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  1. mthcom

    input box

    thank you
  2. is there any way like an input box to get a text from user or player and save in a variable? or to show a dialog message and let user choose an option from it? Your fakely :D
  3. when you are commander of a group by pressing dot on numpad you can have a expanded view is there anyway to add this feature to players who are not commander?
  4. mthcom

    right down menu items

    thanks a lottttttt
  5. i'm making a mission in multiplayer and i want to see make a motorcycle for myself. i do this by making a radio trigger. a big problem with this is that anyone could do this in mission. In some mission i have seen that there are some new items in the yellow menu in right corner. can i make a new entry for them and add my own code to it? thanks for your interest:D
  6. thank you sir it worked so goooooood you didn't tell me that how can i give you a thanks in this forum?
  7. TempObject = "BAS_klr250dese" CreateVehicle [((getpos player select 0)+1), (getpos player select 1), (getpos player select 2)]; I use bas addons and the motorcycle is a bas specialized motorcycle
  8. i want to make my motor cycle invulnerable by using a evenhandler which sets dammage to zero when motor is hit but i just create a lot of motors in a mission and so the only way to add this code to each of them is to change their init line with the trigger that creates em
  9. i want to set damage of the vehicle that i'm driving to zero how can i do that? for example "player" is the name of the player now what is the name of his vehicle? ---------- Post added at 18:33 ---------- Previous post was at 17:17 ---------- i got my answer:D use this command and it will give you the object of vehicle you drive vehicle player
  10. i want to change init of an object with a trigger what should i write in activation part of trigger?
  11. thank you it works:D ---------- Post added at 21:02 ---------- Previous post was at 20:56 ---------- i used this code and when the bike gets created i couldn't get in it. why? TempObject = "BAS_klr250dese" CreateVehicle [((getpos player select 0)+40), (getpos player select 1), (getpos player select 2)];
  12. there isn't any documentation in package:D i dunno how to un pbo an addon is there a special program to unpbo?
  13. I am using the bas addons and so i have a motorcycle called desert klr 250 motorcycle i want to use create vechile for that but i dont know which name should i use for that. like: motor = "I DUNNO HERE" createvechile .... how can i know it's name? THANKS BEFORE:D
  14. sorry i'm new;) this help was great how can i thank you i mean where is the button:D