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  1. so, it has been some months now since i quit arma because it was so bad at release thinking of multiplayer performance and how the game runs perfectly on singleplayer but is lagging badly in mp. i am just wondering before i install the game if these issues have been fixed now? or is it still bad? also has ace mod been released for arma 3 yet?
  2. well...this is my final post, since i will be leaving this forum and deinstalling this game...and my end thoughts on this game is just, well i am sad that bohemia could not pull off any better than they have done. i had my hopes really high since arma 1 and arma 2 was fairly good..only thing that was holding back those two games was performance, body armor system and armor systems.. but i see that nothing of that has improved in arma 3. i am yet further dissapointed in the developers of this game, why do we never get any serious answers on the critical things. why is not body armor implemented? why is not tank armor properly implemented? they just never answer on these things, give out warnings to ppls who ask for these things and say make a ticket about this etc etc.. one of the tickets we had which had over 1000 positive thumbs and 2-3 negative which was performance issue, has still not been resolved. Arma 3 was not ready for release and should have waited atleast 1 or 2 more months...sure they have a deadline to meet, but the game is dead at the line for me. it feels to me that developers have been sloppy at making this game, copy and paste turrets and gear which i will not go further into and poor remodelings from arma 2. they just gave us better animations for infantry and a bit improved gfx enhancment. hey this post is probably going to be blocked before anyone can say anything, and i bet there will be alot of blind users who thinks this game is perfect... but since i have been here since arma 1...i know that this thing should not be allowed to call itself for arma 3.. cheers dev team, i have been supporting you for over 7 years now? but this sealed the deal, i am dissapointed and i will not buy anymore products from you. bye bye
  3. yes....the arma vets knows that they have wasted theyr money on this product which has nothing to do here in the arma universe. it is good that newcomers like the game for sure, but they are blind, they do not know about previous arma games and that they are pretty much being tricked by bohemia
  4. op is 100% right..i feel you in every point of your thread...Developers step forward and explain yourself, stop hiding in the imporitant threads..give us answers
  5. ok i have given arma a chance since early alpha..but hey. i only see dissapointment after dissapointment in this game..2 years of development turnet out to be meaningless....i will be in arma 2 with ace, since arma 3 contributes with nothing and copy pastes everything to every faction and has no unit variety. how do i apply for a refund? is it via steam or bohemia?
  6. i am just giving him true facts, there is nothing wrong to hide the truth
  7. Qosmius

    How do i get a refund?

    well, when we get a completely broken game i think its a good reason for getting a refund, mp is not in usabale conditions for normal play
  8. no you cannot run this game without having a laghell, pls return in 1 year when all the bugs have been fixed and game optimised
  9. since alpha i have been sniffing out some bad cheese from the developers office. why do they copy and paste every weapon system in the game? look at the humves, exactly same turret, look at the apcs, they all use the same turret..now even the arty uses the same turret as the enemy arty..same goes for aa vehicles.. devs havent used a dime when making these vehicles..they just made a core weapon platform and put it on every vehicle in the game.. look at arma 1, it had variety.. look at arma 2, it had variety what happened in arma3? i will call this a failed project..
  10. since alpha i have been sniffing out some bad cheese from the developers office. why do they copy and paste every weapon system in the game? look at the humves, exactly same turret, look at the apcs, they all use the same turret..now even the arty uses the same turret as the enemy arty..same goes for aa vehicles.. devs havent used a dime when making these vehicles..they just made a core weapon platform and put it on every vehicle in the game.. look at arma 1, it had variety.. look at arma 2, it had variety what happened in arma3? i will call this a failed project..
  11. if you want to compare arma to rome...arma will have its downfall really soon...we had these problems since arma 1 where the devs never listen to theyr customers
  12. is it just me who is concerned about this..since alpha the game has been partially broken with the performance errors..yes it works nicely in single player when playing in the editor..but the second it comes to online play, which is one of the core concepts of this game. it turns very rapidly into a so called "lagfest" so i wonder if the developers have even layed a finger on this subject..they seem more concerned with getting a game out as fast as possible, rather than actually optimising it before it is released. ppls have discussed this since early alpha..yeeaah this is alpha so deal with it, it will be fixed later on...then beta came...yes this is beta what do u expect they will fix it later.... But now 13 days before release, i am really starting to worry. when they released altis, there is basically lag on every server i play on. some peoples might say find some friends and play on a coop game..but this game is also meant for large scale battles, not only small arms engagement. but so far this engine has shown no potency of being able to handle it. if they release this game with these multiplayer flaws, am i able to get a refund from this game because they are shipping an unfinished and a unoptimised game? i do not want to play a laggy multiplayer, i want it to be smooth like in bf3, minecraft, supreme commander and every other game that has been created. it seems like this problem only exists in bohemia universe and other small indie game developers who has a budget of 100 dollars
  13. hi, sry if this is the wrong thread. but i need your help :( my game runs fine on single player maps and in the editor and in small mp games but when it comes to maps where it is 20+ it starts to get more and more sluggish the more ppls that join.. i just want to be able to play without dropping down to 15-20 fps I WILL DO ANYTHING if ppls comes with a suggestion that might help me i have a 100mb internet connection and i have a solid 10 mbps down speed when downloading and a good 5-6 mbps upspeed i have a i7-2670 cpu 8gb ram amd radeon hd7900 series-2gb vram 256gb ssd win 7 64
  14. ah i found this. http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=716 it has nearly 1800 updvotes and 20 downovotes..and it is related to low cpu and gpu performance.. i love how 1800 ppls have voted for better performance but still nothing has happened from bohemias side
  15. i have tryed several servers..if there are high player count i usually get fps lags...blue1 servers seems to run nice, why isnt every server like that? even if its badly optimised why do we get lags from ppls joining?
  16. Qosmius

    Performance problems

    so you actually vote up for a broken game at release? sure i can make up some rubbish to and release it for you if you want broken games ---------- Post added at 15:49 ---------- Previous post was at 15:46 ---------- if they just made it so that everyone could be able to host maps of theyr likings without having the massive stuttering if more than 2 or 3 peoples would decide to join your specific server. if that enables some restriction of bad codes, wouldnt it then be better that all the maps made are fluid and perfect rather than 1 out of 10 maps works nicely. other titles such as bf3 and cod has premade maps with optimised scripts..cannot bis do the same? or give us quality tested codes
  17. Qosmius

    Performance problems

    isnt it not possible to make it more fluid for clients to host theyr own missions? without getting the lag problems all the time? there will not be many dedicatet servers for sure, and if there are. i bet all of them will host the same maps, meaning wasteland, invade og annex over and over. will there be any fixes for this in the features since it was never fixed in any previous arma series?
  18. Qosmius

    Performance problems

    hi maionaze, yes i know there might be several threads about it, sry for making a repost. but i do not feel that this problem has been taken seriously. it gets overlooked a bit i think. i have a pc with 500gb ssd disc, 8gb ram, core i7-2670 cpu and a radeon hd 6900 series gfx card with 2gb vram..the game runs smooth in the editor. but when there are non dedicated servers hosting maps, game stutters. and i did buy it from steam, yes i know bohemia releases unfinished games..i have been faithful since arma 1 was created, and it saddens to see they do not learn from theyr past mistakes..cheers
  19. Qosmius

    Performance problems

    yes, my english is not the best so sry if it is bad. but this is a problem since stratis map too ---------- Post added at 12:56 ---------- Previous post was at 12:55 ---------- starky. the problem is not in singleplayer, but in multiplayer..i am sure that you have experienced this before if you play in servers online, you will experience this sometime
  20. Qosmius

    Performance problems

    well, if they close this thread it is just sad..ppls need to show the developers that this is a major issues. Mp performance is the biggest issue in the game, and i hope this thread stays alive so people can comment on what they feel about it to show the developers what is important to focus on ---------- Post added at 12:47 ---------- Previous post was at 12:44 ---------- for me, being able to do anything in this game smoothly really affects what i think about it..for example i do not want to stutter while i try to shoot enemies that run infront of me, sometimes it gets to the point where it is impossible to hit them. also when you sit on the back of a friends vehicle, it is not the same feeling as you should drive it yourself, it pretty much warps around the area and the movements are not smooth as it is in single player ---------- Post added at 12:51 ---------- Previous post was at 12:47 ---------- sure people may tell me to play on a very optimised map..but that is not the point, i want to join in every user created map and play it, to have fun in it..not be stuck with a few maps that is optimised. it takes the fun out of everything..playing capture the flag is not fun when the game stutters most of the time....why cannot they have the feature like in normal games..if the connection is bad why do not the players lag instead of getting fps problems? if you had lag in bf 1942 in the old days players warped around, in arma 3 your whole game stutters
  21. Qosmius

    Missing unguided rockets for BLUFOR

    yes, i do miss more variety in missile systems too. i think that all the missiles being guided takes away some fun in the game...i have started to enjoy the rpg 32 alot in the game..nothing is more satisfying than hitting a moving vehicle from 200 meters with that unguided rocket and watch it go up in flames. i hope they do add some counterparts to bluefor and green force too.. the weapon i miss the most from arma 2 is the carl gustav swedish made rocket launcher...also called "smaw" in arma universe i hope that this beast returns to arma 3 because it feels really authentic
  22. uhm, just because you get flares out doesnt mean the missile will follow the flares all the time. it is a countermeasure to try to lure the missile away from its main target. not always succesfull
  23. is it only me who thinks its strange the drones have exactly the same design? as in 100 threads before this is another example of how they just reskin units and give 0 faction variety...since all factions get the same unit they still havent made 3d cockpits for tanks/apc which is a shame..have a good day bis, i wonder what you really do at your work. hire some proffesional 3d modders, 3-4 3d makers can make a unit each in a matter of day or two so i dont see the problem, get the finger out
  24. hello, i have noticed something weird when playing arma3..that is when i am flying ingame and i am looking at these beautiful clouds above my head, i decide to try to fly throu them..but the weird thing here is..the further up i go, the further away the clouds go....it seems like they are keeping a constant distance to the player to prevent us to get close to them...it is like that stairs in super mario 64 if you didnt collect all the stars before entering bowser lair