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  1. Arma aims for semi realism. In reality, most soldiers can't shoot for shit in combat situations because of how crazy it is and mostly they just "unload" in whatever direction they think the enemy is. That is not the case with un-modded AI currently :)
  2. While everyone is free to do what they want, I don't quite understand the "no arma 3" stance. I mean, it's the future of the series and it respects, while expanding, it's older brothers. As for the Steam requirement, I don't see the issue there. I mean, the Steam platform (workshop, server, etc) is perfect for Arma and you don't even have to be online for it if you don't want to. To each his own of course but among the various "DRMs" (which are often something required by the people with the funding, don't forget them), one could easily argue that Steam is among the least intrusive and it offers various community features that are great for games like ARMA. Once they fix the various memory leaks, especially when in minimized mode, it'll be quite efficient.
  3. Hello, I'm about to try and release a MPMission I've been working on but so far, it's been as a co20 (as in, for 20 players max) and before releasing, I want to change it to co40 since that would allow more servers to run it properly. I'm now looking for some advice from experienced MPmission creators regarding the possible pitfalls of doing such conversion. So far, I've got the basic down with more "playable" added as well as a couple more available vehicles at the base. Also, since I'm using a scaling spawning system, I've been working on that for more balance (to avoid completely overloading server with 30+ people). I "think" the code is, if not 100% clean, at least clean enough to keep the transfer quite low (averaging 80 to 150kbps per player usually) and I've made efforts to separate what the server needs to do from what clients need to do so that I don't have random client stuff done by server for no reason. Also, I work under the assumption that a co40 can be run on any server from 10 slots to 40slots, am I correct? If anyone has experience with this, feel free to post :) Thanks in advance.
  4. That's some good news. Hope it goes as planned, that'll make a lot of people happy :)
  5. I think it might be because of the netID, which doesn't seem to do anything in editor or SP. I'm using your scripts with the mark_units and various other scripts to control locking controls. Works like a charm
  6. BearBison, Sorry but I tried your demo in SP and Editor and it doesn't work at all. - Despite the hintbox "unit marked", nothing is marked (at the start and after it's respawn there not hintbox). - There's nothing locked after respawn. - The damaged vehicle is not damaged after respawning. I didn't change anything btw, just downloaded, put it in SP mission and tried it. edit: - Just tried it hosting it as a MPmission and it worked. - Just integrated the changes in my MPmission (where I have tons of vehicles with various inits) and it works. Thanks Bear, nice work! :)
  7. Err, is it me or: 1) netId doesn't return anything whatsoever? It's supposed to return a string but it just doesn't give anything. 2) Can't find ANY details on BIS_fnc_spawn anywhere. It's not even listed when you list all ARMA functions and there are no references to it anywhere on the internet (that's rare!). The hell did you find that function and how is it structured?
  8. Is there any way to stop some error messages from being logged into the RPTs? They're growing mighty fast with the "missing sounds" errors (dozens of lines per second)
  9. HOLY CRAP!! Didn't have time to check anything on that 0.57 yet but: sounds_f.pbo went from 2Gb to 200Mb!! This should help Verifysignature checks like crazy! In the name of my hard drive, I thank you! :)
  10. 90% (number made up to make a point) of the code, resources, tutorials and wikis you can find out there is not ARMA 3 code but stuff dating sometimes all the way from ARMA 1 and whatnot. It works, sure, but it's not ARMA 3 standards and I got a feeling that the more we advance through the ALPHA, the worst that old stuff is going to work. You ever tried looking at the current Domination map for ARMA 3 that is being updated? There are some crazy stuff in there that seem to be older than most ARMA 3 players and yet, it works. I would NOT recommend anyone to try and learn from that though, you could go mad! In comparison, check something like the 404 Wasteland, it's simpler of course but it's also much better organized for new scripters to learn, commented to some degree and somewhat more up to date with how things should be done in ARMA 3. And who makes 100% single player stuff anyway? You're much better off learning the MP side of things, then if you want do a SP, than the other way around. :)
  11. Can't wait for it and at the same time dread it since I'll have to redo all the customization :)
  12. Twix

    AI accuracy fix

    Personally I was looking for some kind of "grunt" feeling for the base troops and after much testing, I ended up with this: aimingAccuracy: 0.3 aimingShake: 0.5 aimingSpeed: 0.3 spotDistance: 0.5 spotTime: 0.5 courage: 0.5 commanding: 0.5 general: 0.4 endurance: 0.5 reloadSpeed: 0.5 This allows for base troops that will not one shot people out of nowhere usually, but still offer decent resistance overall due to numbers usually. Note that this is ONLY viable if you have some kind of scripts that allows AIs to move cleverly inside buildings and whatnot. If you don't, this will end up in an all nighters snipe fest. The ONLY issue I have so far with this is the first shot. No matter what, be it 0 skill or 1 skill, standing, while running, with any weapon, the FIRST shot is ALWAYS ultra accurate. After that, things smooth down to their skill level. I have NO idea how to solve that first shot issue yet. Please note that while these settings may seem "noobish", it's designed to allow players' heroics without punishing them too much. I wanted players to sometimes be able to do crazy shit and save the day, and that settings allows that here and there. By that I mean that you can sprint zigzag from one rock to another and have a chance to live through it, kill the guy who wiped out your team, then revive everyone. In the end, that's the fun I was looking for since I have players from a broad pool. Good shot will still be good, newbs (like myself) will have a chance to survive. So far, apart from the issue I note above, the players feedback has been very good and it still offers decent challenge without feeling like you're going against aimbots. I have a server setting using 2000 default view, and I believe this plays on the calculations for AIs as well. For commanders and spec ops (or any other very limited, specific, and few in number, units), I up mainly accuracy, shake, speed, courage and spottime but nothing over .6. Also, while at it, anyone else noticed the issue I talked about? That first shot insane accuracy? I swear I saw a bug report at some point about it but can't find it anymore.
  13. Customers will ALWAYS try to get their way. The problem isn't that customers do that, it's the some DEV teams allowed it to some extend and the more do that, the more "customers" will try harder and complain if others don't :) Also, when you make an alpha this public (and, in a way, cost money), there is no "job". Anyone who pays can do what the hell they want in the Alpha. It's good when you report and participate, but you don't have to and nobody signed anything in that regard. On top of that, there are 2 alphas. 1) The load & masses one. That's the stable version. Tons of people going at your client and server in ways it's impossible to test for a studio. The guys playing on that version at not there to report every little code issue but to hammer everything down by sheer number, and, once in a while, find a deeper issue that couldn't be found in the DEV version, just because they lack numbers. 2) The pinpointers. That's the dev version. Few volunteers, taking upon themselves to go through crashes, severe bugs and whatnot, and report them the best they can. You don't need tons of people for that, you need people who know what the heck they're talking about. These guys don't make suggestions, they report, usually with accuracy. For 1, you need TONS of people because that's how things are found and tested. Then something erupts on the forums or whatnot, and it comes back to the dev team. For 2, you need a few people, with knowledge and dedication. They use trackers everyday. None are "better", there's not "elite alpha tester" or whatever. You need both and that's why Bohemia was clever with their alpha release, they got both, and some early money :)
  14. I think publicVariableClient doesn't use the player's UID but the players temporary ID given when they log on. That the one you can see when you do #exec users
  15. Twix

    =BTC= Revive

    People see scripts errors now because since the patch, -showscripterrors is on by default. I've always had it on before so nothing new here. Mostly people are seeing the CBA script errors since CBA is used as a requisite for a LOT of mods. And there are no error whatsoever generated by the BTC revive script I'm using (9.0RC1 I believe) nor any traces of anything related to it in the rpts, client or server side. If you do get some, try finding them in your .rpt file and posting them, might help.