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  1. I have to say, your new version is disappointing. The vanilla game sounds better.
  2. Sweet, I was one of many disappointed fans when the STALKER series went belly up. This looks pretty good, although I will say Arma's engine will not have the amazing weather that the original STALKERS had.
  3. germ

    Iraqi-Syrian Conflict

    Thanks for the mod. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIOpItMM7OY
  4. Why after the update does it take like 60 rounds to kill someone? Why I hate stock Arma, and now it's back in ACE after the latest updates? Specially someone with body armor, and certian unit mods I had to stop using all together because it was just ridiculous. Do I really have to go back to using LKR ammo if I want realism in my game? Why isn't there locational damage? I shoot someone in the face and see blood spray out, but they just twitch and keep on going. Retarded.
  5. How can I tell if it's even working, my game still dips down to 25 fps when I put four groups down in the editor and make them fight. Two squads, two fireteams. And that's on a I5-2400 and a GTX 960 FTW 4gb. I literally saw no fps improvement when I upgraded from my 560 to the 960. Yet, The witcher 3 and gta V I can run at 50-60 fps with lowest dropping to the 40's, no problem. This game is horribly optimized, always has been.
  6. Looks worse, too much saturation and too bright, not realistic.
  7. Fully loaded ak magazines weigh between 16-18 ounces. Depending on wether in a composite magazine and on 5.45 or 7.62. So no, they're not really heavier. a fully loaded GI m16 mag weighs 16 ounces.
  8. twelve days later, soon tm Why even bother giving out dates if you can't keep to them, should have just not mentioned it. it's like someone who in reality says they are going to do something and don't do it. One's word is the only thing one really has, and every one hates unreliable people.
  9. So are you still only doing echoes? that can be used along side any other sound mod(like before) or are you making your own sound mod. Because in the video I didn't notice any reverb or echoes, not like before. And Definitely not like the video I linked earlier, reason why I linked it. So people could hear what reality sounds like, people like you, who are modding.
  10. I'm actually really enjoying this, like the sounds very much. Here's to hoping that it gets some of the scripted features JSRS/L_ES has/had. And that you continue to work on this.
  11. Your sonic cracks could use some work, and variation would be nice. Bullets sound different depending on how close they are.
  12. He threw another hissy fit because BI didn't give him a job, closed his mods thread and left. Just like he said he was going to do if Bi didn't hire him, maybe if he wanted to get a job with them so badly he should have gotten an education, and a degree to be a sound engineer. I wouldn't hire someone with no credentials either. Boo hoo, so now he's taking it out on all of us who enjoy JSRS.
  13. So much for April 30th. And no update or explanation in this thread as far as I can see. ---------- Post added at 05:19 ---------- Previous post was at 05:17 ---------- That's funny, because VBS has dismemberment and it's the same game, made by the same company, on the same engine. Just steal it out of VBS and put it in Arma.
  14. I think Steam monoplizing on modding is a terrible idea and is going to be the downfall of modding. Don't know why any of you owuld fall for it, they take 75%. I'm not paying one cent for a mod, specially not on steam.