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    Arma3 Videos

    Hitting sniper first try using grenade launcher over a distance of 400m+ Mod: KotH
  2. adenochome

    Arma3 Videos

  3. I only play on Hostile Takeover servers with no ai and 48 players. Framerate is nice at the beginning , ~55 frames but sometimes it slowly drops until it reachs 30-40 frames. Didnt saw crashed buildings but many kills where made and a few vehicle wrecks. If i restart the game and rejoin the framerate is playable again.
  4. adenochome

    Enyone play Sector Control Missions?

    Playing for months on Hostile Takeover Servers - you dont need anything else !:cool: Few words about the servers-gamemode: -1 big zone you have to capture for winning the match -rank system with optics-weapons-vehicles-air -different classes ( mechanic,ammo,sniper.......) -3 factions - blufor-opfor-independant -restart every 6 hours - so it runs smooth -you can set different viewsettings for infantry-vehicleand air -grass settings off-low-medium-high http://www.gametracker.com/search/arma3/?query=hostile&sort=c_numplayers&order=DESC
  5. adenochome

    Can only join server at second try

    Reset network adapter and maybe update drivers. Look into router settings.
  6. adenochome

    PhysX3_x86.dll Crash

    They just should bring it live because it couldnt be worse than now! A few people said already that they dont crash but the thing is there are only ~10 players on the dev servers and on wasteland. Wasteland is a joke. It needs a "real" server with many explosions and many people who firing bullets.
  7. Ive seen those dust effects somewhere but dont remember in which game it was. I dont think it would be an overkill but it maybe dont look that good in arma because of the high view range and people would ask how to turn it off because they cant see an enemy at 300m+. I would more like to see wind effects, dust is thrown in the air,leaves flying to the dark forest... and btw the flying butterflys are awesome ! But first fix bring a hotfix for the multiplayer crashes to the spotrep. It really kills it and its the only reason why i look into the dev disscussion.