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  1. New AT launchers have some bug with rockets on high distance of fly. On distance over 2+ km rocket change random direction from target.
  2. grafon

    Distorted textures over a distance

    NP, we just saw that problem on our server and tried fix it.
  3. grafon

    Distorted textures over a distance

    If you set Ultra settings this parametr will be only 6.25. Max quality of view will be only with parameter terrainGrid= 3.25. This setting should be locked by server on client for all players, cause your local settings are no have priority for server, every time it will be changed by server. And if server no have settings of terrain quality it will how u see on your screenshot.
  4. grafon

    Distorted textures over a distance

    U can try change some settings in your arma 3 profile in X:\Users\*your profile name*\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\*your profile* in file *your profile name*.Arma3Profile . You should open it with some text editor, find line with parameters terrainGrid and set value 3.25, after it on high distance you will see all objects, and textures of ground and now-fly rocks. But it works only with single, in multipleer this param locked by server settings.