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  1. I live in Canada (GMT -5, EST) and I know I can be a great addition to your unit/squad/clan. I am looking for a unit that I can laugh and have fun with while having realistic serious play during operations/missions. I am a very competent squad leader and fire-team leader; I know CQB (room clearing) very well along with formations, radio communication, movement, planning, just to name a few. If I feel you're the right clan for me I can dedicate on average 6 hours per day towards the unit. Aside from ArmA 3 stuff, I am exceptional with TeamSpeak 3, managing forums, and programming. I would like to join a clan with at least 2 squads of active members, even if I cannot be a fire-team leader or squad leader right after joining I am fine with that. I just need a clan where dependent on your activity and benefit to the unit, you move up the ranks accordingly. I have all the normal requirements for most units; Microphone, TeamSpeak 3, ArmA 3, and Track IR. I can speak fluent English and French but English is preferred. Also the clan must have a TeamSpeak 3 server and ArmA 3 dedicated server. Feel free to PM me about your clan/unit or questions/comments/concerns. Finally, I have been playing this game since the Alpha release and ArmA II before then, so I am fine with helping out as a staff member. As aforementioned I would be one of those people that move up the ranks quickly and loves to help out whenever possible.
  2. Well, the only other fix I could think of is reinstalling ArmA. I know it's extreme. But it will probably fix it.
  3. First off your written English was perfect, so don't worry about it. Secondly, ArmA 3 might or might not have Polish language support its too early to tell. in my opinion it probably will not but if you are fine with English I would still buy ArmA 3 Alpha simply because of the discount.
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    Arma using a projector

    Alright, thanks.
  5. Sounds like a pretty good guess.
  6. lucable

    Arma using a projector

    Does it reduce lag when you are using a projector? Or is it the same as when you are using a monitor?
  7. Hello, I am looking for a hardcore realism clan that has 15+ active members who are on almost everyday. I will be able to be on everyday with some exceptions. I am new to ArmA 3 but I have been playing ArmA 2 for a while now. I am great at listening to instructions and if my commander died or anything else happened I would be fine and competent to step up and be a leader for the rest of the mission. What I am looking for in a clan is the following: -USA or CAN based -English Speaking -TS3 -Decent sized active community -Realism Thanks in advance. ---------- Post added at 20:04 ---------- Previous post was at 20:03 ---------- Feel free to PM me on the forums.
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    Optimizing Graphics

    Thanks for the responses, I have 16GB ram so that should be enough, right? Thanks for the advice Rolling. I want to get a new graphics card, but I don't know how to install it so for me I think that would be a bad idea. Which sucks. Thanks again for the responses.
  9. Hello all, I know this topic has been done before but it's outdated. I was wondering besides using RAMDisk, and turning off PhysX Acceleration if there are any other know ways of increasing my FPS in ArmA 3 with my NVIDIA Geforce GT 620. Thanks in advance, Lucable
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    I agree, we just have to wait.
  11. Looks really good, downloading now.
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    Development Blog & Reveals

    Let's have rain, the grass is dry... :P
  13. Very cool, it's hard to believe it's real. Next gen of games are.... Everywhere!