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  1. Yes, manned part is planned for Space Program Dram: "The manned section of the Space Program mode will be story driven where a catastrophic failure scenario leaves you stranded on Mars. You will be alone, surviving." Well its some kind of colonization :P Not sure why would we need rock samples if in first part of Space Program u gather em by rovers and probes. Also i think colonization as u imagine it suits more multiplayer, isnt it kinda silly to build whole base, systems etc alone?
  2. holy moly i want RP on mars :o Total Recall :cool:
  3. felthat

    Manned mission on space program

    are there manned missions in space program?
  4. yes, u can mod tkom etc, u even have workshop, although tkom uses different engine so expect thing to not be excatly the same
  5. go play kerbal and then launch tkom when u land
  6. felthat

    Take On Mars - Christmas Update

    great scott, Dram did u see universe sandbox 2? they have some fancy mars there, even with climate simulation etc http://universesandbox.com/blog/2014/12/alpha-13-preview/
  7. felthat

    Take On Mars - Christmas Update

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thanks for the update
  8. felthat

    Would a Martian cave system be possible?

    not idea about those tools but vbs and tkom are on different engines
  9. just opened some old scenario, man spawns without helmet and dies is it related to being old but mars yard air is bad for people? :cool: edit: made new scenario, spawned 2 unequipped folks and one with light suit, naked guys died so they dont like air, looks like it and this time light eq guy spawned with helmet so spawning without it has something to do with being old (save/scenario/version). Oh, one naked guy spawned without body. (yes, floating head- Dram watched too much Ghosts of Mars)
  10. stream today was so much fun, can we expect yt reupload? :3
  11. Good job as always :D love the Batwing :o
  12. did i miss that update or its delayed? :P is there version 1.0 on horizon? i mean, u want to add any new features or now its up to finish, polish and fix stuff?
  13. Dram, whats up? :cool: