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  1. spitfire007

    [SP/CO8] A 3 - Antistasi Altis.

    First of all. Best every AI map. Period ! I do have a minor problem though. I hope someone can help me here, it's a bit of an odd one. For some reason server membership will not turn on. Is this saved in the vars file ? I have tried starting the server and toggling it from off to on with no effect. Edit: I have just noticed that is says if I have a session with it disabled it will stay disabled. Is there anyway to turn it back on ?
  2. Hey all, Can someone please share the information on how to remove the stock campaign missions from the vote menu ? I assume I can just delete them from the \Addons directory but that will mean that I have to eliminate them every update ... correct ? Is there a better way to get rid of them and still allow players to vote for the maps ?
  3. I have 2 copies of A3 Supporters edition but can't install apex. The checkbox in DLC is ticked. (Arma3 Propertys/DLC) But state is showing "Not installed" ??
  4. spitfire007

    Sector Module Scripting

    Thank you ! Question though. How did you find these ? LocationArea_F SideBLUFOR_F etc.
  5. spitfire007

    Sector Module Scripting

    Would love to see this answered too.
  6. Normally when I code I start a dedicated server and run on that with -showerrors on the startup line. Is there a way to show errors in the editor for scripts you call ? Say in init.sqf for example ?
  7. Yup... tried without the height position. Still the same. The radius was in the first example. _array = nearestObjects [[9935.46,7890.57,122.289], ["Land_wpp_Turbine_V1_F"], 50]; Your interest is appreciated ! More testing. It's probably something really simple !! ---------- Post added at 04:55 ---------- Previous post was at 04:43 ---------- I am an idiot. Wrong classname. Land_wpp_Turbine_V2_F is the NON camo version NOT V1..... Going blind.
  8. Thank you for replying and for the tips. Particularly I understand the need to not put it in a waituntil but it should still work right ? Even if it is a waste of cpu/engine power ? The example you gave not work though. I am just tying this in the editor with only that code so it's not a sleep issue. The position is accurate (Altis) because I just tried this. _markerstr = createMarker ["Wind Turbine",[9935.46,7890.57]]; _markerstr setMarkerShape "ICON"; _markerstr setMarkerType "mil_end_noShadow"; waitUntil { _array = nearestObjects [[9935.46,7890.57,122.289], ["Land_wpp_Turbine_V1_F"], 50]; if (count _array == 0) then { hint "array is empty" }; }; hint "Destroyed." It is returning "array is empty" which indicates that this particular turbine is not in the array. FYI there are 2 types of turbine classes .. this is the "non" camo variant (ie: correct class) .. so I am a little puzzled. Looking in the editor the height is 122m so that is correct too. edit: I just tried this. _array = nearestObjects [player, [], 50] It did not return empty. Perhaps it's the class ? Strange.
  9. Thanks for looking at this KK.. much appreciated. I have now learnt about alive. ---------- Post added at 03:26 ---------- Previous post was at 02:08 ---------- I have put the detection line in a waitUntil to see if I can detect when the event occurs. Still can't get it to detect for some reason. Tried the following. _result = true; waitUntil { _result = (!alive nearestObject [[9935.46,7890.57,122.289], "Land_wpp_Turbine_V1_F"]); }; hint "Destroyed." thinking it might be scope. I tried. result = true; waitUntil { result = (!alive nearestObject [[9935.46,7890.57,122.289], "Land_wpp_Turbine_V1_F"]); }; hint "Destroyed." Make it simple. waitUntil { !alive nearestObject [[9935.46,7890.57,122.289], "Land_wpp_Turbine_V1_F"] }; hint "Destroyed." All show the hint. My code knowledge is limiting me and, I am still kind of stuck here unfortunately. I see on other threads that people use triggers. Is that the only way I can do it ?
  10. I am trying to see if an object exists and return true if it does not. Once I have blown up the turbine it should return true. Here is what I have ... The position is an array. _result = { isNull nearestObject [_position, "Land_wpp_Turbine_V1_F"];}; This should return true if there is no Land_wpp_Turbine_V1_F within 50m of the position correct ?
  11. spitfire007

    CH View Distance Script

    Thanks for the update ! ... much appreciated.
  12. spitfire007

    SQF Encryptor

    I don't believe you have to. From the file.
  13. spitfire007

    CH View Distance Script

    Do you have -showerrors on in your connecting client ?
  14. spitfire007

    CH View Distance Script

    Thanks for the addon it's very nicely done ! Unfortunately since the 1.44 update this is now causing script errors.
  15. There is no server key on armaholics. The link is there but you can't download it. Has someone got it ? I have given armaholics a prod.