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  1. Good eye! I didn't know that, so thanks for the heads-up; it should be fixed next update. Let me know if you find any other bugs like that ;) You're welcome! Do you mean the not centered left/right or not centered up/down? I've found that the extra line on the reticle, below the center, is a good starting point for aiming with for most distances. Hey, It is indeed intended that riflemen and machinegunners fire at full-auto, especially the South Zagorian units whose doctrine calls for it; I would imagine that the same holds true for the CDF and Takistan, and even the Westernized CDF forces still hold on to the idea that full auto is generally more effective. Finally my understanding is that Russian doctrine teaches that one should have their gun on full-auto and fire in controlled bursts, which is what I've tried to recreated in the addon. I do believe that the units should have a limited burst when they're firing instead of dumping the whole mag though, so let me know if that isn't the case. When I add the US and perhaps other nations, I will be sure to have the a.i. use single-shot fire. Finally, if the Marksmen using the Mk12 or the SVD are firing in full-auto...well, let me know, since that is obviously wrong :p Hey, thanks for letting me know. That bug slipped past me, the AA soldier should have had an M16 the same as the AT soldier. It's fixed for the next update. --- In addition to the bug fixes and changes I've just said I've done, the next update will have more unique sounds for the various weapons, and LAxemann has already delivered awesomeness for the m16, m249, and m240! I've also been working on a variant of the reload for the AK which is more "in your face", after looking at what made the m16's reload so "fun" to use (imo). It's still the same right-handed reload, just I've repositioned the gun so that you can see what you're doing if you look down; and you can alternatively keep looking straight ahead and still keep an eye on your target if you prefer. Here's a preview of what it looks like in first-person: Grabbing the magazine Pulling back the bolt (1) Pulling back the bolt (2) The first new one that I make will probably be either for the FAL or the PKM.
  2. They really should be, except the UAZs. Please, give it a try and let me know how it goes, I feel like you're asking me because you're trying and it isn't working. I really have no clue whats wrong with the config for the UAZs in terms of getting them spawned, so I need someone's help with that... @Foxhound, @Sonsalt6 Awesome, thanks for the continued support and updates! @LAxemann Thanks for the compliments and especially for the help with sounds! I'll be sure to let you know via PM when I have new ideas :)
  3. Alternate download, probably just going to be temporary: Main Language
  4. Version 0.3.2 Download link available at first post Both main addon and language addon are updated (Click images to expand in full glory!) South Zagoria Introducing the new modernized South Zagorian forces, who have spent some of the extra money they've acquired from about three years of their battles with CDF and Takistani forces, from taking over parts of the oil-rich Takistan, and the greatly industrialized power of their nation on restandardizing to the 7n10 rifle round, optical scopes for all machinegunners, and a new, improved uniform. They've also increased spending on certain improvements to vehicles, but those aren't included yet. The PKM and SVD have been added as well to give marksmen and machinegunners, the AK-74sz now has a hooded front sight, and the RPK-74sz now has a cloth box for its belts. Rumors that the new uniform has some sort of high-tech features have been denied by the SZ army. In the works for the South Zagorian faction are of course vehicles such as the BMP-2, BTR, Kamaz (including version carrying BM-21 grad missiles), BRDM, Vodnik, and potentially the T-72, T-80, UH-1H huey, and Jawa-353 motorcycle. Heavier weapons to counter other forces also getting these, such as the Metis rocket, will also be developed. Also in the works are scout and sniper units, and eventually special and/or elite forces. Finally, the South Zagorian army will have a partisan division which is trained in guerrilla warfare and is used to fight guerrillas or insurgencies, and South Zagoria itself will have an armed populace similar to Switzerland, although with older firearms. Chernarussian Defense Forces Also introducing the modernized and westernized CDF forces, whose slowly losing battle against South Zagoria has prompted many western nations to support them. While the prime assistant is the United States, who has funneled bulletproof vests, Stinger missiles, heavy weaponry, and the majority of new weapons that the CDF uses, various other benefactors like Belgium, Germany, and other NATO countries have sent in aid as well with the hope that the CDF army will, after defeating South Zagoria, purchase more supplies from them. The CDF still holds onto some traditional values, and many of the newer weaponry has been modified where possible, to suit the CDF doctrine: M16s and M4s all fire full-auto, the RPG-7 continues to be used, the charging handle on the SCAR has been swapped to the right side, and other small details have been modified to suit the country's purposes. In the words for the CDF are vehicle reskins of those which will be added to the South Zagorian faction, and potentially also western vehicles such as the Humvee. More western weapons will also be added, such as perhaps the G36, TOW, and other fun stuff. Special and/or elite forces are also in the works for the CDF, as well as allies such as the US and NAPA. Takistani Army In contrast, Takistan isn't exactly a nation to be modernized, but it has mobilized many more troops with a greater variety of weapons, including the FN FAL and Ishapore 2A. In the works for them are some lesser-powered vehicles and such, and perhaps more variants of those weapons which they already posses. Also in the works may be special forces and the ally of Isklaristan, which uses supplies similar to Iran's. ------------------- Today's update was heavily focused on infantry, and its possible that the new one will be as well. Hopefully this post also describes what I'm aiming for in terms of South Zagoria's technology: More powerful and expensive things are older and cheaper variants, i.e. T-72, BMP-2, Mig-23, but the cheaper improvements are there, i.e. Vodnik, Kamaz, 7n10, scopes, uniform, etc. Considering its roots, I would say that infantry is a big focus of the faction :) I think that even without ultramodern tech, South Zagoria can be a very respected and feared force thanks to those improvements it does make, and the training of its army! While a full changelog is on the front page, a few key new things: -Every rifle cartridge has had its external and terminal ballistics revisited -Unarmoured units now have more health -Armoured units have less of an advantage over unarmoured ones -Units which have scopes on their weapons now start with said scopes ON their weapon -The Mi-24's YAK-B cannon has a new sound thanks to LAxemann, configured to work similar to the cannon on the BIS A-10 Also, a pretty big bug that I don't think I can fix without causing other problems: -Picking up a weapon with a GP-25 from the ground causes the GP-25 itself to become invisible Finally, remember that there are additional .pbos available in the "optional" folder, and different sound variants in the "sound_variants" folder for your enjoyment. If you for some reason prefer Arma 3 sounds, feel free to remove "kae_sz_weapons_snds.pbo", but be warned that the sounds will be completely default and not awesome.
  5. Hm, I forgot how long hand-animations take to do. Finished them now, though. --- Still got to do the PKM, but that'll be a bit later. Also, the Ishapore 2A rifle (lee-enfield in 7.62x51), will not have a proper hand animation since it seems impossible to do without making something very, very weird. Finally, I bet the guy holding the M240 is very, very happy that the charging handle doesn't move back when it gets fired... SCAR-types and SVDs will be using the current AK reloading animation for good; FAL, Ishapore 2A, and PKM will be using it until I can make a better one; M16-types will be using a BIS animation unless I can come up with a better one, but atm it looks pretty good; m249/m240 will be using the BIS reload animation until I can make a better one; hopefully I haven't missed any, but I won't be making any new animations for this next update. --- I don't think I'll be making any completely new vests for a while, maybe sometime down the road I could make a vest like that, Kaxii. Unfortunately, I also don't think I will be using toadies' animations, since I'm either happy with the BIS animation (m16) or want to make my own (everything else). This is especially true regarding the AK, SVD, and similar weapons; I might improve or make more variants of the reload (i.e, to have a different one when the player is shifted to the left with their gun in the left shoulder), but I won't be using a different one. Finally, in regards to the US units, I'm not working on them yet but I'll have something in Multicam; I'm very much not a fan of UCP. Might do camo variants in the older camouflages as well, not sure, and I'll probably have a USMC section as well. Removed screenshots
  6. Hey, so, I'm going to have to push back updating a day or two, I've got a bit of stuff I still need to finish and I need to test it out with other people first. - In regards to making the vest TTSKO: I personally feel the woodland fits very well within the colour scheme of the rest of the uniform, and I do want to differentiate that the modernized CDF are moving towards a much more western scheme than before; plus, I did have it in mind that the vests are donated by the US, which wouldn't be making them in TTSKO; woodland would seem more reasonable. I did give it a quick try by making a mock-up, here's a quick comparison: <Links no longer active> I do like the woodland better, but if there's enough demand I'll make a second variant in the TTSKO. - In regards to the Hind weapons: I'll take a look at it later, and fix them if that's the case. I don't think I can implement the better A3 weapons though, from what I can tell those are a part of the helicopter model itself, so it won't be possible for me to put them on. Furthermore, the ones I have right now are done by proxy so that it's possible to change the loadout on the helicopters, which means that animating them isn't possible. I could try to do a gray camouflage as well when I make the UN and new CDF camos for the helicopters. - In regards to modernness of units, sure, lets keep them to modern then. Didn't realize the US army had finally swapped to Multicam, I'm a lot happier about doing something with that then. I do think I will still implement forces which mimic the older armies, but just find a different faction to make them for. - Most of what I've been working on today is reworking the recoils on guns; I've heard before that people felt it isn't high enough, so I've tried to implement a new set of values for recoils, but I'll be keeping it simple by only having different values for 5.45x39 based on the AK-74, for 5.56x45 based on the M16, 7.62x39 based on the AKM, and 7.62x54r/7.62x51 based on the M14. Things I still have to do before releasing an update: -Testing to make sure recoil, damage, etc is reasonable -Icons for all the new stuff (Done now) -Hand animations for all the new stuff -Switch to using arma 3 reload animations or make new reload animations for the new guns -Properly implement loadouts on the new units -Provide proper zeroing on the GP-25 Finally, in regards to that last point, there won't be an M230, M320, EGLM, or any other sort of grenade launcher aside from the GP25 within this next update that will be coming out shortly, but I will try to put them in soon.
  7. @R0adki11 Thanks! Great to hear that you're interested in using the SZ as an opposing force to your Nogovans, let me know if you end up making any missions pitting the two versus each other! I suppose we will have to make sure to finish fighting versus either the CDF or the Takistanis soon though, before we have to fight a war on three fronts :) @Thani Isklaristan sounds like an awesome name, and considering a few things I've talked about with someone else, I might end up making the faction be a breakaway of Iran, or a force supplied by Iran but not necessarily with the same allegiances to other nations; if so, I will end up with that name, but still a very Iran-like military force. I don't think I'll be able to finish it for this weekend, however. The modernized SZ army currently has the vest as standard across all forces, and I'm not sure if I want to do an unarmoured variant for the crewmen and such; the vest seems thin and light enough that it would be no problem to carry around. As opposed to the vests I will be giving to the US and western CDF, it's less protective, but is actually more protective than the flak jacket of the older SZ and older CDF units. I also don't think I'll be making a blue version of it for UN troops; they will have to be identified by their helmets; perhaps I will throw in something else as an identifying mark, but not for this weekend's update. Furthermore, the modernized SZ army will not be getting polymer stocks, since it would be an entirely new and different manufacturing process which wouldn't be possible with South Zagoria's current factories alone; I am considering a camouflage wrap for the guns, however. The new CDF vehicle camouflage will be a plain drab camouflage, except in a colour based on that of the CDF infantry camouflage; perhaps with a blob or two somewhere, I haven't done it yet and probably will have to leave it off till next week as well. --- In other news, I've finished the new uniform for the modernized CDF forces, which allows for roughly three times as much survivability compared to no armour and about twice as much as the new South Zagorian vest, but also weighs about four times as much as the old uniform. Squad Leaders use an alternative style of iron sights in order to make adding optics easier. The marksman uses a Mk12 SPR. Finally, the CDF's westernized answer to the PKM is the m240. Hand animations and reloading animations are still placeholder for all of these, I'll need to work on those later today/tomorrow and I might not be able to finish them all, in which case I'll default to using BIS reloading animations as a placeholder. For whom it may interest: The vests are the same style as those the USMC wear in Arma 2 times, except in a lightened woodland camouflage. Apart from the new armoured vest and change to using gear which is stored on it, the new CDF uniform doesn't differ much from the old one.
  8. @Thani: Thanks! The links might come in handy when I go work on the BMP. In regards to Aristan; One thing I've decided on is to rename it, both since I've had a request, and because it might be good to prevent any confusion. I do see your point in having a breakaway region of Takistan also exist as a reason for UN intervention, but it isn't what I'm going for with this faction, and I'm not even sure that Arma can support enough sides for that to properly work. I'd need something like five playable ones as opposed to the current four, so I could have the following sides (which could at any given point all be hostile to each other): Blufor: CDF and allies (NAPA, USA) Opfor: Takistan and allies (Takistani Militia, Perisa) Indep: South Zagoria and allies (SZ Partisians, Russia) Civilian: Civilians ????: Breakaway from Takistan and allies Of course, we could always shove it in with NATO support, but I don't know if I'd like to do that. @Fisto: I guess that's a reasonable arguement, though it could also make sense if the corresponding nations didn't send their most modern troops in. Since I've split the CDF into normal CDF units (older) and modernized CDF units, and (as of now) will be splitting South Zagoria into an older and a more modern (in a different sense) variant, I might as well do the same with every other faction and do it in a way that makes sense. The timeline in terms of equipment will probably be the modern-ish RU units I have now as the modernized RU, and something else for older units; for the US, it would be like I mentioned, woodland-style US units from older times, and I guess I will also do a more modern set which would just be the A2 units ported over (if I'm porting stuff over anyways, might as well include the original versions). That way I can have the modern units there, making sense in terms of the timeline, and also have the older stuff as a separate thing for playing with; part of why I wanted to go with older stuff is because I don't like the direction that Russia and the US are going in for their equipment, even if some of that stuff does make sense, but I can certainly make sure to include at least what Arma 2 offered in terms of their modern supplies. --- Some W.I.P. stuff I've done over the past two days. Hand/reload animations will be worked on over the weekend before release: There will be a modernized South Zagorian faction with more available optics, a different uniform, and better ammo, using spoils from their war with the CDF and Takistan (Oil money, hooray!). Here's some nice gentlemen showing off the new uniform, a new PKM and a new SVD: - As I've said before, there will also be a modernized CDF faction with a more western approach to equipment, but still with old-fashioned beliefs. Expect to see slight modifications on their gear (i.e, SCAR has its charging handle on the same side as the AK), and usage according to older, more familiar doctrine (i.e., they'll be using m4a1s and a full-auto m16a4, as opposed to the burst feature the US will use; reloading is also done with the right hand). Here we have some CDF gentleman showing us their new stuff: - Meanwhile, Takistan arms part of its forces (not a new faction exactly) with the older variants of the m16, supplementing the AKM. So this leaves my wishlist at: The new South Zagorian and CDF things can be accessed as entirely new factions, called "CDF (Modern)" and "South Zagoria (Modern)", respectively. The newer takistani troops will be accessable as a new type of unit, similar to how we have "Men (Woodland)" and "Men (Savannah)" for existing factions. (I had too much fun typing out the descriptions for the screenshots :rolleyes:)
  9. @Kaxii Yep, basically thats what I want to do. They'll probably be a different faction altogether so that one can set up the different variants better in ALiVE.
  10. Based on the consensus so far and a few idea I've had of my own, I'll make the SCARs one of the variants of guns which the westernized CDF forces will have, who will probably end up having a medley of various guns from many different origins (More excuses to put more guns in!); makes sense that the spec ops in particular would use them, barring a better idea I'll have it be standard for WCDF spec ops. In regards to ALiVE: It should work perfectly, the units spawn and all, and faction classnames are listed in the first post. However, I can't for the life of my get the groups with vehicles to work properly, despite trying through different times to mimic the default BIS setup, the example setup on the ALiVE wiki, or even other examples I've seen floating about. Here's the config file for the groups I'm using, if someone could get it to work I would greatly appreciate it; even with that version it failed to spawn UAZs last time I tried. --------------------------- For how I calculated the new terminal ballistics, I tried to implement real-life data from what sources I could find in terms of how much initial damage and how much bleeding each round might cause, then did a sorta gamey calculation to apply something all at once (since we don't have bleeding in default arma): If you have a request for another round type or want to point out a mistake in my method, values, etc, feel free to do so.
  11. @Serjames I have not been submitting to the CUP, I'll go take a look at doing so sometime later. Maybe it's a bit crazy to add things someone else has already done, but on the other hand I do get to make sure everything is just how I want it; not to say that mine are necessarily any higher quality than someone else's. I must say though, I might skip out on some armoured vehicles to see what RHS's are going to be like, especially the US vehicles which I don't have many plans to modify. @Fisto Thanks! --- So I decided to procrastinate on my homework by instead working on porting random things over, so we've got something in a finished state that I hadn't even intended to make until yesterday: Two soldiers take advantage of a break in the fighting to discuss the relative merits of which version of the FN Scar they prefer. I haven't even decided what faction might use them, but I'll be certain that they find their way to an ammobox near you! They should be easy to make compatible with most Picatinny rail scopes, but I will probably have to define an optional config for each other addon due to how I designed the variants of these ones. On the other hand, these new guns should show fully the correct version when on the ground, except for paint scheme. There's a Long, Standard, and Short version of both the -L and -H variants, and each can have a bipod, grip, both, or neither; but those last attachments cannot be removed except by script. I also completely overhauled the ballistics of those rounds already in the mod, and added the following: Unfortunately, in doing so I also changed the classnames of the magazines, so you might need to adjust any loadout scripts when I next update. I'll post the specifics on how I calculated the data for these new rounds later tonight this week, maybe it will be interesting for someone to read. Feel free to request any other particular ammo types or to point out suggestions/flaws in my data once I post it!
  12. I could see about the UAZ variants, not too sure about whether its fitting for them to exist for standard army units in eastern-based countries. If I decide to do it, I might try to add some variants with new guns like the metis, konkurs, etc, too. I will probably keep it to the BMP-2 at frst for Russia to save on the amount of vehicles. I can certainly see the KAMAZ and Ural-4320 trucks being useful to add, will do those maybe after adding armoured BTRs and vodnik. I'll keep tanks in mind while working on the BMP-2, will have to see how different it is to implement those. I guess the time period I'm aiming for in terms of the RU and maybe US units is something 1990s to 2004 or so, maybe with older or newer stuff mixed in, and I'm mostly doing it so I can have these units in according to my own tastes as well as to possibly allow for some more interesting scenarios or to have a bit of a wider audience interested. I will probably keep vehicles for these factions to a minimum until I've finished all the other countries, since those seem to take a lot more effort compared to adding guns or infantry. Also naturally US units are a bit low in priority considering the mod theme is on the other side of the fence. I haven't thought about what subsect of the US military I'd be using, good ol' woodland and the old desert pattern was my intended camouflage. I guess I'll probably make the units then post screenshots asking for what branch I should put them under, and suggestions, etc. that arise at that point in time. Chances are I'll additionally be including fictional variants of each of their guns too which would be accessable via crates only, "captured modified weapons" by South Zagoria, or "easternized modifications" for the western CDF. I guess I will just go with calling it Iran or Persia, probably mostly reskins of Takistani units, maybe some actual modification on the model to add units without the rolled-up sleeves; speaking of which, I'll look into sleeves-up versions of a few of the uniforms already in use, I hear it can be pretty popular. Sorry if it all seems a little disorganized or such, I need to balance my percieved difficulty of doing stuff along with my personal wishes, those things useful to my unit (both as actual use and as promotion), and public wishes that I've heard through this thread or my friends. You could probably expect an update at the end (Sunday?) of next week with those things I've said are guarenteed, plus anything else I finish by then; another infantry-centric update the weekend after with other goodies, and the tracked vehicles within the two weeks to come after, assuming no major changes in my schedule.
  13. Yes, it is meant to be Aristan, a fictional country based on Iran. Perhaps I could use some of those ideas for the other units I'll be adding, though! The name isn't really set in stone, if someone wants to suggest something better I'm all ears. Just keep away from real-life names please ;)
  14. Hey, There is an update in the works but it's been slow because of schoolwork. Thankfully, by the end of next week for certain, and maybe even before that, I will have more free time to work on this addon. My next update or two will be focusing on infantry and weapons, and then I'll work on adding the BMP-2 and maybe some other tanks (I heard m113 requested a lot). The things I have for certain in this next update: GP-25 Grenade Launcher (Note: GL mounted too far forward, fixed since screenshot) PSO series optics (Including real-life standard 4x, real-life variants (available at least as civilian POSP) 2x, 6x, 8x fixed, 2-6x, 3-9x, 4-12x zoom, and fictional 12x fixed, 3-9-27x, 3-9-27-81x zoom) Fix for Zeus compatibility. Work is mostly slow because zeroing the GL is going to be a pain, if I want the sights to remain aligned. I should know *how* to do it, its just going to be a lot of tedious guess-and-checking. Zeroings for the GP-25 are going to be the real-life 0m, 50m, 100m, 150m, 200m, 250m, 300m, 350m, 400m, and if I can get it to work, 350m, 300m, 250m, 200m, 150m, 100m as high-trajectory settings. The GP-25 is going to be attachable to any AK in my addon, including RPKs, unless someone can show me why the bulges on the front of an RPK reciever would make it impossible to mount to the RPK47, RPK74, and all AKszs. Things I have wishlisted for the next two updates (not necessarily in order, and probably too much for me to finish in that time): I hope I don't whet everyone's appetite too much, I doubt I'll be able to finish -everything- on that list ;) Screenshots removed
  15. kaelies


    I can't say for sure how thermal optics work, but I would imagine that they do so by taking whatever portion of (infrared?) light that we can't see and is emitted by hot objects, then using that information to display an image on a computer screen; thus the energy usage needed by a battery, and would simply show a black screen if there was no battery power. It would make sense that this is the reason why specifications for thermal scopes often have a resolution given. Realistic behaviour for a thermal sight, from what I understand and from what Sudden is saying about the Goshawk, is that there is a permanent thermal sight state with no normal-vision optic, similar to how the Goshawk was in Arma 2 (Both vanilla and with realism addons like ACE). The fact that the sight displays a normal, zoomed image initially is the bug he is referring to. --- By the way, great job with your addons, Sudden; I especially love the infantry uniforms in East vs West. As a potential suggestion, perhaps it would be neat if it were possible to have a compatibility addon which allows attachments from your AK-74ms, SVDs, etc, to work on your East vs West AK-74s?
  16. Some nice screenshots courtesy of FistoGames; Thank you! As usual, click on the image to see it in glorious full resolution and quality: Also one thanks to Valax! I think I meant to post this earlier but forgot about it :rolleyes: Removed a few links due to bandwidth issues, PM if you'd like to see any in particular
  17. @Kju Thanks for updating on Six! Would it be possible to have the language addon be uploaded as well as a sound mod dependent on the main addon, similar to the way in which @Ace_SM worked with @Ace during the days of Arma 2 and Six updater? @Foxhound Awesome, thanks for the continued support with having my addon, as well as all the others, updated on your website! Hey, unfortunately this is a default Arma engine bug due to how hiddenselectionstextures are implemented on weapons that are on the ground (or rather, that they aren't). One method of fixing it would be to have an individual model for each and every gun, but this would bloat the addon size to something unacceptable for me. I did have another idea, but it will take a long time to implement and you probably won't see it soon. Hey, I double-checked the language addon I have uploaded and it seems to work fine. Can you make sure to update the language addon to BETA 0.2? Sure, I'll see what I can do about adding them within the next three updates or so. From my understanding it will be a little difficult since I will need to adjust the aiming manually. Will be adding rifle grenades in the same update that I do this, by the way. I'll try to get the next update to have a PKM as well. However, I won't be able to do an update this weekend.
  18. @Thani'82: Unfortunately, with the huge amount of variants already present it would be a bit much to add a separate version for having the mask up/down. However, I will look into having an action menu command, if and when I start to require CBA for other features. In the meanwhile, you can use the following code on a unit to have it use the maskless version of its helmet/hat, if one exists: this addheadgear format["%1_nomask",headgear this]; ----- Version 0.3.1 is now out! A link is available on the first page for the updated addon, including an updated language addon. Now featuring Russian army units (infantry only for now. Use CDF variant vehicles to have the old Russian camouflage), available in Flora camouflage. Also has VDV variants in SKOL camo, complete with VDV berets and patch for VDV-GRU. Furthermore, I have set up a compatibility addon for using Suddens' Russian scopes, it is available in the "optional" folder of this addon. A new camouflage variant is also available for the South Zagorian units, meant to be very effective in the grasslands of Stratis and Altis. This release was a tad bit rushed, so these new units are incompatible with Zeus and may not be compatible with ALiVE until my next patch. Hopefully they are enjoyable anyways!
  19. @Fisto I cannot upload the language patch since I want it to stay separate, at least for now. I will try to send updates through to Six in the future, however. @Kaxii SKS would be a pretty cool addition, as would be something like the SVT-40. Unfortunately, since there is no BIS model for them, I would either need to model the entire gun myself, or have someone provide me with a model to use, which I could modify to fit the style of the guns included in the rest of the addon; therefore, it may be a while before either gets added.
  20. In regards to Alwarren's ideas regarding magazine animations, I think it would be nice if the magazine was a proxy on the model, which would then be hidden when reloading the gun and at the same time appear as a proxy on the animated character. At the same time, setting up these proxies would mean that we could have different magazines per the same weapon, and the proxy models could be used so that each dropped magazine has its own model on the ground. Also, in regards to reloading various muzzles; we already have such a method for zeroing, through the animation sources zeroing1 and zeroing2; why not extend this to reloading1 and reloading2? Furthermore, perhaps it would be even better to allow selection of the anim source in the config of the magazine itself, so that it would be possible for a weapon like the m249 to have different animations based on being reloaded with a 30-round STANAG magazine, or a 100 round belt. One last request: Could we have a manner of playing animations on the weapon through scripts? I would love to be able to animate something like a magazine-check, deploying a bipod, or topping-off the magazine on a weapon like the Mosin or SVT-40, through a script.
  21. Hey everyone, Been working on getting the ArmA 2 radio protocols to work here in ArmA 3, I think I've gotten far enough to do a public beta. While I'm unable to test extremely extensively, I do believe that all obvious bugs are gone, but I could of course be wrong. Currently it only changes CDF voices to Czech, and South Zagorian voices to Russian. Takistani voices are planned for later. This module is released on it's own, but is reliant on the main addon to do anything. It is released under the APL-SA license, as it uses data from ArmA 2 work which has been released under the same. Full details may be found inside the downloaded archive. <Old DL Link, check first post> It's a pretty big addition at 130MB, has a seperate license, and I probably won't be updating it much after I get it working, so I'll be keeping it as a separate download for the foreseeable future. Feel free to also use the radio protocols added by this in your own addons. To do this, there is an "identityTypes[]" parameter for infantry units, just set the first value to either "Kae_LanguageRU" or "Kae_LanguageCZ". Example: class kae_SZ_soldier_Base: SoldierGB { identityTypes[] = {"Kae_LanguageRU","Head_Euro","Kae_Glasses_SZ"}; }; Current Bugs: Takistani Units do not properly have their language There is no variation of voices for Stealth or Combat modes. Detailed Compass Degree bearings are replaced with North, NW, etc, for voiceovers. The cfgPatches name is incorrect, which means there is an error in the .rpt file, and also that using this breaks Zeus Compatibility with the infantry units of my addon.
  22. @Foxhound, Excellent, thanks for updating! Good to see all the screenshots up at once, too. @Sonsalt6, Thanks for hosting on WithSix! This should definitely be possible, though I think I would like to implement my own service menu for the challenge and the greater degree of control it would give me. My understanding from what I've looked at so far is that it should allow you to select which weapon is carried by each hardpoint on a wing, as well as what is type of ammunition is loaded into the main cannon, while near an ammo truck, with an easy means of selection; this is something I can certainly implement. @Valax Awesome, many thanks! It's configured such that if you add the addon classnames to the Zeus modules, all units that should show up, will show up. There's a potential issue where this might not happen because of how the addon is made, maybe I'm making too big of a deal over it though :p @supergruntsb78 Thanks, hope you enjoy it when you get around to taking a look
  23. Update to 0.3.0: Now with Hinds! (Click screenshots for full resolution and quality) Added the Mi-24p, Mi-24v, Mi-24vp variants of the Hind, (30mm fixed cannon, 12.7mm flexible gatling gun, 23mm flexible cannon, respectively). These can accept a remarkable amount of armaments including the S5 57mm rockets, S8 80mm rockets (including thermobaric variants), FAB-250 bombs, Ataka-V ATGMs (including thermobaric variants), Shturm ATGMs (including thermobaric variants), Falanga ATGMs, R-73 anti-aircraft missile, strela anti-aircraft missile, and Igla anti-aircraft missile. By default, only the S5 and S8 rockets will be available to the pilot, although on the -24p variants the 30mm cannon and any anti-aircraft missiles will also be usable. The crafty designers at South Zagorian Arms Inc. have added rear-view mirrors to the Mi-24, in a configuration not too far from the real thing; these should help with landing when playing in first-person. And, that crosshair isn't just painted onto the glass anymore; it now properly works as a collimator sight (i.e, red dot sight or holographic sight)! Some nice screenshots: <Old links, sorry :(> Of course, where there are helicopters, you have AA: Introducing the Igla AA launcher for the South Zagorian forces, as well as the Strela-2 for Takistani and CDF forces. All of these additions are fully compatible with Arma 3 Zeus (Now available on Dev Branch), with the exception of story units which are not intended to be. This update also brings a small amount of infantry additions such as new rifles and ammo boxes, full details are on the first page. The next update will be involving infantry additions and adjustments, let me know of any suggestions. And if you're thirsty for some foreshadowing, well here you are. See the first page for download link and more information, including Classlist, Changelog, and more screenshots! EDIT: Accidentally uploaded an older version of one of the files, should be fixed now. Hopefully not too many people will need to redownload!
  24. Whew, I'm a little surprised myself at how many different objects there are... Sure thing, added the classlist to the main page, AKMS will be added in next update. I'm afraid I can't see what the bug is, you will have to upload the screenshot to some other website besides gmail for me to see. In terms of new weapons, I can add a few of those others later on, AKMS can be added in next update, AKS-74u is already in the game. SVD would be added later along with snipers and such, and PKM will be a bit. GP-25 is also going to be a while, as it seems like it will be rather difficult to zero the sights properly, plus I want to roll out rifle grenades for the South Zagorians at the same time. While I'd love to have the bipods be animated when resting them and/or when the player is prone, but I don't think there's a simple way to do it without scripting. --------- I'm currently working on the base Mi-24 and getting the textures and model working in ArmA 3, as well as modifying the RVMats slightly. It's mostly just time-consuming, and I hope to be able to get the Mi-24 working within the next two weeks at absolute most. Also, thanks to LAxemann's great work with sounds, reloading will sound far more natural too, with this next update!
  25. Version 0.2.3 is out! Been a bit too busy to include vehicles this week, but I did throw in a bunch of things that were requested as far as infantry goes, including pistol holsters (both belt and chest), officers, ushankas, and a bunch of other things. I also found out how to make animations, so there is now a custom reloading animation for all of the AKs! A full changelog is on the front page, as there's been a bunch of other tweaks. Video courtesy of Laxemann showcasing the new sounds he made for this addon: