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  1. Not sure if I should stick with FAST or make the jump to FAST2, haven't had an issue with FAST as yet.
  2. auscleaver

    Moss Targets

    Hey Mossarelli, Have put together a rifle qualification range using your targets for half of the range. I see there hasn't been any action in this thread but I'm hoping you get this. I know of the JIP issues but I'm also seeing some weird stuff when checking score, basically it says x shots from 0 bullets. I have hacked the scripts a little to make them work across the whole range and for it to give a score, bullets hit and shots fired. Is there any chance you're working on a fix for the JIP as I think that's the main issue? I would really love to use your range but it is looking increasingly unlikely with all the issues. Forgot to mention that a lot of issues started after the Eden update with 3D editor. Hope this thread and template isn't dead. If you like I can send you the mission file for you to have a look at, I'm no scripter unfortunately, a part from the JIP issues it may be something simple I have missed. Cheers AusCleaver
  3. Yeah we tried both mods and had the same results. Was thinking PIP as well, will try later and let you know. Thanks for the quick reply mate, much appreciated.
  4. Hey ruPal, awesome mod, just an issue we have noticed. When in the vehicle in 3rd person all is well but when you go to 1st person you lose around 30-40 FPS. Is this a known problem or is anyone else seeing similar performance? We would love to use these vehicles but the frame loss on a multiplayer server that hosts 20-30 clients is to much for us so we had to remove them. Hoping there is an easy fix as these would be the backbone of our troop transports and convoy vehicles. Regards AusCleaver - 2ATF
  5. Hey Richardsd, awesome mod, just an issue we have noticed. When in the vehicle in 3rd person all is well but when you go to 1st person you lose around 30-40 FPS. Is this a known problem or is anyone else seeing similar performance? We would love to use these vehicles but the frame loss on a multiplayer server that hosts 20-30 clients is to much for us so we had to remove them. Hoping there is an easy fix as these would be the backbone of our troop transports and convoy vehicles. Regards AusCleaver - 2ATF EDIT: Disregard, apparently they are using the ruPal retexture so I have posted on that forum as well. Apologies.
  6. auscleaver

    POLL: New Update - regarding new font and sound

    From the brief testing I've done I can say I'm not over joyed with the new sounds. Reverb sounds like someone just discovered they had FX on their sound desk and thought it would be a good idea to try it out. It sounds really over done, I think a big issue is that reverb is meant to be a reflection from a nearby surface but it sounds like it's coming from the gun itself. I really hope this is a WIP because the sounds are God awful, I've been doing sound for many years and I would never run that much reverb across any mix even if I was asked to by the artist. FX should be used subtlety and should reflect the environment your in better than what it has in this last patch. I love the fact that BI are trying to implement changes but I don't like that the bad ones are making it into the stable branch. Luckily we run our own mod packs that have custom sounds for nearly everything, will save my ears for a little while longer at least.
  7. Awesome, love your work. Would like to see this in ACE3 also. Thanks again for your efforts.
  8. I would go for an addon via a module so the mission maker can set the parameters themselves. The reason I say this is most mission makers use templates that have all the required playable units as well as all the modules they may use regularly, this way the mission maker would only have to remove the module and not the mod itself. I would also give a vote to server side if its possible as it would reduce the mod pack size for clients, even though the mod would most likely be rather small it all adds up. Really impressed with this and am looking forward to adding it into a logistics setup for the group I play with, well done and hope to see it in a mod version soon.
  9. auscleaver

    (SMA) Specialist Military Arms

    Wanted to try this out as I have had my eye on it for a while now but it seems to crash Arma 3 as soon as you hit the showcases button. All required addons are good and the error message is specific to the mod showcase. Here's the error that pops up after the crash: File SMA_SHOWCASE\SHOWCASE.Altis\mission.sqm, line 0: '.raP': 'insert weird character here' encountered instead of '=' Unfortunately I couldn't copy/paste the error as the window is unaccessible except for hitting the ok button. Hope this helps a little with the issue. Cheers
  10. auscleaver

    Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    The new weapon sounds are sadly not as great as I'd hoped for sure, there is no power behind the weapons it seems which is a little depressing. I haven't played with them much except shooting off a few rounds in the open so time will tell with some of the other points you have made. I think "awful" is being a little kind tbh.
  11. auscleaver

    Couple problems with weapon resting/deployment

    Noticed this as well but the killer for me is watching my arc slowly move to the right with every shot I take, by the end of 100round mag on the LMG it has moved so far you need to redeploy the bipod. I would have liked to have seen a little less sway and recoil when using the bipod as well but that is something I suppose I can live with.
  12. auscleaver

    HAFM NH90 Helicopter

    Nice release, as an Aussie trying to get assets together this is a welcome addition, thanks. I did notice that when spooling up the rotor textures change to just a flat green, is this intended? It's not an issue for me as such just thought I'd bring it to your attention. Nice work, thanks again.
  13. Hey Toadie, Love your weapons mate, is there any chance in the future to add these variants to the Aug's - the main benefit is being able to use them with the group of guys I play with. There's a lot there so not sure how much extra work it would be to add these variants to the original models. F88 Austeyr: The Australian Army's modified version of the Steyr AUG A1. Changes for the Australian version include a bayonet lug, a 1:7 in rifling pitch as found in the M16A2 rifle, optimised for the heavier 62-grain NATO-standard SS109/M855 round and an "automatic lockout" selector that can physically disable the fully automatic position of the two-stage trigger mechanism found on the standard AUG. Contrary to popular belief the Australian issued F88 does not have the crosshair inside the "doughnut",[citation needed] however the New Zealand issued F88 Austeyr does incorporate this feature. The F88 won a competition against the prototype of what would become the Bushmaster M17S. The components are built under licence at the Thales Lithgow Small Arms Factory. F88C Austeyr: A carbine version of the Austeyr F88 featuring a shorter, 407 mm (16.0 in) barrel. The F88C is generally used as a personal defensive weapon where manoeuvrability is an issue, such as in armoured vehicles. F88S-A1 Austeyr: A version of the Australian Austeyr F88 with an integrated Picatinny rail in place of the standard optical sight that allows the attachment of various other sighting devices (night vision scopes, magnified and non-magnified optics such as the ELCAN C79, Trijicon ACOG or Aimpoint). F88S-A1C: The Austeyr F88S-A1C is a compact variant of the F88 fitted with a Picatinny rail. The rifle has a 407 mm (16.0 in) barrel. Typically issued to front-line combat infantry units with room and weight constraints such as cavalry, Military Police, reconnaissance, light horse, paratroopers and airfield defence guards (RAAF). F88 GLA: Australian Army version with an M203 grenade launcher. It features an Inter-bar (armourer attached) interface, an RM Equipment M203PI grenade launcher, and a Knight's Armament quadrant sight assembly to which a Firepoint red dot sight is attached. The bayonet lug and forward vertical grip are not present in this model. F88T: ADI has developed a .22-calibre training rifle for use by the Australian Army. The rifle provides an economical training alternative, with very low ammunition cost, which can be used in environmentally sensitive training areas and ranges where "overshooting" is an issue, and there is less of a chance to injure instructors and other persons. F88S-A2: An evolutionary upgrade of the current rifle to fulfil an operational capability gap. Deliveries of several thousand were completed in late-2009 to selected units for overseas service. (Afghanistan) Technical improvements in the F88SA2 include: Modified gas system for increased reliability and increased interoperability with U.S ammo. An enlarged ejection port. A longer Picatinny Rail on top of the weapon, a modified sight housing, a side rail mount for a torch and Night Aiming Device (NAD). Colour of the barrel, sight and barrel assembly has been changed to khaki to reduce the recognition signature. DSTO Advanced Individual Combat Weapon: Experimental weapon combining the barrel, action and magazine of an Austeyr F88 with an enlarged receiver and stock/body that also incorporates a multiple-shot 40 mm grenade launcher. Enhanced F88 Austeyr: Part of the LAND 125 Soldier Combat System project, the EF88 is a significant upgrade to the F88-A2. Final design and testing is expected to end in 2013. Here is a summarised list of the upgrades. 1. Longer top rail and introduction of side and bottom rails. 2. Length of Pull has been shortened by 15mm. 3. Modular Lower Forend. 4. Floating Barrel – increases accuracy. 5. Fluted Barrel - dissipates heat from automatic fire. 6. Folding Cocking Handle. 7. Improved Butt design – increased strength, ejection port cover recessed to improve reliability. 8. Provision for Electronic Architecture – to allow centralised control and power management of ancillary devices. 9. Bolt-together Butt – for easier disassembly. 10. Improved Grenade Launcher Mount – improves balance of the weapon. 11. Side-Loading Grenade Launcher (Steyr-Mannlicher SL40) – can fire all currently available 40mm low velocity grenades 12. Improved Grenade Launcher safety. The KORD RIC (Rifle Input Control) is Thales new electronic control system, and will also be integrated into the rifle. F90: The intended for export version of the EF88, Thales debuted the F90 at the Eurosatory military exhibition in Paris, June 2012. Key additions include a bottom rail and a detachable side rail, optional compatibility with STANAG magazines, weight savings over the F88SA2 with a base weight of 3.25 kg (7 lb) and the large trigger guard has been reshaped to serve as a vertical foregrip. Thales in partnership with Steyr-Mannlicher are pursuing small arms procurement programs such as the planned replacement of FAMAS rifle used by the French military. F90 variants include Grenadier, Marksman (508 mm (20 in) barrel) and Close Quarters Battle (360 mm (14 in) barrel).[26] Low Rate Initial Production of the F90 began in September 2014 Would love to see even a couple of these variants and we would be happy to help with testing. Cheers
  14. auscleaver

    USS Iowa

    Woohoo, redownloading now. Thanks for the quick fix. EDIT: Still a couple of texture issues with the front main gun and the barrels of the other two. Apart from that it looks sweet.
  15. auscleaver

    USS Iowa

    Ermagard! A battleship, this is awesome. Also have the smae texture issue but who cares at this point. This thing is a beast, those guns are going to be awesome for Naval bombardment. Well done and also voted for.