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  1. What I mean is, the rovers will not charge if you are disconnected from them. They should be able to charge without direct control from Mission Control, right? Even after using the time dilation for 12 hours, the percentage charged stays still. Makes it a little crazy to travel 1km to the next mission when you've barely got any juice at the moment.
  2. comc

    Chopper Pilot PROS

    Due to this thread, I tried to fly without TrackIR. It was torture. I love my joystick and can accept if it's not for you but for the love of God, if you want to get in the cockpit of anything that leaves the ground, please get TrackIR. It's ridiculous how much it helps.
  3. comc

    ArmA 3: E-sport ready?

    I am sorely disappointed with the sheer volume of derisive and insulting comments made towards this idea. I'm not a fan of E-sports, but that doesn't mean I'm going to try to make sure no one else can enjoy it in Arma. I love the series for its limitless gameplay and crushing realism, but others playing a more arcade style gameplay is not going to ruin my experience in the slightest. BIS already have a ridiculous amount of work ahead of them, and Arma is much more than halfway done. They aren't going to change the core of the game to appease a possible small section of fans. Just look at DayZ, a mod notably more popular than the game itself; did they change Arma 3 to better accommodate the mod? No, they are releasing a completely separate standalone game for DayZ players, because the core of Arma is to be a basic, realistic and sandbox-style platform for anyone to edit and play. Arma 3 won't be made any more arcade-y than it is now. Even as it is now, ACE is sure to add the realism many of us want back in. Arma is often touted as a game full of possibility - something you can make however you want. But many fans tend to be elitist, claiming their way is the only "true" way of playing the game. You need to get off your high horse and let others have fun, too.
  4. This seems like a good idea. I never really realized that rockets don't leave decal damage but now that's all I'll notice.
  5. comc

    AH-9 / MH-9 agility

    Good job! I was about to do so but wanted to gauge others' reactions to this change.
  6. comc

    Tracked Vehichels

    If you're talking about heavy armor, you're going to have to wait until release (or a little before it for the dev build). The Beta is already out, and seeing that the only armor additions are wheeled APC's, I'm assuming no tracked vehicles will be added.
  7. comc

    AH-9 / MH-9 agility

    That would be okay but the roll speed is very low even when the A/MH-9 is stationary.
  8. To me, it seems like the MH-9 and AH-9 versions of the Little Bird roll so slowly that I frequently crash when attempting to turn. Is this something changed in the Beta or could it be my joystick?
  9. Please don't fall for that alarmist nonsense. If you have a 128 GB drive, and write about 20GB/day, your SSD should last 5 years. The lifespan of an SSD based on data transfer is NOT a consumer-level concern.
  10. comc

    Game recorder thoughts?

    To avoid the whole bad modcheck that would probably result in crashes, you could be able to only view the last mission you played while the game is still running.
  11. comc

    Arma figurines

    I'd definitely buy this kind of thing. Also, a small 3-D relief map of Cherno, complete with little houses and such, would be wonderful, though it'd have to take up a whole room if you wanted the houses to be macroscopic.
  12. comc

    AI Helicopters Not Firing Rockets

    How recently have you seen this? I've tried about 3 days ago and they seem to use rockets rarely, but really, who would against one soldier? Maybe they would tend to use rockets more often against vehicles.
  13. Even from what was said, if I was in Byku's position, I'd still like a developer's statement on the matter, just in case.
  14. A lot of people, especially new players, found that they'd like a sort of tactical guide to help them transition from BF3 and COD. I found this guide to be of great help, and I'm pretty sure 90% of players have read it at some point, so it's useful even if it's written for A2.
  15. http://i744.photobucket.com/albums/xx88/markmosso/Elliott%20Reserve/Arma/2013-05-24_00003.jpg (102 kB) <-- This one doesn't want to be shown for some reason but the link works.