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  1. Im sure this is normal behaviour. It has worked like that since for years.
  2. No problem, the switch/skip waypoint trigger is very handy. Just remember it deletes the waypoint it is synced to and every waypoint BEFORE it.
  3. Place a Hold waypoint for your tank crew and after that a "get in" waypoint connected to the vehicle. Create a trigger and set it to Type: Switch/Skip Waypoint, Activation: OPFOR, Activation Type: Detected by Independent and give it a radius in which the player must be stealthy Sync the switch to the Hold waypoint by right clicking on the trigger and Connect > Set Waypoint Activation and then connecting it to the Hold waypoint.
  4. If you move the trigger attributes window ny grabbing it by the top bar and dragging, it lest you use the drop down menu again. You have to do this every time though, weird bug.
  5. New triggers are great, thanks guys.
  6. Thanks for the flyInHeightASL command this will be great for UAVs.
  7. insumsnoy

    Arma 3 Eden Editor Sneak Preview Live Stream

    Loving Eden so far, I want to stay up all night but got to be up early for work tomorrow. I would like to see an option on a unit/vehicle preferences that opens up virtual arsenal to change the unit/vehicle loadout (edit: containers too). Also an interface with sliders so that we can adjust in real-time the newer setFog command would be handy.
  8. I had the same problem a few days ago, I thought it was my headset playing up again. Logitech G35 here.
  9. Thanks for the changelog DNA, the date is wrong though. :eek:
  10. I have never had any severe performance issues with Arma 3 before but since one of the dev build updates about a week ago I have been having this issue that has had me re-install Arma 3 and re-install Windows in attempt to fix it. Before I go on thinking its a hardware issue that suddenly cropped up id appreciate it if someone would look over a recent .rpt I saved when I was having the issue last. Specs are as follows: GTX770 (2GB) I7860 8GB Ram Fresh install with no mods and no startup params. I had to snip some of the info from the top of the .rpt because of 50000 character limit. Problems started somewhere around 23:03 to 23:10, I exited the mission shortly after that time. .rpt: Cheers old chaps.
  11. Yes it happens every time, without loading. Im playing the mission using the Replay option from the campaigns menu (not Revert). Its a fresh install of Arma 3 with no mods. Im not talking about Stable, this is dev branch discussion after all. Someone mentioned a bug with one of the official missions a few pages back, something about vehicles not moving at mission start. Its actually a showcase mission he was talking about not a campaign mission but the problem is still the same (vehicle not starting). Moricky replied saying it was effecting all official missions using custom scripted functions. Mine is a fresh install of Arma 3 with zero mods but the problem with the truck in campaign mission 'Wet Work' happens every time. I havent had time to try it after todays dev branch update though. Edit: The mission progresses normally after todays update.
  12. In regards to the recent campaign fixes involving vehicles; the mission 'Wet Work' still cannot be completed as the truck you have to get into after killing the officer never goes anywhere after mounting it.
  13. Any chance of a changelog today old chaps?
  14. Wall-E doesnt seem to work. i tried connecting to it with UAV terminal but it gives me a blank message like its telling me I need to buy DLC. Also one of the static weapons gives an error in arsenal. Everything else seems to work great and I love the new weapons and camo, I also noticed bullets penetrate people now too which is great.
  15. I am experiencing this exact same issue. Currently using Logitech G35 virtual surround headset if that helps.