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  1. postalsam

    How to aim GBUs in all CAS aircraft

    I just fly above my target and dive bomb them, works every time
  2. Thanks for compiling this Kju, saved me the effort of doing it
  3. I'll be seeding in half an hour at around 2.5mbps to 3.5mbps, hopefully someone will be able to connect and get this a little quicker that I did EDIT: I've just started the mod up and see the maps from ACR Addon, thanks kju I've been wanting these in A3 for ages
  4. Cheers for getting back to me, now I'm gonna go drive around an check this out :)
  5. I'm probably being pretty dumb, but is there a way of getting this to work without having to do anything script wise... E.G. Just putting in a module in the editor, I've been looking through few discussions and it's just people sharing their scripts which is cool, but gives me a headache trying to work out
  6. postalsam

    Game not launching

    I'm just downloading now, if I have the same issue I'll work my ass off to find a fix and I'll start a thread or something if I work it out
  7. ---------- Post added at 23:40 ---------- Previous post was at 23:40 ---------- I think it has something to do with the latest update on the development branch, I'm rolling back now to see if it fixes the issue ---------- Post added at 23:57 ---------- Previous post was at 23:40 ---------- Ok I rolled back from the dev branch to the regular branch and I'm getting 0 errors now, so that's what the problem is
  8. postalsam

    No ARMA 3 Servers

    If you're using the development branch, roll back, fixed issues I was having with mods with the latest build, might be the issue if thats the case
  9. postalsam

    No ARMA 3 Servers

    Change the filters so there's no max ping etc and they might appear
  10. I agree, I bought multiple copies of Arma 2 and the expansions, and probably will with Arma 3, not for myself, but to share the awesomeness with my pals
  11. Probably not the best game to be making this mission on
  12. I have a fairly decent rig that had issues with Arma 2 mainly because of the heavy CPU load but now it seems to use my GPU a lot more and I'm really impressed, I also cranked everything up to "Ultra" and even set the view distance to 12km and got around 30-40 fps, if I tone it down to like 10km I get solid 60. Another thing I like is the possibility to transfer maps from Arma 2 into the new engine, I'm still working on getting them to work but when I tried Taviana it loaded fine but was missing the objects that are used from Chernarus, which means once myself or someone works out what exactly needs to be done to transfer over maps properly, we would basically have more maps and content to use in the alpha unless more is added in future patches, which would also be a plus. I am really enjoying the alpha... Keep up the good work BIS