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  1. Enjoyed the Podcast. Great insight into my favorite mod. Thanks guys.
  2. Hope you don't mind Pierre, i just happen to have a spare server running and put your mission on for anyone who wants to give it a whirl :) 2302 TS
  3. You could sell these pictures to a holiday magazine, and the ambient sounds are just awesome... The realism of the whole package is just amazing. Thank you..
  4. Stunning, thank you for this ..
  5. Before Dayz went standalone i used to like just surviving on my own, i played that for about 6 months without killing a single person and just living off the land, that was until i joined a group and i had to kill another player, the first and only one. For some strange reason i hated that because it felt so real. How strange. Anyway what i was going to ask is would it be possible to have something to show how many days you stayed alive for ? or in my case minutes :)
  6. Zombies are defo a big threat now but i personally prefer the slow walkers ( traditional ) type zombie. I had a couple of my A! refuse to move but think that's a BIS thing. I shot one and the other decided to follow, he obviously realised who was in charge lol. Shame for me that i need to have the DLC helicopers but that's my fault. Having a blast though.
  7. Cheers ZK, it's been so long i need to learn arma key commands again lol, and at my age it may take a while :) loving the mission though... and EO's vid, that's something im bound to find out sooner or later. eeek!!
  8. Hi all, well it's been a few years since ive been playing arma but got interested again with this great mod and also the UNSUNG mod. I too have a server running the latest version here in the UK with 20 slots. I just need to remember what to do lol.... IP port 2302 TS
  9. Andyj1

    Chessmaster's Wounding System

    Yup, me too. Can only get vanilla options in config module. Using just cba.
  10. Andyj1

    Middle East Irregulars

    I'm getting a no entry 'bin\config.bin.cfgweaponns.mas_strela when I first start the editor. Dosent happen again unless I restart ARMA3. I also get the wounds dialog sometimes and use the aggressors mod.
  11. Same problem here. A fix would be very much appreciated Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  12. @ Oktybr, i'm running the stable version. The whole thing seems a bit erratic whether anything will happen. I have spawned in 1 group and either played as a member of that team or group or as an individual, but not as a team leader. I have then shot one of the others in the leg. Doing this once nothing happens, but twice or three times there is a "i'm inured " response after between 4 - 14 seconds ish and a medic will run over and help or the injured unit will be told to heal himself. To get the unit to fall down injured normally ends in him getting killed and then the group will shoot me :( If a member does fall down injured then you get the choice to drag or heal. I haven't managed to get healed whilst down but I do get varying bleed outs with the heart beat sound. @zero, you can opt for the development version in steam but by default it will be set as stable. I think the mod is working but may depend on what units are carrying med kits perhaps,,don't really know.
  13. Seems to work as long as your not the group leader or not part of the group. The drag command does appear and ive seen other members of the squad dragging the injured before healing. Not seen anything with the enemy side. Only tried in SP.
  14. I can't get this to work either. I have followed all the steps and nothing happens :(
  15. Andyj1

    Any old farts playing Arma 3?

    54 and a half here. I always wanted to try my hand at having a server but got pretty well disheartened by a well known host so packed it in. ( nearly ) Shame, because it was going really well and i learnt a bit about scripting with arma 3. Never had a problem playing with people much younger than myself, but it can be a bit frustrating sometimes not being able to take things in at the same speed as the youngsters. ( well me anyway ) At the moment i am trying to re learn DCS A10 warthog, but keeping it all in my head is a huge problem lol.. Time for me is the main problem as i would love to play more multiplayer, so i suppose i have to consider myself these days as a casual player, but will never grow old for it :)