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  1. Colonel-ONeill

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Can we have: * flash bang * tear gas * chemical weapon vs gas mask * radio jamming and monitoring * use of ruse for tactical advantage thank you ps: by the way, there is some very tall grass in a few patches around the island, is there any chance to have a big field of it somewhere pls where the infantry could move completely undetected
  2. Colonel-ONeill

    Some thoughts on reloading

    there are real transparent mags out there, just in case u don't know :-)
  3. Colonel-ONeill

    Control Binding Issues

    to me the game is recognizing both of my joystick but none of em is works!
  4. with the -nologs parameter my game never finish downloading MP mission files! Stuck in about roughly 50% than crash! ps: since the latest patch my FPS went up from 15-25 to 50 60 :-) nice
  5. Thank you for informing US! Saving us trouble and money! Vilayer you will never have me as a customer of yours! we should have a Black List thread for scums like Vilayer! online thief's :-(
  6. Colonel-ONeill

    Some thoughts on reloading

    I think every idea is a good idea even know, it might not will be implemented in ARMA 3, but perhaps in ARMA 4. and I know for ''sure'' ARMA 4 is coming too :-)!
  7. Colonel-ONeill

    Terrain Improvement (dev branch)

    like it +1
  8. Colonel-ONeill

    3D compatability

    I think there is a demand for 3D out there as it is the 21 century :-) that's another question if BMI will develop it or not for Arma I hope they will :-)
  9. Colonel-ONeill

    Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas- NO DISCUSSION

    I think that would be very realistic, if we would be able to track the enemy radio signals and: *Identify/location/position *Intercept/A to B *monitor/listen *block/jam (even with the built in voice over in the game lol ) use of RUSE = misleading the enemy imitate or fake invasion trough RUSE so the enemy forces moving to the wrong direction
  10. I don't think ARMA would go for arcade design, if it is ever does I will give up on Arma as I have gave up on Battleglitch :-)
  11. Colonel-ONeill

    will arma 3 use 8 cores

    I agree, most of the time it runs on 1 core
  12. Colonel-ONeill

    Game minimizes on startup

    i had that too before with my OCZ Revodrive 3, just try to reinstall the game mate run it as admin use alt+tab and alt+enter or window mode. it isn't the game causing the problem it has something to do with the windows i recon.
  13. Colonel-ONeill

    PhysX3_x86.dll Crash

    if I may suggest you to try to join a clan (in my case digital sword) and join to they password protected servers with the people you know and in a few days you guys will figure it out what game mode is running stable and it is also equally important to find out who has to run the server to have a stable game play. we had to switch host a few time b4 we have got the right one. we also all had to roll back to the stable version by the way and you are right about Annex & Invade and TeeTimes Warfare servers they are unplayable for me too :-( do not forget gents - do not get mad, annoyed, frustrated or upset about the game as it is still in beta :-)
  14. Colonel-ONeill

    FPS stuck around 18 on every setting.

    My FPS is depends on the server I am joining to: no annex 0 FPS cuz of the crashes king of hill 9-20 fps domination 20-30fps top fps i can get is 35 but mostly i just quit when my fps is too low
  15. Colonel-ONeill

    Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas- NO DISCUSSION

    *Identify/location *Intercept/A to B *monitor/listen *block/jam (even the voice over in the game lol ) -enemy communication use of RUSE - misleading the enemy