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  1. Oh yes. If ARMA 4 doesnt have a totally new engine, built from the start i dont think ill be getting it soon. There are so many problems with the ARMA games that are just incredible they havent been fixed. I love the games, but i couldnt take the terrible FPS of A3 anymore and uninstalled it. Thinking of going back to A2 though.
  2. Pretty much why i have stopped playing. This is not playable at all, and if Project-Reality was still running on A2 i would uninstall A3 in a heartbeat (Saw it posted earlier. I waited pretty much all the time for Tactical battlefield since A3 release. Barely played it because i get absolutely terrible FPS on it)
  3. The problem with this, and many other things with ArmA, is that it isnt seamless. Here its easy to see its a scripted animation, because of the reset stance and all, and this would be the case if it was implemented as well. Atleast in stances and position. I see this everywhere.
  4. If i could run ARMA 3 better than 10-20 FPS i would probably get some better headsets
  5. Nexerius

    Worth getting ArmA2?

    I miss playing ARMA 2 on PR servers. I barely touch ARMA 3 nowadays. I never find a server that has good performance and most of the servers i find are unenjoyable anyways. I think it would be worth it.
  6. Nexerius

    Arma 3 As an E-Sport

    So people want ARMA 3 to become small-scaled? Im not very happy what E-sports are doing to gaming, and seeing this isnt very nice. Im alright if theres a small scene for it, but i still want ARMA to be ARMA; which is big scale combat.
  7. Nexerius

    Marksmens and Helicopters is free ?

    Doesn't matter for me anyways! :) I would expect it to be free if all they brought was overhauls and a few new weapons though
  8. Nexerius

    Fix the animations - bring the game to life

    Some of those were good, it could have worked if it only worked on infantry with very light equipment, else it seemed a bit too much at times. But thats something i dont like about arma, and that is that i feel Infantry is too attached to the world, and every animation stops you up and then plays.
  9. Nexerius

    Arma 3: concerns with latent issues

    My only real problem with ArmA 3 is the extremely low performance. I dont really play it anymore because its so terrible for me now.Ill just have to wait, and hope that we will see a performance patch or something in the future.
  10. Nexerius

    Fix the animations - bring the game to life

    I cant really enjoy the animations at all. Maybe only if i play single player. On multiplayer i mostly get <25 FPS, so it looks pretty horrible for me. Animations does look good most of the time when i have a decent, stable FPS. If not, it looks very bad.
  11. Nexerius

    Is Arma 3's AI so unusually accurate? I don't think so

    Its kinda always been a problem, as earlier i fooled around in the editor, and still noticed how incredibly accurate the AI really are. If i moved around, they could barely hit me, but as soon as i stood still they got in a few shots. Maybe a bit unrelated, but wouldnt it be better if the devs rolled back the armor update? Most of the time it seems to be really bad and not really working, so it would probably be best to roll it back until the update comes out to fix it.
  12. Nexerius

    Altis map - planned changes

    I agree with the Altis settlements. They look more like test cities to blow up with a bomb or something. They are so empty and "lifeless". Its like there never were any people.
  13. Nexerius

    proper bulletholes

    I've never even noticed any bulletholes
  14. Nexerius

    No women at all

    The thing is there are many more things that are MUCH more important than getting female models in the game. The soldiers themselves doesnt count, Its the experience. I really dont see why we need models.
  15. Hopefully it is also a 3D editor. There would be no excuse not. Anyways, why is it called a DLC? Wont it just be updated like normal? And its free..