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    new stuff for aaf - nice bis love it ^^

    I'm pretty disappointed that there's no armed version of Hellcat (Green). It would have been a great fit for insertion/support dual-role chopper for small-player coop missions where the players are Brits (or, are not Greeks).
  2. 1kimon0

    Note to BI - A thought to make NATO more believable.

    While the ability to change flag patches like in Rainbow Six is not a bad feature to have, it's far from being realistic. Other than the point made by SandyBandy, uniforms will be a problem if such a feature is to be implemented (for the sake of reality), as "the same uniform being used across all NATO countries" is not a realistic scenario at all. Then, if the uniform is to change according to the country selected, it will make identifying people very hard for no reason. "Giving more flavor to missions" should always be done by mission makers, to make everything not ridiculous.
  3. As of now, Arma 3 lacks quite a few equivalents to the widely-used weapons in the US Army or the USMC. GPMG (M240), light sniper rifles (M24/M40), 60mm mortars, shotguns, "Assault Weapon" (SMAW), to name a few. Also, IIRC, M27 IAR are not going to completely replace M249 in the USMC, let alone the Army, so that one (Automatic Rifle that are not just regular rifles with bipods and higher-capacity mags) counts in my book, too.
  4. 1kimon0

    Reality Check

    I believe earthquakes occur pretty often in Greece, so the people might not need to demolish houses themselves.
  5. 1kimon0

    No women at all

    Let me explain my logic behind that post, as I didn't do it properly: If you don't make female characters at all, that can be justified by the lack of resource/time. However, if you do make female characters and not give them the ability of using weapons and combat-related voice-overs, it's as if you're saying that women are incapable of fighting (or that they shouldn't fight), even if it's due to the aforementioned lack. You cannot justify that by saying (in the case of A2 and A2OA, for the sake of making it simple) that all of them are civilians, as male civilians can use weapons. It could be, though, PARTIALLY justified if male civilians couldn't use weapons, either. The reason I say partially is that I highly doubt factions like the NAPA to not have women in combat roles, and the fact that the USMC does have female aviators. The fact that they made 8 of "Hooker" units for absolutely no reason doesn't help, too. If they were involved in the official campaign in some way, it could have been justified. Partially, again, as even "Secretary" are ambiguously hooker-ish (http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/File:Arma2_civ_secretary.jpg). By the way, I must say that I find the frequently-used "women in the US Military aren't in combat roles" argument to be pretty weak. Supporting roles do participate in combat a lot. They don't just make sandwiches and babies. The person who answered to the question below doesn't seem to think so, though. He (as I presume it's "he") didn't even bother to explain why they "prefer not having women involved in combat" in their games. http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Ask_Bohemia_about_A2OA_-_Answers
  6. 1kimon0

    No women at all

    Women being completely absent is, at least, better than having women yet not allowing them to participate in combat. Seriously, that implementation was political incorrectness at its finest. Well, probably not worse than the Gay Planet of SWTOR, but, you know.
  7. The Sunflower Army now uses "NVGoggles_OPFOR", and Greeks "NVGoggles_INDEP". I don't like the logo, but it at least makes some sense in the lore sense, as both the number 6 and the hexagon represents unity, harmony and such (these could be western-only symbolism, though). It's also the number of the Articles of Faith and kalimahs, so it might be similar to Christians loving the number 3.
  8. I believe it's this update. I happened to had been looking at the models pretty close to the update, but I remember seeing nothing on their arms. Could be wrong, though.
  9. I've tried to addWeapon a few weapons, and it seems that just the weapons of "NATO" (who now has the US flag patches) don't work, as I could add Katiba and ACP-whatever pistol. Maybe they just changed the classnames or something, and addWeapon itself isn't broken?
  10. 1kimon0

    VTS Simple gesture commo rose

    Just a suggestion; could you make it so that you can turn off AI reaction via the config file? I think that I'm not the only one that prefer being able to use the hand signals just for other humans to see, even when being in command of AIs. Thank you for a cool addon, anyway!
  11. In fact, it would even kill the immersion factor (even without taking UBGL into consideration). The player MUST move his finger a bit (or head or foot, which doesn't matter) to press the fire mode bind, and that takes roughly the same time as real shooters changing the fire mode. If you'd have to wait for the animation to finish after that, it takes twice as long as RL to change fire modes. Totally immersive, right?
  12. Yeah, no need for animation. Having to wait for the fire mode selecting animation to finish isn't realistic in the first place, since ArmA3 still treats UBGL as a fire mode. When you want to fire UBGL, you don't cycle through all fire modes before that. That's pretty ridiculous.