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  1. I always wondered if the basic medical system was a bit dodgy, considering the 'simple' version means normal troops can't use Epi, bu the 'advanced' lets anyone use them. It's a real drag as my friends don't like the gameplay to be too complex, but if one of us passes out, they just get to stare at the ground for an hour whilst we finish the mission.
  2. marcai

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    Tl;DR, Opticalsnare made Blastcore, a guy made an unofficial patch for it under the name Hopecore when he assumed that OS had stopped work on Blastcore. Opticalsnare disapproves of his work being used in this way as do many others on the Arma modding forums. On the other hand, the other 'side' point to other modding communities online who regularly see unofficial patches for mods where credit is given to the original author, seeing it as a benefit to the community to have variation & progress. People disagree on the internet and nature takes its course.
  3. marcai

    Crackling/ Popping Audio

    I'll try and get some recording software and see what I can do. I also hear them quite a bit with the cricket chirping sounds of night-time, it's when I first started to get irritated by it- hearing them crackle every few seconds in a nighttime mission was infuriating! ---------- Post added at 15:10 ---------- Previous post was at 14:16 ---------- After some fiddling with OBS, I now have a video of the problem. I've performed a test across a few surfaces in the Hunter, after 5-7 recordings, it seems to occur on all surfaces, but is most noticeable on this particular video when turning and travelling off-road. Whilst it doesn't seem to occur at all on the road in this video (skip the first 20 seconds or so), a few audio recordings I made before this (but failed to capture video of, the program didn't like me!) had it crackling just as much on the roads as offroad. My sound sources are at max of 128, lowering it didn't seem to have any effect on this issue.
  4. Remember that Altis was never intended to be a front-line warzone. Those bases were likely designed to give a presence, in a similar way to policemen walking a beat; They don't regularly stop criminals by walking a beat, rather deter them from committing the crime. Anyone who saw an island with large military structures would likely assume 'wow, that's a well defended island' and leave it alone. Never underestimate psychology in warfare, it's usually the deciding factor whether or not there will be a battle at all!
  5. This has been plaguing me for some time- since the Alpha, in fact. Audio in general just seems to be quite odd in Arma 3, with random popping or crackling, which normally occurs towards the end of the soundbite. I had originally assumed it a recording error, as I've been using JSRS for some time and I can't expect mods to be perfect, but after going back to vanilla sounds post-Marksman I'm finding that it's there in vanilla sounds too. It is most noticeable in engine sounds. I don't suffer this problem in any other game and I use a Creative Soundblaster Recon soundcard and 7.1 surround headset. Does anyone else have this issue at all?
  6. How do you diagnose your own injuries? Me and my friend loved playing with ACE, but we're totally stumped when it comes to fixing our own wounds. I've found that once I'm shot I'm left bandaging randomly in the hope that I'd fix something. Also, I shot a guy in the left leg with an SMG and he instantly died, is that intentional?
  7. This argument is something that comes up regularly in gaming when someone mentions 'missing' features, I find, and it's a self-replicating problem. We have no boats, so we don't use boats; Therefore, we don't need boats because we don't use boats. I'm sure if the naval stuff was more robust (a medium-large vessel doing pirate hunts, some oil rig structures to raid, etc) we'd find they were used far more in missions. I'm not going to argue that the game needs them and will never be complete without them, but a large part of A3's dev hype was the new naval assets which were never really expanded upon. I'm all for the introduction of new assets which we don't already have. The Marksman DLC payment got a bit of a talking-about on the forums here simply because we can download modded guns any time for free and we have plenty of people who know how to successfully add new models. If BIS could lead the way in adding a couple of new naval structures and units in addition to polishing how watery units are handled, modders would likely be able to get developing more from that base, ultimately bringing far more content from the foundations that are presented to the community. Tl;dr- Could be cool.
  8. With the Marksman update, I'm finding that my pedal controls previously vound to infantry actions no longer work. The pedals are still recognised whilst inside vehicles as my throttle and rudders, and are successfully recognised when I attempt to rebind them on the options menu. My right pedal was set to "walk temporary" and the left to the stance adjust key, which I admittedly can no longer find in the control options. Regardless of what I set them to, however, they only seem to work when piloting or driving.
  9. Just fired up the Dev Branch to play with the bipods and found quite a lot of weirdness within the first 10 minutes. Firstly, whilst the bipod is deployed, my trackir head movements are tracked, and the scope moves around as if I were aiming it- only it's not moving at all. Simply put, head movements are still registered as happening and moves my 'scope' vision whilst the real scope remains stationary. Secondly, all key-bindings to my pedals are not functioning within the game. Whilst the button presses are registered in the options menu when I attempted to rebind, during the game they are not. I use my left pedal for Stance Adjust and my right to toggle temporary walking, but neither actually triggered whilst controlling my character.
  10. marcai

    PLP BeachObjects

    A friend of mine who doesn't play Arma was sat in the room as I looked at these. He asked "Why are you looking at those photos? Planning a holiday?"- I think it's a testament to the quality of your mod that he didn't realise it was screenshots of a game mod until I told him! I'd like to echo Bushlurker above in his statement too; the island (whilst impressive) can look a bit samey simply due to the lack of extra objects to diversify towns, these object packs look like the perfect opportunity to fix that!
  11. marcai

    Enhanced Movement

    Hey Babenson, do you have any plans to combine your clambering animation with the tops of ladders? I *really* hate that we still kinda climb invisible rungs up into the sky at the top of a ladder, and your clamber animation looks like it'd do the job nicely!
  12. Hi, since the removal of Gamespy both myself and my friends have been unable to actually use the Multiplayer functions at all. We had been using Tunngle until recently as it was the only way to connect. The use of a third party program should NOT be the only way to play the game. I was really excited to hear of Steam integration of multiplayer as I assumed it would be like every other game I own on the service- that is right-click a friend and Invite to Game. Even this appears to not actually have any functionality as doing so doesn't actually connect us once the invite has been sent. I've seen numerous posts about this, but barring the use of Tunngle/ Hamachi/ Evolve, I've not actually seen anyone fix it. Is there something I'm blatantly missing here? I'd love to get an answer as I've been itching to play the new DLC content with friends and wholly unable to do so simply because the multiplayer function isn't working. Extra info: We can host games, but we can't see each other's games in the Steam lobby. We can't direct connect via IP We sucessfully hosted games without issue with Gamespy, and regularly host games through the Steam service for one another. We haven't tried the dedicated server tool, but again we just want to be able to host/play a game quickly through the game interface. Any hep I can get will be much appreciated.
  13. The big two things that I can see is that the reality seems to have a more vibrant colour pallette. Far more bright greens and yellows compared to a slightly more drab selection of colours for the grass on Altis. Also, the tiered and appartment-block-filled capital! Wow! I'd love to see Kavala more built up that way into a horrible RPG-alley :D Also, this is one of the few rare times where looking at someone's holiday snaps is actually really interesting, so kudos! Sounds like you had a great time, and I honestly kinda wanna go there myself now.
  14. Dammit Dwarden, we just want our sexy party missions!
  15. marcai

    Arma 3 Capabilities, TrueSKY, and more

    I'm worried that this will quickly turn into a wishlisting thread, but hell I'll bite: First of all, I'd love to see the cloud lighting we had in early alpha/beta stages. It took someone posting a comparison picture a few weeks ago for me to notice and and ever since then I've noticed whenever I play. Secondly, a better 'clambering' system than the V key's little hop. Context-sensitive climbing would be amazing. A little hop as it is now on open terrain, a full clamber animation over objects up to chest height, a prolonged 5-10 second animation for climbing over things above head height. A couple of modders had begun to develop more advanced moving systems, so it clearly is possible. Utilising rooftops, climbing over wrecked cars and barricades in a pinch, I could see a lot of scenarios where it would add a little something to a scenario. Again the word context-sensitive comes up, in that I'd love for the 'default' action with space bar to make sense. I fart around so much at gates and doorways that it's quite unreal when every other game seems to have this sorted. Again, we've seen at least one mod that removes the action menu and reduces button-presses (I honestly can't remember its name, but I always fancied it) and I think its pretty much one of the pet peeves of the community. A little better night vision. I don't know if this is just my civilian untrained eyes assuming it should be fancier, but the night vision always looks a bit lacklustre to me. Perhaps its the lights not giving off a PP 'glow' effect that you see in so many night vision clips? Environment changes: Midrange textures and possible 'damp' effects. We've seen Nordkinchen's midrange texture mod and how great it looked, so it's clearly possible. Hell, he even offered to make the full mod with some support. Similarly, some 'wet' textures when its raining would be nice. Randomly placed puddle decals on the ground that make a noise as you pass over em, a shiny decal on roads and vehicles when wet. TPW mods currently has an animation for rain hitting windows. A few more 'ambient' birds and the like in the standard game world would be cool, too. We have the Zeus animation for seagulls flying away, I'd love to see things like that just occurring naturally. All would add to a more immersive environment!