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  1. GefrBachmann

    Is the game dumbed down?

    I got to confess that I was brought to Arma by DayZ because i kinda liked the idea. Then I got Combined ops and played that mod for a few hours, coming to the result that it is cmpletely boring bullcrap. It ended with me buying Arma III the second day the Alpha was out (took time to transfer the money to paypal :) ) because of the Arma experiance. I am a bit disappointed for I expected more content and a better AI but I still am hopefull that this will be sorted out until 2014.
  2. GefrBachmann

    Setting Color of Offroad?

    Sorry I am new to editing around in games :) It however worked now and I owe you my thanks!
  3. GefrBachmann

    Setting Color of Offroad?

    Thanks for replying guys but-- I don´t get it. I tried it with these codes but it didn´t work. It spawned in another color and changed with every respawn :D What I need is a car that stays the same color, no matter what it is, no matter how often a mission is restarted.
  4. GefrBachmann

    Setting Color of Offroad?

    I tried to set a color for my car but it didnt work. i put this into the init field of an empty offroad: this setObjectTexture ["\A3\soft_F\Offroad_01\Data\Offroad_01_ext_BASE05_CO.paa" ]
  5. Thank you for the link. I´m starting to think more and more that this game is not ready for release in three days..
  6. rgr that, worked perfectly, thank you very much :
  7. I got to dig that out again because I was just trying to create a underwater demolition task myself. What sense does it make to have an diver explosive specialist if he cant even plant bombs underwater?
  8. Hello everyone. This is more of a tricky one I guess. What I want to do is that I want to add a certain unit who is ungrouped as my teammate (F2) when trigger xy is activated. Anyone got any ideas about that? The second thing is: is there a way to force your teammate to choose a new loadout at a ammobox?? It isnt enough to just script a certain layout to him with a trigger since this would take away the freedom for a coop mission. Reguards Bachmann
  9. GefrBachmann

    Broken Communication

    Broken Communication SITREP: D + 15m | NATO troops invaded Stratis and surprised OPFOR with a sudden strike. We sieged the main Airfield and have now established a bridgehead for our assault on Altis. Your unit, SOT (Special Operations and Tactics) Echo Company 2nd platoon is participating in the assault. The enemy is holding the Air Station Mike-26 (Codename: "earthwire") southeast of the airfield. Earthwire is an important intelligence base including a radar station and a long-range communication tower (codename: "red stag"). Mission: Fly to earthwire and take out the OPFOR guards. Find a way to destroy red stag and get back to base. Report to the HQ for debriefing. The mission is considered a ailure if your teammate dies so take care of yourselfs. Execution: You have been temporarily given command over a MH-9 (callsign Phoenix-One) to get you in and out again. There are two LZ´s north and south of the base. I think it isn´t necessary to remind you of what you learned in SOT training - never get out from where you got in. Also, you should choose another member of 2nd plt to join you on this mission. Faulkner volunteered, but feel free to take with you whoever you want. Once you reach the LZ sneak up to the base, take out the guards and find a way to get red stag down before they start transmitting. As soon as it´s destroyed call Phoenix-One to pick you up and get you back to base. They are experianced pilots who will pick you up anywhere, but since it is rough terrain HQ highly advices you to use the LZ´s. Once you are back at the base report at the newly establisehd platoon HQ for debriefing. Additional Info: This is my very first mission and I am very excited about constructive criticism :) You should be familiar with support calls and AI control. This is a SP Mission. It should although be possible to play it as a coop mission as well, it worked for me. SWS: Link
  10. GefrBachmann

    Setting Color of Offroad?

    Ah okay, I have to save the sqf filein the missions folder. Thank you very much!
  11. GefrBachmann

    Ambient Radio Chatter

    nvmd, solved it myself.
  12. GefrBachmann

    Setting Color of Offroad?

    Sorry guys I am new to editing and just couldn´t figure out where I need to put this PHP codes and scripts? In the init field of the offroad?
  13. GefrBachmann

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Nice update, thank you guys from BI. But if you really want to release next week then this is going to be one "hellweek" of work for you. Anyone else noticed that the artillery barrel won´t lift? I also love the sport hatchback and the bleeding guns btw :D
  14. GefrBachmann

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Nothing here yet. But can´t take much longer then, thanks for the update!