it was exactly the same in arma 1 and 2..i wonder if they will keep that trend
  16. it was a joke :P but yeah, isnt it better to have a disabled rocket than a live rocket? some missiles have a self check system that disables the arming if vital components are destroyed on them
  17. hello ladies and gentlemen, i am just wondering if the anti tank weapons that we currently have ingame are supposed to be so strong? since they can lock onto absoultely anything and once the reticle is zeroed in you have 0.00001% of survival if you get hit by that missile. i mean every helicopters get taken out by 1 missile, i know some helicopters in real life have taken a rpg hit to the engine and still kept flying but here both engines seems to be taken out at the same time leading to a painful crash for both the pilot and the passengers with no possibilty to autorotate to a safer landing. you just drop like a brick. also every vehicle gets 1 shotted by the anti tank weapons except of the apc where everything just turns red and immobilised so you have a chance to get out. but that is not an option anymore now that the titan missile launcher is here..it 1 shoots even the apcs from front so it instantly explodes. can any mod/developer actually acknowledge if these powerful anti tank weapons are going to be the normal stuff we see on the battlefield in arma3? or will we also be given lighter stuff that wont instakill anything and dont have a lock on feature. so that the poor enemy you are aiming at atleast have a chance to get away. i really loved the carl gustav and at4 in arma 2.. but currently as i am seeing now there are only high tech guided missiles everywhere and armor aint worth nothing against thoose. share your thoughts about this.. Qos
  18. yes, that is probably why it is banned from the game since it is so harmful to the rockets
  19. Qosmius

    helicopters to overpowered with this radar?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2IqZhonKzU put this on every vehicle in game and i think we balanced out the radar and tab locking from helis and manpads :)
  20. i trust that ad more than all the internet generals here, just saying
  21. Qosmius

    helicopters to overpowered with this radar?

    i do not get it why you are so overprotective for this radar ingame..it clearly exists jamming devices that work in real life, and i believe jamming technology also develop while radar technology is too. f-22? supposed to be a stealth aircraft. im sure they dropped all the stealth ideas in 20 years from now because they have to good radar systems ---------- Post added at 11:52 ---------- Previous post was at 11:22 ---------- hey guys, watch this vid.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2IqZhonKzU problem solved :P
  22. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2IqZhonKzU in this video they state that the trophy has very low chances for personell damage near the explosions and is not a real hazard for outside enviroment less than 1% of personell injury
  23. Qosmius

    helicopters to overpowered with this radar?

    mattar, dont you think counter technology would have been in place for a 2035 game too? im sure it exists some radar jamming technology even today. how come that is not simulated?
  24. papa, thats how it should be..tanks are not some kind of small toy to be joked with in battles. oh i see a tank over there let me just grab my doomcanon and get rid of it. in real life if you spot a tank, you can be hell of a sure it has already spotted you and a shell is flying your way. the tab lock mechanic is ruining the gameplay alot. tanks are supposed to be able to withstand several hits from to the front armor
  25. also how powerful the missiles are compared to current vehicles ingame and vehicle countermeasures