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  1. This happens to me on the CUP maps whenever I have the newer Sangin or the Scottish Highlands maps in the active mods list.
  2. banky

    SJB Weapons Pack(s)

    Awesome man. It'll be great to have the Canadian made ARs for the Brit and Canadian special forces, among others. Your efforts are much appreciated.
  3. banky

    Sangin WIP

    This is great news. One of the best all around maps, of any game.
  4. It seems the blacklist may just apply to civilians. I think the "Cars" and "Park" sections of the userconfig have an "include" line where you can specify where it should pull cars from.
  5. Is there a way to stop just the police sirens that occur during firefights in towns, and leave all other ambient sound as is?
  6. Nice! Will they use the German voices from GM?
  7. banky

    [WIP] French Army Mod : ArmaModFrance

    Thanks for all the hard work on these. Very nice. Loving all the custom models, and your texture artist is great. Excited to see how your mods progress.
  8. That's great news man! I miss my Vols hat. lol
  9. Really nice work, they're the perfect "moderately" armed factions. Not too soft, not hardcore armored military. Are you considering doing any middle eastern insurgents to go with these?
  10. I'm loving the new 6.2. The days are nice and bright but still have a good contrast, the colors are rich without being over saturated or "cartoony" as people have said. I have not found any reason to do any personal tweaks like I have with the previous versions. It just looks awesome and I thank you for all the work you put in tweaking this.
  11. banky

    3CB BAF Units

    Thanks for the quick update. Actually, after testing the new 3.0.1 release, it seems that your units now work just fine with the CAF Aggressors loaded up and using the CBA enable_auto_xeh pbo's. Just went a few rounds with the middle east Aggressors and the East European Aggressors on various maps using various groups of your BAF units and everything went fine, with full randomized equipment every time.
  12. Amazing job guys, everything looks good and I actually gained some fps in a lot of places. Thanks for all the work you've put into this. I believe it's safe to drop ascz's AIA map fixes and extensions mods, and ThreeDots vegetation, since I'm pretty sure I read that they are all included, but how about JBAD Buildings? Are all of the JBAD buildings included in the @CUP_Terrains folder? Do I still need to be running the standalone JBAD mod?
  13. It happens in dev branch (version 1.49+). Chickens and dogs show up fine, but the sheep and goats only show their shadow moving around on the ground, which is kinda creepy. Lol
  14. Thanks. That works with all the stuff already in the games own cfgSounds, but what about the stuff in the config viewer in configfile >> "RadioProtocolENG" >> "Words"? Is there a special way to call those sounds? They play if you use setNameSound " " on a unit and give it a command, so I'm hoping there's a way to call them otherwise. There's a lot of good stuff in there that I would love to use in my missions.
  15. Just a hijacking question, you said the stock game sounds play fine for you, is there a way to just straight up use the vanilla sounds like the ones in "RadioProtocolENG" with say3D or playSound3D, or would you have to extract them and put them in your sound folder and list them in cfgSounds?
  16. Yeah man, count me interested.
  17. banky

    3CB BAF Weapons

    This is awesome. Thanks for all your work, this has become my favorite weapon mod. Does this mean the new units that will use these weapons aren't far behind, or are you guys waiting to get the new vehicles done first?
  18. Really nice. I love the "this isn't my first time" look with the worn edges and such.
  19. One Advanced please. :D Thanks for working to put this out.
  20. He said he made it, not that he was going to share it. lol
  21. banky

    FHQ Accessories pack

    Really nice changes. Thanks for continually improving this awesome pack. Are the sniper scopes going to get the "fancy reflective lens" treatment as well?
  22. Could you do an "if () then {}" at the end of your gear script to check if the unit has a medkit then assign the patch? I'm at work at the moment or I would plug in the class names.
  23. banky

    UPSMON Updated to ArmaIII

    Still loving this script, still using it all the time. Thanks for your continued work on it. I have a question, to keep things running as efficient as possible in my missions I almost always have upsmon groups spawn at the next objective when I complete the current one. The only bad thing is that they don't know anything about me or my group because anyone who could share info with them is dead when they spawn. Makes sense in some cases, but in other cases where they spawn within hearing distance of the gun battle that just took place, or especially the c4 that just blew something up, it seems a little less "real." My question would be is there a way to force that info of "hey, something just went down over there" on them after they spawn?
  24. Though I have, and love, MCC, I've been using the GAIA standalone script in my missions so they don't have to be dependent on having MCC. It works great, but the only problem that I have is occasionally I get an error message that won't go away once it comes up. It tells me that _x is undefined in line 106 of the fnc_sortGroupsByCA.sqf. Was gonna try to fix it myself, but after a quick glance I'm not sure what is to be defined there.