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  1. These are just animations in the model, so you could try triggering them 'manually' with smth. like: _plane animate ["right_gear", 0]; _plane animate ["left_gear", 0]; _plane animate ["front_gear", 0]; Note that the "names" of the animation might deffer based on the plane you´re using... So make sure to also try "predni kolo", "levy kolo" and "pravy kolo", with/withOut underscores. If thats not getting you somewhere, you can research these names in the config of the plane (but needs some diging and pbo unpacking bla bla...) Find some more Infos http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?93945-Gear-animation-(plane) there. Oh, and on the "action" method, it must be executed where the vehicle is local, that might explain the "works sometimes"...
  2. Not that ive tried these, im administering for more than a day now and work as a sysadmin ;-) Sigcheck v1 seems ok, but as i wrote above Sigcheck v2 seems broken... When trying the full pack and also with "nothing more than @CSLA", beta&noBeta Funny here is "half half" cherry-picking PBOs ive got things like 'csla_ui.pbo', 'afmc_cars.pbo' or 'csla_tanks.pbo' validating just fine on v2 But for 'csla_ship.pbo', 'csla_apc.pbo', 'afmc_cfg.pbo' and many more (all that seems updated) v2 kicks me from the game on connecting... Is that the introduction of csla_v2.bikey? Could you consider a reSign&Pack, still I will do some more experimenting there... Seen that, just saying its a conversion killer for "no good reason"...
  3. Or not?, I´m getting kicked by sigcheck2, even with freshly uploaded pbo´s + keys on the server. (Own server, linux latest beta) Happens with both, data from Six AND even you´re .exe installer - on another hand DSCheckSignatures.exe says "all fine", I´m lost... Tried it with&without the new csla_v2.bikey installed - no difference // due without @CSLA connecting works just fine, error in here ill say. btw. is there any NEED to make it an .exe? thats a real buff, and I guess more stopping from download then making installation easier...
  4. Sickboy replied in Skype, where a "manual unpacking mistake" ;D - It´s fixed! r10 thanks
  5. Edit: Six revision 10 is up - its fixed Seems SixUpdater just updated it -great BUT: Apart from the new missions in "mpmissions" there is a folder with some fucked up name, that contains some spoofy dlls? Off from SU beeing unable to handle that path (2.9.7 get HTTP:500 @ "http://c1-de-4.sixmirror.com/rel/csla/.pack/mpmissions/_%C3%85%C2%A1%C3%A2%C2%82%C2%AC/advsplash.dll.gz.zsync") There is a .bmp that seems to be from you (splash.bmp), but i guess theres something wrong with that folder name and the additional DLLS? (@csla/mpmissions/_š€/advsplash.dll, langdll.dll, splash.bmp?) Gave a post in SU skype group, noone online... Will mirror the new version without that folder for the Clan for now... looking forward to some feedback here^^
  6. Without really having a clue, might be "explainable" by the two ways a mil can be defined... ARMY says 6400 mils = 1 circle while the USMC actually call(ed?) 6283 mils = 1 circle But seems these days most switched to 6400. (But seems they still use different "DotStyles"...) Source: http://www.boomershoot.org/general/TruthMilDots.htm
  7. tabakhase

    Ac-130x (wip)

    @ACE blackout, its the "stop" when you where moving at some hundreds speeds in a plane -and then- freeze on a point ;D Haven't tested yet whats the best way around, but there is a API to temporary disable G´s / heal players by script, maybe just removing the velocity is already enough^^ - or give them superpowers ;P
  8. Hi, i can´t find a single line more on "intercom" than some dev somewhere telling that there is something like that. DOKU anyone? How ever, what im looking for is freezing the "acre-head" of a player to a specific position from .sqf So player should be free to move around ingame but the TeamSpeak logic keeps locked to the initial position (/an agent unit so it could keep sitting in a vehicle to detect death ;-?) I struggled across the acre_sys_server_obelisk, but thats just the server link, nether the api.pbo gave me any more... (the background is an extended uav that needs "you" in the seat (to get ace missile guidance working) while it shall still be "remote controlled" so 'for acre' the player remains in base/car/truck/location) Any ideas welcome!
  9. Don't think/hope so... it is CCRP-Styled launch + GPS-Guided homing' date=' so shouldn't be a overpower-issue or the general "shootRocket" bomb problem As you still only get the "cycle on the square" when your flightpath&co is right, also homing fails correctly when dropping "off-limits" i don't see how that could be a issue. Actually I just tested it, ACE breaks the 'allow target click (default right mouse btn.) to get the square around the GPS_Target' - canLock=2; re-allows this. Dunno if there is an alternative like doing that assign in the setGPSscript or so.... (seeing the "//player dotarget GLT_GPSINStarget;" - not the desired effect) Oh, and can we get rid of the hardcoded setVariable ["MOABPlanes", _moabPlanes]; in \scr\glt_moab_init.sqf? Cloning the whole glt_MOABdisplay_init=""-script for each plane is a bummer, would like to see a cfgEntry like "canMOAB" ;D I need to load that baby into my C160 (what works just fine after giving it a scanner+GLT_GPSaction btw =))
  10. It WAS working with ACE... and thats what BROKE it AutoGuideAT//canLock-Story i guess... JDAM/MOAB GPS inherits from LaserBomb what has the canLock=1; A simple canLock=2; in the GBU53/MOAB-Launcher//corresponding cfgAmmo should fix that, right? (And it will still only lock when your flightPath is fine ;-)) I would love to see a @glt_missilebox_ace doing above and as bonus exchanging the stock GAU with the ACE_GAU8 one maybe?... :bounce3: @[FRL]Myke Is there any chance to see such an update? Can we/I help on that? I don't really expect to see "FRL Missilebox 4.0" coming, website states "close to release" - posted 17 months ago? ;-) In the current state "JDAMS are just broken with ACE" while i would love to use them... //fairly new in that topic, kick me if I´m wrong ;-)
  11. Still not happy? I came here in a similar search - but didn't got a working answer in that thread ether. My solution (cause using ACE) where an additional: and to get killed again use: gz.
  12. Fun thing, seems they changed the error_reporting level (that seems raise in 105785) back to before-state _BUT_ only for there internal scripts? -and also that only partly as it became less spamy, but not all ca\ stuff is gone yet- Speaking of As i guess _loads_ of addons/mods/maps/missions-contributors will have the same problem, is there the chance to get that controllable? Problem to solve is that a Missiondesigner might need the -showScriptErrors - but shouldn't really be bothered with 'Faults he cant fix' that overspam the faults hes looking for. Maybe switches to set the level in specific scopes (core, addon, mission?) or similar could help, don´t know...
  13. tabakhase

    SAT Render Map

    Still works for A2OA =) Just bugging me with a "Addon 'sat_map_render' requires addon 'A3_Data_F', think you can get rid of that, or package a A2 Version? (or link me there, what i got is from Armaholic) As the Map works just fine i guess 'required' is a bit to harsh here :)
  14. great work, 'turn-off-able' NSA is wonderful! I just noticed a little graphic glitch, an additional misplaced pipe-shadow appears as soon as you mount the Griffstück. (without Griff. only the correct shadow is visible) (here where a link to a picture showing the issue that i could not post as my post count need to be greater than 0 for that - great way to encourage people to post bugreports...) Not actually sure if its new in 1.2 or where there in 1.1 already or might even be related to another mod (can someone reproduce? if not buzz me for more) PS: Some pls tell Sickboy to solve my "/@mySiyupdaterCustomRepo_Panzerfaust3/", problem :) *appreciated*