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  1. spitfire007

    co10 Escape

    @PatPgtips Hey thanks very much for taking the time to reply. I see that you have to edit the pbo for these settings to stick on restart right ? Is there a way to tone down the AI ? I have set them to cadet so that should be the way to go right ?
  2. spitfire007

    co10 Escape

    Loving this mission and been a few years since I have played. Not sure how to make wartorn "stick" though restarts though. It says look in the readme.txt but can see nothing ?
  3. spitfire007

    [SP/CO8] A 3 - Antistasi Altis.

    First of all. Best every AI map. Period ! I do have a minor problem though. I hope someone can help me here, it's a bit of an odd one. For some reason server membership will not turn on. Is this saved in the vars file ? I have tried starting the server and toggling it from off to on with no effect. Edit: I have just noticed that is says if I have a session with it disabled it will stay disabled. Is there anyway to turn it back on ?
  4. Hey all, Can someone please share the information on how to remove the stock campaign missions from the vote menu ? I assume I can just delete them from the \Addons directory but that will mean that I have to eliminate them every update ... correct ? Is there a better way to get rid of them and still allow players to vote for the maps ?
  5. I have 2 copies of A3 Supporters edition but can't install apex. The checkbox in DLC is ticked. (Arma3 Propertys/DLC) But state is showing "Not installed" ??
  6. spitfire007

    Sector Module Scripting

    Thank you ! Question though. How did you find these ? LocationArea_F SideBLUFOR_F etc.
  7. spitfire007

    Sector Module Scripting

    Would love to see this answered too.
  8. Normally when I code I start a dedicated server and run on that with -showerrors on the startup line. Is there a way to show errors in the editor for scripts you call ? Say in init.sqf for example ?
  9. Yup... tried without the height position. Still the same. The radius was in the first example. _array = nearestObjects [[9935.46,7890.57,122.289], ["Land_wpp_Turbine_V1_F"], 50]; Your interest is appreciated ! More testing. It's probably something really simple !! ---------- Post added at 04:55 ---------- Previous post was at 04:43 ---------- I am an idiot. Wrong classname. Land_wpp_Turbine_V2_F is the NON camo version NOT V1..... Going blind.
  10. Thank you for replying and for the tips. Particularly I understand the need to not put it in a waituntil but it should still work right ? Even if it is a waste of cpu/engine power ? The example you gave not work though. I am just tying this in the editor with only that code so it's not a sleep issue. The position is accurate (Altis) because I just tried this. _markerstr = createMarker ["Wind Turbine",[9935.46,7890.57]]; _markerstr setMarkerShape "ICON"; _markerstr setMarkerType "mil_end_noShadow"; waitUntil { _array = nearestObjects [[9935.46,7890.57,122.289], ["Land_wpp_Turbine_V1_F"], 50]; if (count _array == 0) then { hint "array is empty" }; }; hint "Destroyed." It is returning "array is empty" which indicates that this particular turbine is not in the array. FYI there are 2 types of turbine classes .. this is the "non" camo variant (ie: correct class) .. so I am a little puzzled. Looking in the editor the height is 122m so that is correct too. edit: I just tried this. _array = nearestObjects [player, [], 50] It did not return empty. Perhaps it's the class ? Strange.
  11. Thanks for looking at this KK.. much appreciated. I have now learnt about alive. ---------- Post added at 03:26 ---------- Previous post was at 02:08 ---------- I have put the detection line in a waitUntil to see if I can detect when the event occurs. Still can't get it to detect for some reason. Tried the following. _result = true; waitUntil { _result = (!alive nearestObject [[9935.46,7890.57,122.289], "Land_wpp_Turbine_V1_F"]); }; hint "Destroyed." thinking it might be scope. I tried. result = true; waitUntil { result = (!alive nearestObject [[9935.46,7890.57,122.289], "Land_wpp_Turbine_V1_F"]); }; hint "Destroyed." Make it simple. waitUntil { !alive nearestObject [[9935.46,7890.57,122.289], "Land_wpp_Turbine_V1_F"] }; hint "Destroyed." All show the hint. My code knowledge is limiting me and, I am still kind of stuck here unfortunately. I see on other threads that people use triggers. Is that the only way I can do it ?
  12. I am trying to see if an object exists and return true if it does not. Once I have blown up the turbine it should return true. Here is what I have ... The position is an array. _result = { isNull nearestObject [_position, "Land_wpp_Turbine_V1_F"];}; This should return true if there is no Land_wpp_Turbine_V1_F within 50m of the position correct ?
  13. spitfire007

    CH View Distance Script

    Thanks for the update ! ... much appreciated.
  14. spitfire007

    SQF Encryptor

    I don't believe you have to. From the file.
  15. spitfire007

    CH View Distance Script

    Do you have -showerrors on in your connecting client ?