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  1. Just for this i have to say thanks!
  2. Hey i'm using notepad++ and i have zero problems.
  3. Hi, I'm trying to setup a new dedicated server. It's a fresh installation. Right now the arma3server is working with a basic configuration and FAST2 can Update in the "Steam Updater" menu. The problem is: once i added workshop mods and i press the update button, FAST2 shows the next error: If i press the "update all" i got one line like that for each mod added (each line with his own workshop ID). I tried delete steamcmd, the arma3 folder and FAST2 and repeat again all process. Still the same problem. I tried use the FAST2.exe temp fix. Doesn't works neither (anyway my problem is not being stuck in Loading Steam API). Also, the stderr.txt log is empty, so i can have clues about what's happening. Any suggestions??? Thanks in advance EDIT: I'm going answer myself. The steam user i'm using in FAST2 doesn't own a copy of Arma3. With my steam user works fine. (with errors if i got steam opened).
  4. Hi i like the new civilian reputation. Before, i have mates who don't care about kill a civilian. Now people cares because there is a reason to have a right behaviour. I have a doubt having negative reputation. When resistance attacks one of the convoys, seems there is no difference between success or fail the truck rescue mission. We need to assign a new truck in logisctics and configure again the A and B destinations and number of resources values. I expected after recover the truck and drive it into a FOB the logictic line is restaured automatically. What is the general idea? Drive the rescued truck to a FOV and then Salvage it to return some resources? Anyway great job. KPliberation is going to a very good direction, gz. @Clyde Toris I suggest configure your serverconfig.hpp to have your own ACE configuration. Maybe the default one is a bit hardcore for some little groups like mine. We changed few thinks to adapt it to our desired ACE simulation level and confort.
  5. @Applejakerie Following your suggestion i uploaded the RPT with debug ON to Github. Thanks for the help.
  6. Thanks for the answer and the easy explanation howto debug. I will send you the RPT in the moment the problem is reproduced. Best regards.
  7. Hey, In our dedicated server we are having micro stuttering problems. It happends like a clock every 5-6 seconds and everyone has a little freeze. This happends too with the server just restarted, only one user connected and 900m far away of any enemy base (the carrier). The cap is reduced to 75% and the civil in "reduced". The map says 50fps in green. Btw is in Chernarus with and without Open Chernarus. The problem starts after we got 16 production facilities and his logistics lines with 1 assigned truck each. I tried abort all logictics but the issue still happends. With a savegame wipe the problem is fixed. Any suggestions?
  8. @Wyqer I just tried the artillery as squad member and works fine. I could notice the mortar was " cease fire" mode. The MRLS worked with no problems and allows me order 1, 2 or 4 rounds. This is good because when one time worked with Zeus UI, they fire all rounds. One detail, when i drive the ammunition HEMTT close, they don't reload ammo to IA vehicle. I must get out IAs, go inside myself then ammunition starts. Is this the right behaviour?
  9. @Wyqerf Good to know i'm not crazy linking grass-cutter with IA errors. :) Any idea how to delete these grass-cutted objects? Anyway the important part of my post is to say thanks to you, to @Applejakerie and everyone who has worked in this amazing CTI. Btw, a couple of questions: 1.- What means the City name colour in production window?? I think that white is for a city with no facility build. But no idea what red or orange means. 2.- How works Artillery? (at the moment tried mortar and MRLS). With the IA built i try with the Zeus interface to place a waypoint, then i change it to fire mission, the mortar or MRLS turns to the right direction but never open fire. I'm sure its a right range because i tried same spot manually (confirmed telling IA to get out of the vehicle and same position). Thanks in advance i hope my bad English is enough to explain myself.
  10. Hi, I didn't player before the liberation scenario. Few days ago i meet the mod in workshop looking for populars mods. I just want to say this addon is awesome. We are a little group of 5 soldiers and we are enjoying very much slowly capturing the island. Thanks for this scenario and keep the good job. I take advantage to explain maybe we find a weird bug. In one of the FoB (alpha) we used the mower tool to cut the grass. If i spawn IAs inside the grass-cleaned zone the IA don't want to respond the commander orders. They just don't want move and the order just disappears at the end. They can combat if CSAT attacks the FOB (edit: i mean they can respond to fire but static in his position). Outside cleaned grass IA works fine. Other FOB where we don't used the mower works fine too. edit2: One think more: the IA who don't works doesn't respawn when i restart the server (non dedicated hosted game). This is happening to us in Tanoa 955 (workshop) and we are only using enhanced movements mod. Regards and congratulations for this CTI. Thanks for the enjoyment.
  11. Thanks for the info i had same problem
  12. Helice

    Chessmaster's Wounding System

    I am implementing CWS 1.1.4 in zeus mission. Our dedicated server and users have CPM 1.9.3. I prefer script version too and i have the same Raskil and Flowers problem. To try somethink different i unpacked the pbo of the mod version to use cws_injury folder as script version. I got an error at mission start "Script cws_injury\functions\init\fn_initCWS.sqf not found". I checked in the cws_injury folder inside my mission and path is right and sql file exist. ¿??
  13. Helice

    =BTC= Logistic [A3] - BETA

    Ey thanks. I tried differents ways to place the crate in ground and i got surprised. Even the crate spawning right on floor without fall down a bit, sometimes the crate get damaged. But happends less times. The last thinks i tried is change line 76 (load) to have the crates in x axis. This allow unload on ground with no fall down (when case height<2): BTC_cargo_selected attachTo [bTC_cargo_repo,[bTC_id_repo,0,0]]; Then i made a triangle to unload always the crate by right door with no matter the direction of the vehicle: case (_height < 2): { //_obj setpos (_veh modelToWorld [-10,0,0]); _dir = direction _veh; _pos = getPos _veh; _distance =4; //unload crate _distance from helicopter. _obj setPos [(_pos select 0)+(_distance * cos _dir), (_pos select 1)- (_distance * sin _dir),0]; //right side }; I can't really fix the damage crate (setdamage 0 patch up? :p) but will be a pleasure if you like the right door positioning line. Complimenti for your scripts!
  14. Helice

    =BTC= Logistic [A3] - BETA

    Hi Giallusto nice scripts you have here. I implemented it in a mission almost finished but i have a little issue. Frequently when i unload a crate from a jeep or landed chopper, the ammo crate gets damaged and starts to smoke (we use the big green one with VAS). I am using a dedicated server to test it, not sure if this can be a problem. Could be possible unload the crate closer to ground? I would like try if this is the reason crate get damaged. Thanks.