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  1. baaaard

    Essential Mod Keys for Servers

    For me its @babe_midtex @sthud @tmr and @jsrs. When it comes to tmr / sthud giving an unfair advantage, put a link in the server welcome message / map info about mods worth checking out. Gives the mods some recognition, and the game such an extra appreciated realism boost.
  2. baaaard

    JSRS2.0 WIP Thread

    This really did make a difference! Cool mod and keep up the great work
  3. awesome! having over 30fps on avg w the new map and it became muccch nicer now. thanks
  4. Might have been a fps or two less. Didnt notice much in sp where its around 50-60fps anyway. Much more fun too!
  5. baaaard

    Fluid Door/Hatch Opening

    Dont seem to work anymore on the stable branch
  6. baaaard

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Confirmed. Running 25-30fps more on multiplayer. Arma is beautiful and smooth on this Wasteland version ((DEV) Only 1 server up running afaik, several on nondev)
  7. Just played around w settings and benchmarking. With these settings i get the highest number SLASH smoothest gameplay on my setup
  8. I5 3ghz oc, gtx570 ssd 8gig
  9. This is such a premium addon for the arma3. Thanks creator
  10. post in the bugtracker
  11. This mission is broken for me atm on the dev build. It starts up, the ifrits drives, but stops and dont proceed at the end of test1
  12. Hey thats cool, but remember its still an alpha. Ive experienced improvements the last few weeks, on an older I5 cpu and 570. They are working on it, and confirmed Nvidia updates. ATI apparently got improvements already.