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    Oh, I didn't start as multiplayer and if there's no respawn for SP… well… i won't. :icon_twisted: I think I'll try the mission again today.
  2. seife


    You got me - I just played the first mission (failed hard in the end). I did not notice any respawn. If I died I had to restart/revert and team mates didnt come back either. However, this looks very nice and is fun to play. :) How about putting the missions in a folder? If you have a folder in the Arma3\Missions dir then it is shown as one folder with the missions inside ingame, maybe as a placeholder for real campaign.
  3. So the door is openable for everyone? This is kinda senseless.. :P
  4. seife

    [SP] Into the storm

    Mind fixing the errors for beta? I'd love to play this mission. :(
  5. seife


    Sure, maybe I'll look into it even with respawn. :)
  6. seife

    Switching weapons on the move

    I cant see why but it works today. Very nice. :)
  7. Will test this after updating (roughly in one hour). Will edit the results in this post. :p Looks nice so far. Would it be possible to ignore moving foward/backward when in the prone stance animation? I always move forth - well, sidewards - when I fall.
  8. seife

    Switching weapons on the move

    I can't get this working. Downloaded CBA and the mod, put them into the respective folders and set the -mod paramters. Inside the Expansion menue they're both listed and activated. Keys bound like on the screenshot but he still stops for switching. Any idea what I did wrong? :(
  9. This plus a video showing the progress would be nice. ;)
  10. The sad moment when I realised it's monday. I'm really excited about the realease. These guys look awesome. Maybe you can tease us with some nice screenshots? :)
  11. seife


    How about adding a no-respawn version? This sounds very interesting but I don't like respawn. Takes away the atmosphere for me. :(
  12. That's what I wanted to ask when I'm home. Looking forward to the release.
  13. Thanks for mentioning the update size!!! :) Parachuting soldiers are happy now.
  14. Searched in the modules for animal site?
  15. seife

    Where are the 6 saved Game slots?

    And what about me wanting to try different approaches in a mission? I'm not a very good player and want to improve my strategies and try out the different ways of engaging bases etc. Very often a lot of AIs die because of false commands I gave, .. etc. I would like to have some saves (at least being able to override this single save) so I can try this. I agree that it is quite atmosphere killing if you reload your mission every 2 minutes instead of playing careful. Being able to change the amount of saves to unlimited is the best solution imo.