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  1. James Sullivan

    RHS arty to ACE

    If somebody know how to run ArmA 3 with ACEX_Artillery, I am interested too !
  2. Hello there ! Good job for ACE3 ! This mod is amazing ! But I have a question, it is possible to put the advanced mortar system for the mortar M252 from RHS too ? The system is very good for the Mk6 (vanilla mortar) but idk if it's possible to have the same system with the M252. Thanks !
  3. James Sullivan

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hello, thanks for your answer, but even if this works, it's not possible without the artillery computer to change the "Charge" (Charge 0 : Very Close / Charge 01 : Close / Charge 02 : Medium / etc...), so I don't think it's possible right now to play with the M252 without the artillery computer, I hope ACE3 team or RHS will do something about it !
  4. James Sullivan

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hi there ! First, thanks for your awesome work ! I have a question about an equipement, it's the mortar M252. I'm using ACE3 mod with the vanilla mortar (Mk6) and the other mortar with the advanced module (the artillery computer is off on it), and I saw the awesome M252, but they uses differents targeting/fire system, the M252 use degrees, so it's impossible to use it with the ACE3 range table, so i don't know if you have some table for the mortar, but now, if somebody want to play with the mortar without the artillery computer, it's impossible. Do you have some tips / mod / script or some references to use it ? Thanks !
  5. James Sullivan

    Spyder Addons

    Hi here. Thanks for your mod Spyder, that's amazing ! I'm making a mission for my team (French team), and I wanted to know if it's possible to me to translate the civil interaction ? If there is a protection, or something special to do to not break the mod etc... Thanks :)
  6. Omagad, awesome work ! :D Instafav' ! That's exactly this ! :P
  7. Same for me. This mod seems huge and awesome, the last thing i'm waiting is the generation of randomly IED on the map (or in some mark), but it's scared me, no news for the developpers in something like, more than a month ?
  8. Thanks for your help, now we can unload somebody from a RHS Humvee, but still not from a RHS helicopter, we will find a solution for us, and wait for some fix I hope !
  9. James Sullivan

    Eject players form a vehicles / helicopter

    Sorry, I didn't have the time to test this today ! Where did I need to put this code ? In the init code of the vehicles ?
  10. Hi ! Awesome addon, I was waiting this since a long time ! But I have some question (because we have some problems with my team). We are using RHS Mod (U.S Forces), and for us it's impossible to unload somebody from a vehicles if he's inconscious, and sometimes, we can't see the CPR option for reanimate someone !
  11. James Sullivan

    Eject players form a vehicles / helicopter

    Thanks, I will test this ! I will give my feedback about this tomorrow ! ;)
  12. James Sullivan

    Eject players form a vehicles / helicopter

    Thanks for your link, but I'm not sure if it's the good solution for me, I can't write the unit who must be ejected because I can't know who will be injured in mission, I'm not sure to be clear. The mission is not scripted, I'm working with ALiVE for my mission.
  13. Hello, I'm here for a question, and maybe an answer for my problem. I've made a mission for me and my team (ALiVE, ACE3, RHS ...) and we've got a little problem, when a player is down (unconscious with ACE3 Medical System), we can force him to be in a vehicle or an helicopter for a evacuation, but we have a little bug, we can't unload him ! And I want to know if it's possible to have a init code, or a script to eject every player from a vehicles or helicopter. Thanks for your help !