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  1. Should i buy the DLC bundle twice to play the helicopters? What is wrong here?
  2. AI wont get in as Cargo in different Vehicles? After this fix, i have this bug. :(
  3. Can someone explain what this means? What is SLG?
  4. It was the game and i solved the problem. :o
  5. And today, my ArmA stuck while loading. [loadscreen] Edit: Solved
  6. Binoculars and Laserdesignators unuseable? I cant switch to the bino-optics.
  7. Hi Soronelite I redownloaded your packs. Arc-german-units and the arc-common-pack. Now i miss the fennek and hunter with Nato-Camo. But wait, was the fennek from your pack? Edit: Yes it was. :(
  8. Im not sure if it is known. The real counterpart of the mbt kuma is in fact a Leopard 2A6 with enhanced and active armor. This project is named "mbt revolution" and it is invented by Rheinmetall. And by the way, kuma´s armor is very weak. This tank weighs 70 t.
  9. The name of the titan (ap) anti personnel rockets are still wrong.
  10. Oh thanks. I hope they will fixing this "unreasonably effect".
  11. So i have a slowed down "go prone" animation like "bullet time" while running and walking. From the stand, this animations is playing at normal speed. Can someone confirm this issue?
  12. Hmm i dont know what it is. As a driver of a vehicle, you can move a certain distance to the enemy without being detected. But if you switch to commander or gunner, you will be discovered immediately. The vehicle was driven by me alone. Can anyone confirm this?
  13. They dont know, where the nearest car (10 m behind) is for reammo. They dont know what a street is. They dont know what a direct order is. And with super-AI, it gets worse.
  14. I made a ticket for the wrong brake behavior
  15. Now it works for me. Only single keybindings are allowed.