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  1. Believe me, it's been a hard lesson on the processor, but everyone hath their cross to bear, and mine is labeled AMD ; ) I'd pony up for the Intel, but I haven't upgraded a P.C. (completely) for a game (and I do dig this sim) since Falcon came out in 1987 (Kids in College and a Camaro to feed now). My how that Compaq 286 cooked along....... And that was just putting salt in the wound mentioning Altis, ya big meanie ;P
  2. I'm glad you guys are having better luck than me with FXAA. I have 2 Titans in SLI, and the Nvidia CP shows FXAA not supported for this application! Even when forced on in global settings, it affects nothing. I get maybe 35-47 frames depending on what I shut/turn down. It's pretty bizarre that after dropping 2 grand on cards, I would likely get better performance with my old 590 >: / Makes me wish I'd put the money in my 69 Camaro pervertible now............. Win 7 Pro 64 AMD FX 8350 on ASUS Crosshair Formula V 32GB GSkill RIP X2 ASUS GTX Titans in SLI with latest greatest driver
  3. Just be happy the things' working again!
  4. Trent, I'm not trying to slam you, but I can tell you personally from Law Enforcement experience that people can take an incredible amount of hits and still keep on coming. From watching TV, we get the idea that people get shot and plop, they fall over dead. I guess it has to do with the mindset of a person, the adrenalin flowing through their veins, and whatever substances they've taken. No two people will react the same. Some do fall over screaming and I guess expecting to die, and some run like hell, while others will keep up an assault. I's amazing in a ghastly way. Even if you hit someone in the heart, they can still complete an up close attack until the brain runs out of oxygen. The only place on the human body that leads to sure instantaneous immobilization is a hit in the "T" area comprising of the area of the skull across your eyes and down your nose that will strike an area of the human brain called the Medulla Oblongata. A hit there has the same effect as turning off the light switch- everything stops and goes black, and they just ragdoll down. Even arterial bleeds can take a few minutes for an individual to react to noticeably, as the organs shut down first as a person loses blood to protect the brain. I worked with a guy that was shot in Vietnam twice- once by an Ak47 (7.62x39), and once by a 5.56 that hit him from someone blind firing during a firefight (one in the arm, the other in the shoulder area). He said the AK round hit him in the shoulder like a sledgehammer, and knocked him down though he was still able to fight until he passed out due to blood loss and shock. The 5.56 round "hurt like hell", but didn't have the same effect when it hit him, as it passed through and through. He said it burned more for whatever reason. He showed me both wounds, and the 5.56 round left a smaller scar than the AK (which was still ugly 25 years after it happened). When he first arrived in-country, he was issued the M14, and though it wasn't the most controllable in full auto, when it hit someone, they usually went down and stayed that way, or were initially knocked down. About midway through his tour was when they were given the M16, and they found that when they fired the 5.56 round, the NVA soldiers could take a fantastic amount of hits and keep on trucking (they could see the dust 'poofs' off their uniforms, so they knew they were hitting), and the average North Vietnamese soldier wasn't typically large in stature. He learned to shoot for the legs or hip area, as they went down better that way. A 9mm goes through the human skull just dandy up close, believe me, as do .22s, .380s, .45s, .38s, .38 Supers, .357 Magnums (and .357SIG), along with most pistol calibers. I think I've seen one of each caliber by now except musket balls. And SWAT teams, if they have to shoot, shoot until the threat is eliminated or incapacitated, as do most Police Officers, be it 1 or 10 rounds. A lot of departments still train their people to 'double tap' when they fire, and if that doesn't work they may resort to failure drills. I have actually seen an xray of a person who was shot with a .380, and their skull was so thick that the round passed under the scalp around the top of his skull to the other side. Just bizarre.....
  5. Nosyashell

    107769 and TrackIR

    Same problem here as well. Closed down all other controllers and when I shut off the trackIR it stopped. Will try ARMA 2 settings to see if it matters.........
  6. http://i1278.photobucket.com/albums/y510/Nosyashell/107410_2013-07-09_00009_zps80dc5b4c.png (636 kB) Hopefully this will help as it is distracting to say the least....... Since it showed up so well, it says: ..._this select 1) else {0}; if (typename |#|_params != typename []) then {params = ...' error undefined in expression: _params File A3\Functions_f\debug\fn_param.sqf, line 44
  7. Only happens after I die and apparently respawn. Became an issue after version 60 update. Just a black screen. I can hear everything, and apparently grenades still throw (sorry all : ( ). If I go out of the game and disconnect and go back in to the lobby, it starts like a peach. No error messages displayed. I'm running 2 Titans in SLI, and have latest drivers. Any help is appreciated. Pete
  8. Nosyashell

    ARMA 3 is so poor

    It's very easy to get frustrated with sims in the Alpha (especially) and Beta stages, but ranting away won't get you anywhere. BI Studios is giving the community a wonderful chance to shape a simulation (and is listening to the community) into the experience you always wanted, but you have to learn how to frame that criticism in a way that gives them the problem that happened, what makes it happen (if it's repeatable), and if you figure out a way to make it stop, or seem to, include that as well. If you like something, tell them! If you have ideas that would turn the game from a 'good' game into a "Great" game, I'm sure they'd love to hear that as well (even if you're not the first to come up with it), because they'll know what a percentage of people want in a game/sim. If this game turns into "the (insert expletive here) game I've ever played/seen", it's not from BI failing to give you a voice in how to shape it and make it better and less buggy when it does hit the shelves, it'll be because people failed to learn how to communicate their problems with it in a constructive way. Anyone can say "this is the worst title I've played in my life". Be the one who can say "this game is so freaking great because I was listened to, along with a few thousand of my friends".........
  9. Hi All, Sickboy, I've been watching your videos on You Tube and they've been life savers! Thanks for taking the time! Before the last update when I would add an item such as such: this additemcargo ["V_PlateCarrierGL_rgr",5]; and this addbackpackcargo ["B_AssaultPack_dgtl",10]; it would show one nice image of said item, plus how many were left. Those were what I call the sunny, happy times. Since the last update, and with no changing the scripting, it now shows 5 individual Plate Carriers all nicely lined up one below the other, which makes it so it takes forever to sift through all the backpack type to find some other kit lost in the chaos of the lines of backpacks. Any ideas? I'd pull my hair out, but that's becoming a moot issue........ Thanks a bunch in advance, Pete
  10. I'm not trying to slam you or anything, so please don't take offense. The round is stabilized by the rifling (lands and grooves) inside the barrel. The more time a projectile spends in the barrel being influenced by the "twist" of the rifling, the more stable it will be for longer distances. Most M16/AR platforms have a 1-7 or a 1-9 twist, which means that for every seven or nine inches the rifling makes a projectile complete a 360 degree revolution. The 5 inches between an M16 barrel and an M4 barrel takes away nearly one half a revolution that has to affect ballistic performance at range. Military ammunition also is manufactured for a specific barrel length/twist, which also has to be taken into consideration. At short distances (CQB), the difference is negligible, but beyond 150-200 meters the 5" difference between those 2 barrel lengths will show itself the velocities will be close to 300fps less. Interesting article on 5.55/.223 and why the 2 should only be used in the rifles chambered for each (yes, there is a difference and it could save an eyeball), and tests on velocities etc. interesting read nevertheless.: ) http://www.luckygunner.com/labs/5-56-vs-223/ The M16 the Marines carry is heavier due to the stock/barrel length, which will make is a more stable platform to shoot from, and with the optics available nowadays, they are able to hit at respectable distances. I wonder why in the magazine description, the ammo for the EBR, which is 7.62x51mm, is 762x45? I want as much thump as I can get ; )
  11. Nosyashell

    GPU usage while firing

    If you're shooting tracer I think that would contribute to it as well. When I was using my GTX 590 and buzzing around in the helo I noticed that when I fired the miniguns, and took return fire, the tracers going both ways made a noticeable drop, especially when firing down into forested areas. I've honestly never looked at myself in 3rd person to see if it's modeling the brass ejecting (which would eat a few fps), but I can hear them falling when I'm on a steel structure. I've changed my cards since then with no troubles at all.
  12. Nosyashell

    Ghost Missions

    Ghost, I really enjoy Enemy Assault in SP. It does keep you busy! I've noticed occasionally though that it'll 'bog down' for a lack of any other way to describe it when there's a lot going on, or if I'm flying in the AH-9 and taking green tracer fire. I'm running a Titan Vid, on win 7 and 32 Gb ram and an AMD FX 8350 (4.0 GHZ), so I have plenty of horse power. Never had that happen before. Also, one of the Hunter trucks on occasion will take to flipping over rather spectacularly through the air, and sometimes landing on it's feet so to speak with no harm done, and other times landing on it's top, which causes it to go boom. It usually surprises me so much I forget to get a screen catch of it. My Titan came with an in game video app. Will try to get that working off a mouse button and send it to you. Usually, there's nothing causing it (rifle grenade lands under it, arty fire, etc.). It's like Godzilla walked up and gave it a toss. Not a game wrecker, and it's actually something to see. Don't know if I should report it as bug, but thought I'd let you know. Thanks for the interesting missions, and keep them coming! Pete
  13. If your system can take one, try a Geforce Titan. I had a GTX 590 before, and this baby made this title look even better, which I didn't think possible. Returning you back to your regular programming.... :D PPS: If this isn't exactly the place for this post, apologies.