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  1. hia3official

    FiredMan Event Handler

    setVehicleAmmoDef doesn't always work well on non vanilla vehicles. Just keep it in mind when you use this command.
  2. Green - is for players of your side Blue - is for players of your group Yellow - is for injured players Red - is for heavily injured players
  3. Make sure to connect only to the server that is specified in the topic. This server is currently passworded on set of reasons. A password will be removed immediately after IFA3 Mod updat the mod on Steam today.
  4. IFA3 Iron Front Description FT-2 WW2 (IFA3) is a PvP (TvT) multiplayer game mode with an intensive large scale battles of two sides for strategic key locations. Customized battle locations with different amount of sectors to capture (ranging from 1 sector to 4) brings the core of teamwork and individual gameplay in a more arcade-like style, with one major task in hand - make your team win! Gameplay Each player has the possibility to spawn at thier Team base or thier deployed MHQ (if not destroyed) & captured sectors. The player starts with default equipment and is tasked to capture and hold the sectors, every time a player captures a sector he is rewarded with resources which can be used to buy more advanced equipment and\or vehicles, the same stands with eliminating other enemy players or enemy vehicles. Players can purchase new equipment at base, next to ammo caches in captured sectors or at the MHQ. Vehicles are purchased only at the Base. Features Equipment & Vehicle Stores (Standalone GUI) DLC Vehicles and Weapons are included The ability to make up to 8 Gear Presets + 1 Quick Preset to equip your character fast Airborne deployment capability (via Billboard at Base) An option to Treat downed teammates (must have a Medkit in the backpack) Melee Assault - ability to knife your enemies without firing your main weapon Lock\Unlock Feature for your owned vehicles and an addition to throw out unwanted passangers Capturing Heavy Vehicles - an ability to throw a grenade into an enemy APC\IFV\MBT to secure it for your self A whole bunch of other features (movable mounted weapons, holstering main weapon, cutting the parachute cords, unmanned vehicles control via hotkeys, increase\decrease volume etc) Group\Party System Unique battle logging and award System Friendly Markers on Teammate units Capability to transfer resources to teammates Quick viewdistance selection feature (Hotkey) Each time a match has ended 30% of the funds are saved towards the next match Full UI translation into 8 languages (English, German, French, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian) Game server FT-2 WW2 | IFA3 Iron Front | TS: hia3.net Location: Russia Required Mods: Steam Workshop Collection Address: ww2.hia3.org Port: 2302 Media User Interface Gameplay Video
  5. Slot limit for the server has been expanded to 100. Join in!
  6. hia3official

    [MP] FT-2: Fight For The Territory | Hi,A3 Project

    Our server is hosted in France! Check out our RHS FT-2 server.
  7. hia3official

    [MP] FT-2: Fight For The Territory | Hi,A3 Project

    Slot limit for the server has been expanded to 100. Join in!
  8. hia3official

    Difficulty Overhaul

    Read the message by TisovcikRasto above:
  9. hia3official

    Difficulty Overhaul

    That would be just awesome! Thanks in advance for that!
  10. Tanoa for everyone. Sorry for russian captions - that's how pics were made.
  11. hia3official

    Tooltip multiple lines

    This doesn't work. How do you get it to work?
  12. hia3official

    [MP] FT-2: Fight For The Territory | Hi,A3 Project

    UI and battle locations screenshots are added! Click an image to enlarge.
  13. UI and battle locations screenshots added! Click an image to enlarge.
  14. hia3official

    End Game Spectator - Feedback

    This would be so wonderful!