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  1. This is amazing campaign, most of the missions are great on their own, but connecting them with the money mechanics and other merc stuff turns this into masterpiece. Also great variety of missions and using the game assets (the riots mission with the bobcat was really good idea). Looking forward to see more from you.
  2. KidB

    User Mission Request Thread

    Hi, I'am looking for a small/medium sized SP mission, which uses High Command. Ideally only with vanilla weapons and units.
  3. KidB

    [SP] HETMAN: War Stories

    Great mission. Is it possible to save the battle, so you can replay it with exactly the same settings and locations? It would be great to have "save battle" feature, because some stuff your scripts generate is really good.
  4. KidB

    Community interest in User Made Missions?

    I play only SP missions from the workshop. I don't think interest in the missions changed so much, but it's harder to find the good ones. There are so many missions published on the workshop now. People using the tags incorrectly are also part of the problem, I think it needs some sort of moderator. The workshop is quite good for easy downloading, but not promoting the missions. P.S: I didn't know about your ECAS mission until now, I loved Day 1 and 2. Looking forward to playing it tomorrow :)
  5. KidB

    Bingo Fuel is impossible?

    I had really huge problem with this mission. I tried to stealth: go around compound and attack it, but it always resulted in horrible disaster, got killed by GMG so many times, because my AT soldier refused to fire. So I restarted a mission and tried slightly different approach, finished the mission with best ending and with only one problem: I didn't have enough soldiers to use all these lovely armoured vehicles I captured :D
  6. KidB

    Night crashes

    I have the same problem. It started sometime around Adapt update. When I play daytime mission, everything works fine and I have some 30 FPS. But when I start a night mission, it crashes in 5 seconds. I tried lot's of different graphics settings, different drivers and other stuff, but nothing helps.
  7. KidB

    Next DLC and Expansion Speculation

    http://www.arma3.com/news/scanning-the-horizon-arma3-in-2014#.Uz_V9vl_uM8 I guess it will be jungle or snow map. Considering the story, a jungle island in Pacific seems quite probable. However, I would prefer snowy terrain with some new weather effects (snowstorms). Nothing against jungle, but I just don't want to see my computer burn :D
  8. KidB

    Adapt crash

    I tried to play Adapt campaign today and I have the same problem in the second mission, I haven't tried any other night missions yet, but it didn't happen before (well, I haven't played it for some 1,5 month so I don't know when it started). In fact, the game has never crashed for me before and I've been playing since the early alpha, so it is kinda disappointing now.
  9. When I run my mission from SP scenarios, I get "No player selected" error, although there is player unit in the scenario. The error doesn't appear, when I run the mission in the editor. Here's the mission http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=178564903
  10. Autohover was already quite conveniently binded to 2xShift.
  11. KidB

    Steam workshop: mission won't download

    There are more missions with this problem. Mine couldn't be downloaded, because I accidentally left PNG of the overview picture in the mission folder. It works now. Try to look for some unnecessary files there, they may cause this problem.
  12. I think it's alright. The tank might explode after 5 shells, but 1 good hit can be enough to disable it's turret and make it useless.
  13. It seems like the strategic map is broken. At least for me, it doesn't work in showcases and in Dynamic Universal War System scenario.
  14. The sign says "Except traffic service"
  15. Something like After Montignac? :)