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  1. Could be just a side effect but... What surprised me was that vanilla flares and chemlights FUNCTION again as pre-Visual Upgrade! Many thanks!
  2. YellO

    Apex Weapon Feedback

    ERCOs/RCOs' reticles seem drawn directly on their scope lens, which may be a disadvantage to ARCOs/MRCO's "floating" reticles especially for tracking short range or fast targets.
  3. YellO

    Development Blog & Reveals

    If this FfV feature is applied to vehicles other than helos or cars, I'm really looking forward to see deadly zodiacs in amphibious assault. Passengers in these boats are literally defenseless despite their stance for a long time.
  4. YellO

    5.1 / Surround sound not working

    Same here. 5.1 and 7.1 make you deaf to non-radio talking in front of you even in 1m distance.
  5. YellO

    Arma Tactics - Issues

    So far I noticed -Veteran difficulty is ignored at each restart of the client -Snipers always cost AP for reloads -Mine kills are counted as grenade kills -Cannot achieve "Multikill"s other than "Grenade Multikill" -Cannot achieve "Things That Go Boom" -Number of accuracy is not accurate (you quite often miss the targets with 95% accuracy) -Grenades fall nearer than indicated trajectories -Movements suddenly stop in middle of the way Looks like the latest patch fixed wall hack AIs and some other game breaking bugs and the game is nicely playable state now. Keep it up team!
  6. Hmm, I got only one e-mail for "Name in Game Credits" which did not include coupon.:confused: Maybe I should ask for support desk. Thanks for reply and sorry for off-topic.
  7. Pre-ordered. Btw, what are those coupon things? I bought A3SE on Mar. 05th but received no coupon yet...
  8. YellO

    Switching weapons on the move

    Confirmed. Thanks for your prompt fix.
  9. YellO

    Switching weapons on the move

    Switching while using binos, range finder or laser designator causes a zero divisor.
  10. Just finished all showcases and trainings. Overall nice, but one thing, intro of "Night" should be separated into cutscene for replayablity. Though it was especially impressive, waiting 2.5 min (or 40 sec at x4) for every retry is too long.
  11. I also stuck in activating Hinds for a month; could not enter "-" in my serial number. But last night I finally solved the problem. Solution: Moving TEMP folder back to default path. At first, I edited both User and System Environment Variables, (erroneously) used 2 bite character for folder name, and put it into D drive all for protecting my SSD. I don't specify which one or all was wrong, anyway returning all values to default allowed me to enter serial and clear activation procedure. I hope this will help you all getting trouble in activation.