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  1. zachgibson22

    How to create a gun in arma 3?

    It's old and I haven't modded in quite some time now but it may still help! :) http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=20600
  2. zachgibson22

    Lost Dragons - Total Modification Alpha

    Yep yep, all good points. That beam weapon would be cool. If you've played Planetary Annihilation, the SSX(?) space station would be a good reference. Just need more timeeee!
  3. zachgibson22

    Lost Dragons - Total Modification Alpha

    Awesome I can;t wait! I will say that I am JUST switching to from 3ds Max to Maya, but holy cow, only after 4 days of having it I love it, just need to get used to all the tools! Also I will say that the last car I made turned out like shit... lol. Also I like making little random objects more :P. Another idea, just to throw out there. I got while making this flying solar thing. Was a though of "What if it had rockets on it face down?" Now I'm sure you guys have all sorts of ideas for things that are going to take lots of time, this is just a thought doesn't need to be done! But what if it had some sort of rockets, couldn't move much, but could be controlled by like that UAV interface/backpack? Imagine like a satellite shooting a laser from space. Except much closer and shoots rockets and isn't a satelitte. Haha Anyway, just another concept that would probably take a great amount of programming cause I'm sure you need more of that. :D Also I'm not sure if you saw those few scopes I've already made, although they're modern I'm sure you could easily adjust them for more of this current time. I just them for another mod but they're mine so you can use them too if you feel you need to! http://i.imgur.com/bhjmLpR.jpg
  4. zachgibson22

    Lost Dragons - Total Modification Alpha

    Alright Cool, Well you guys seem to be doing pretty good with just the 3 of you! I understand the time restraints though, So much to do for just a couple poeple After I read solar fields you got me thinking about them, then we actually started modeling one in class today ironically. So I started thinking what they might look like in the future and came up with was an areal one might look like.(as well as other ground ones) You don't need to use this! But the concept was basically helium balloons keep it up and it has small solar panels on the outside, charging cells which store the power for later. Then once charged they are received or the balloon comes down(idk lol) Maybe the cells glow so they can be seen during the night too. http://imgur.com/a/gu8iK Anyway if you have any of the weapons actually drawn out I'd be happy to model them for you.
  5. zachgibson22

    Lost Dragons - Total Modification Alpha

    Awesome I'll think up some ideas. Also I read on another thread about your plans on things like solar farms, comms towers, ect. Have you already done things like these? Lastly, I just want to get clear up the setting. Like what the current technology is. Are there lasers yet? Holograms/and that sort of holographic stuff? It's on earth? (If not you totally need a new beautiful sky map with planets in the distance!!! Or if it is on earth, the mood should be shattered!) Has the area been occupied recently? ie was it abandoned? Overcome by nature/the jungle? Can land vehicles hover? I'll think up some concepts and run them by you? ALSO, is it just you working on this?! EDIT: Nvm I saw your grav bike idea.
  6. zachgibson22

    Lost Dragons - Total Modification Alpha

    Awesome stuff guys! I love the futuristic approach so much!!! I really wanted to do something almost exactly like this(Just MORE futuristic) haha! If you need help with things like weapons(Looks like you've only got a couple :P) I would absolutely love to help out! Even if it was just couple guns at least!! PLEASE email me zachgibson22@gmail.com Here is some of my work on Deviantart http://zachgibson22.deviantart.com/gallery/43569332/GUNZ Also here are some models i did for the JTAC/ATLAS mod! (This has more than just weapons) http://imgur.com/a/wFVyK I'm not as active in Arma anymore but I still have a passion for modeling and I'm actually going to school for it now(All images are from me being self taught). But back in the day I wrote one of the bigger Arma3 weapon modding guides for weapon importation so I KIND of know what's needed ;) (http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?154474-Zachs-Full-on-guide-to-Custom-Weapons!) FYI, Now I absolutely hate the process of importing to Arma though because of how much I did it back then. That's probably why i grew away from Arma lol. (So Obviously I'd rather just crank out the models.) I still love modeling though and would love to make some original futuristic guns! So PLEASE email me if you want another modeler! Don't message me on here because I probably won't be back on for another month or few. And if you don't message me, Good Luck on this endeavor, And We all look forward to this amazing idea! ....just need to update Arma and test it!
  7. zachgibson22

    C&C - Tiberian Era

    I see, well hopefully all goes good! I was just hoping. To play alone and my be make some custom missions. You guys need to get together with the getTacticle mod! That would be a dream!
  8. zachgibson22

    C&C - Tiberian Era

    And you're still looking to make this an RTS style too right?
  9. zachgibson22

    C&C - Tiberian Era

    Is this still happening?? I looks like it's stilling going through on that MOD DB page but theres still now videos of it in Arma 3!
  10. zachgibson22

    How does multiple textures into 1 model work?

    Yes you can have multiple textures on different parts of things ie if I have a gun. I have a texture for the main body, a texture for the stock, the grip or whatever. I don't understand the increase of the dimensions. Also instead of making 3 1024x1024 textures. Just make one 2048x2048 and map them all to one sheet. Save memory an time. And you could even increase quality because you would still have one unused 1024 square.
  11. zachgibson22

    Arma 3 Weapon importing videos.. Coming Soon!!

    Yeah honestly I don;t use buldozer so I don't know how to get it working XD I'm glad the tuts help though!
  12. zachgibson22

    Help with weapon importing

    Yeah man it looks like the hands are just to high. MAYBE- now im not 100% sure if this does anything- the "weapon" selection may have been moved? Just check it because I think the grip should be aligned with your guns when you lin it up.
  13. zachgibson22

    Arma 3 Weapon importing videos.. Coming Soon!!

    Thank you. I know these really aren;t to much and would have been more helpful is it a full video tutorial with narration and verything but it's what I got. Also I basically have the Handanim done but the Arma 3 Tools were updated. So the guys arms are all stretched out and I can;t figure out whats wrong!
  14. zachgibson22

    Arma 3 Weapon importing videos.. Coming Soon!!

    Yeah I'm aware of that. I just recorded everything. This isn't as much as a tutorial as it is a follow along kind if thing. That's also by u divided the downloads so people do need to download the texture and UV part. I'll have the hand animations up soon too
  15. zachgibson22

    Arma 3 Weapon importing videos.. Coming Soon!!

    I know, this Zach guy is the biggest ass-tease ever XD Seriously though. I'll upload what I got right now. The reason this whole thing stopped is because I joined a mod team for the make arma not war! Vote for JTAC :) But since 3ds Max 2013 is pissing me off UV mapping, I'll cut away from that and finish these videos. All I really need is the hand animations and to fix this sound glitch. The whole first set of videos I just me finishing the modeling and doing UV mapping so If you need those it's there. The 2nd set is all the Oxygen2 stuff and config and whatever else there is. This 3rd one will be the as mentioned the hand animations :) I will warn you now. These are some big damn files uncompressed is ridiculous. I also don't want to down time finding ways of changing the formate an recompressing them. SO they are compressed into groups. Lastly as I think I said in OP. No sound :/ due to my mic and even bigger files. BUT they should still be very easy to follow and I will link and needed files as well and a shortcut document :) sorry for the longggggg wait! EDIT: Uploading right now! I typed up a quick README which I highly recommend you download first. It explains file sizes and what types of videos are in what downloads. That way you don't download the UV videos when you already know how to do that. Also has a shortcut list if you need it and couple side notes. Downloads will be located here when finished. DOWNLOAD READ ME FIRST!!! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/xot4remuu0ygata/AAAjOTXbnM5Lkn8fz1udjTrla