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  1. Just take a look at Battlefield 4 !!! they are more ahead than you, just take a look at their explosions, maps (scenes), driving (hands on the wheel, changing gear),... don't leave ArmA here... improve it a lot more
  2. When looking straight at a light source around of it should appear darker
  3. Have an Idea: for controlling speed when in vehicles or for doing something that joysticks and rudders do ==> be able to hold a key (for example CTRL) and then scroll the Mouse Wheel. Please add this feature to ArmA 3 !
  4. I like to see some 1st person visual effects (for example for reflecting lights) for people whom are wearing glasses - Just like BF3
  5. ==> Please contain more features of VBS2. ==> and: I think when someone goes prone and his weapon is on bipod his stance should be like the old prone stance that was in ArmA 2 not like the new stance that is in ArmA 3. *** EDIT *** ==> Please use TressFX for Hair & Clothes Simulations!
  6. You mean that ArmA 3 doesn't contain VBS2 ?!!!
  7. WoW! do you mean we can customize camos too?
  8. Well, it started by Flashpoint RedRiver, they putted our country in the game as a very very bad enemy. after that Battlefield 3 putted our country in the game, in that game Iranian soldiers weren't like Iranian people, they insulted too much. The Iranian Government forbid the game battlefield 3 for that! And after that is Splinter-Cell Blacklist and after that will be ArmA 3. We like to have our country in games but if they put us in a justly position. Iranian people aren't wild (like that Battlefield 3 showed). Most of the times showing our country as the enemy has a universal purpose, they don't just put our country in the games for people to have fun, there is some pressure from US/ISRAEL that makes studios put our country (often for politics) in the games as a wild enemy. They want everybody to get scared from something that they call "Iranian nuclear program". But in this game (ArmA 3) as they told this game isn't political, we love to see our country in! :D
  9. Sorry if this was mentioned before, but I had a look on some of the ArmA 3 official pictures and I saw this and asked myself: --- Is this confirmed that the vehicles are customizable? I mean can you customize any vehicle and for example change/put MG on top of it?
  10. ==> Please add better and more crowded pants (like US armey) for Iranian team/OpFor *** EDIT *** ==> Please add DOUBLE and TRIBLE kill to the game (at least for the sniper rifles) ==> When the player is playing for a long time, his soldier's clothes and weapons or his vehicle should take dirt. ==> Grenades and Smokes should include PhysicX (they should roll on the ground) ==> Cars and every vehicle should take damage (instead of dirt) too, at least some damage like GTA series. ==> It's somehow unrealistic when you're in a plane or helicopter and flying but the soldiers in the cockpit don't get influenced by the aircraft movements, I mean they should lean left/right, bend their back, etc. and also when in land vehicles it's so unrealistic too, they should lean left/right on every direction changing or bend their back when taking break. ==> Customizing things like short sleeves, middle sleeves, full sleeves for the soldier.
  11. SepSol

    Arma 3 plans for 2013

    WoooW! Awsome! But one question, how many serial keys is going to sell with each version?
  12. I'm sorry for several posts that I made... so thanks to moderators I deleted my last post and I will try to collect all of my wishes in ONE post, down here: ==> When an explode is near the player, his ears should take effect. (for example: boooom... I can't hear anything!) [just like Battlefield 3] ==> I think there should be an option to sit on top of APCs and other vehicles and use them as transporter to navigate around. ==> When Periscope comes out of the water it should make tiny waves around it (I mean periscope and anything else) ==> When a soldier moves into trees the leaves should wave a little (tree or anything that has leaves) [i think it is also a good idea for the grasses] ==> The ability to shoot the lights. ==> Please add animations for going upstairs and downstairs in the buildings. ==> Please add Anti-Thermal Clothes/Outfits. ==> Falling/Jumping down from a distance needs animations (rather depend on distance) ==> When people/soldiers are resting (specially in camp MaxWell and villages) they shouldn't look at each other or wait for someone. they should some sort of talk to each other. (like the first mission in MW2) there should be some fake voices showing them talking. ==> Also work on faces (again my example is ModernWarfare series), soldiers face should get angry or focused when aiming down or some sort of sad when wounded and etc. [face animations should be available for AI/Soldiers/People] ==> And it's also cool to have: Dynamic adding as background to the each sent radio message all really audible at the moment on sender's position sounds, if loud enough, as would be in real (shots, vehicles, shouts, environmental...). *** NEW STANCES *** ==> While in prone there should be three stances like crouch: ---Pop up and look over the grasses instead of switching to 3rd person (can't fire & move in this position) ---Normal prone ---New stealth stance: Keep head between two hands, keep body as close as possible to the ground and hide yourself (can't fire & move in this position) [3rd stance is useful for snipers or for the situations when enemy is very close, even in campaign] ==> New stances in vehicles for having better view of outside: ---In choppers/planes players bend their back and look around instead of default stance for having better view of downside of the bird. ---In cars/underwater vehicles/tanks/etc. players sit straight and look around instead of default stance for having better view of ground and wheels. *** FACE OPTIONS *** ==> I think when customizing personal character, there should be the following options for faces there: ---Normal face-make-up for male/female soldiers ---Military face-make-up for male/female soldiers ---Having face-masks (like GHOST in Call of Duty) ---Adding scratches to faces ---Choosing each part of the face-hairs separately That's it for now! *** EDIT *** ==> Add animations for looking at GPS/map, watch, compass. (I think it would be great to have equipments like MW3 on hands, that has all the things a player wants on hands so he can easily look at his arms and get the info/watch/GPS/compass. And also when looking at map-not GPS- the soldier/player should take a tablet in his hands. IT'S 20 YEARS LATER, THERE SHOULD BE MORE TECHNOLOGY!)
  13. I found something that could be useful, in forums (thanks to Ezcoo): Please record many versions of numbers/words (start - in middle of - end of series and do the same with different moods, like "scared", "calm/whispered", "wounded", "Shouting" etc.). Relatively small work but increases the immersion greatly, when the bots reciting numbers/words don't sound like machine voice. ---------- Post added at 22:31 ---------- Previous post was at 22:12 ---------- And also add some RANDOM parts for orders, for example: -using o'clock - directions(north etc.) -using names, numbers, infantry degrees etc. ---------- Post added at 22:39 ---------- Previous post was at 22:31 ---------- Please let players have their OWN names in EVERY part of game(like multiplayer etc.) ---------- Post added at 22:43 ---------- Previous post was at 22:39 ---------- Please record MANY MANY surnames, nicknames, ranks and special cases.
  14. Please add more Outfits & Como & Armor for Iranian soldiers, as there are many Iranians who like to play this game as Iranian!
  15. Auto Speech also for: reloading killed enemy spotted enemy wound etc (I think during the game, computer/AI should report automatically in some situations without disturbing the player. I call it "Auto Speech")
  16. I think when doing "Prone Sprint" the character should run on his four hand and foot.
  17. Please add "Quantum Stealth" to the game! I think it would be so exiting to have that in game.
  18. -Dirt: players, vehicles etc should look clean at first but when they come to game, they should get more dirty -Facial Hair: Let the players choose the face and then pick their own custom facial hair *choose each part of facial hair instantly* -Fragmachine is right, there should be more and more random walking specially for Civilians. -the orders should be given via head, not via where the gun is aiming/targeting. the players should be able to order their team to move left while their aiming forward. -PC players should use different stances, walking speeds, and customized weapons to give the game more feeling. and they should take more cover and move around less. ---------- Post added at 14:19 ---------- Previous post was at 13:48 ---------- -Slower Underwater movement (specially in first-person) -animations for turning quickly to sides, stopping quickly after running, running quickly from stop, falling from a distance*measure the height* etc. -sound effects for hurting, damage and accidents. -more realistic damage on soldiers, civilians, cars, helicopters, planes etc. -and work on Full-Moon-Nights & Day-Underwater colors, there should be darker colors instead of fresh and happy colors. Totally work on colors to make them more realistic instead of happy-fresh colors.
  19. -The game really needs natural vehicle etc crashes.
  20. NEWER iDeas!!! -Grnades and Smokes should roll on the ground -smokes should damage the player eyes -When wanna command MoveThere, it shouldn't be like that that you can only command via your gun, you should be able to command even when moving your head to a place that you want your squad to move! (I said MoveThere for example, but there are lots of commands like that)
  21. sorry but newer ideas! -I always though of something like AutoSpeech, for example when you kill an enemy instead of going to menus and select the ScratchOne, It's not bad that the computer says it by himself and etc. actually it's not bad that the computer will report important stuff by players'. -MoveEyes: when two players are sitting in a vehicle, for example a helicopter and they try to look at together, it's almost awful because they're heads is in right place but they're eyes is not moving; so I though it would be great if you work on eyes to just look at important stuff in each scene. -Don't let the players to remove the grasses completely, maybe someone is hidden in the grasses. please work on visibility of people whom is hidden by grasses! -Work on faces, even animals' faces. when somebody is aiming, his face should show that he's aiming. and when firing, it should shows that he's angry and etc. -Breach doors and open/close doors and also sounds for doors. -Deeper, darker, and less depth of field for UNDERWATER world would be great!
  22. Sorry for the long list, but the game needs it. This is it for now, I will add more through this post or another post! The (+) marks means that I pay more attention to those details. +The ability of changing speed via mouse wheel (include cars, soldiers, bikes, etc...) +better drive on bikes +better walk when no gun or having pistol (even better than right now) -better shotgun firing (include muzzle flash and feeling of shotguns) +add knifing/melee option. knifing like the Battlefield 3 and melee like call of duty. +underwater: the lighting should be a little darker, depth of field should be less -add things like DayZ game. for example add changing outfit every single part of outfit and more. +add tattoo options for players to have them on their soldiers, and add tattoos on world, vehicles, and let people add more on guns. -add drag bodies option +improve stealth gameplay, pc players shouldn't detect player when he's on they're backside. +improve wild dogs animation, sound and graphics and add them to missions and let players have them (just like call of duty dogs) +improve speech and conversation between people -just improve the animals even a little bit +make the head turning Smooth in the game (for normal players and pc players) +add rope to helicopters so they can drop down soldiers with it (like call of duty series) +when a vehicle wrecks add: burning people sound/effect -a vehicle should carry damage and bullets before getting wreck +improve skin textures for animal and people, specially their face -give the game nice feelings by editing the player gaming camera on different situation (1st person+3rd person) +more options on making profile and character +when using supports such as UAV, give the character a tablet to hold and control supports with it -juggernaut outfit +++the ability to change clothes and select/customize them (while creating character/or in base/ or in briefing/or when spawning), I mean the under armor clothes. for example: the ability to have sniper outfit on any soldier or don't have sniper outfit on snipers OR the ability to wear T-Shirts (with tattoos that player before selected on his arm) under the armor. +graphics and new textures for wet clothes -better spawning in multiplayer (don't spawn wrecks and dead people!) -at least have 5 weapons/vehicles in each category/section (1 sniper rifle is not enough!) -default diving stance needs improvements -better close fighting: melee// switch to side arm faster +nights in jungles and trees should have scary effects like: sounds of dogs and bears. -ability to edit smallest details right from mission editor +hide better on ground: do not be visible from distance or on low graphics -if possible, ability to climb trees and snipe from there -have machine guns and statics in some places of map (such as public places) +more stances while on prone: default // hide: put head between two hands and get the body more near to the ground so the body is almost not visible on the ground // die: act like a dead guy when wounded +improve the indoors fighting +objects in the battle, from the smallest to the biggest, objects should take damage and be thrown by bullets -give the civilians part in warfare +civilians can do many things while walking in towns, such as sitting on bench and reading OR working with their phones. +Please add focus when aiming down This part (the animations) is too important for me and I hope to see the improvements: -add animations for things like: -Mount/Dismount vehicles -open/close doors -Toggle night vision -resting (I know there's already resting, but MORE resting!) -landing from opened parachute on the surface -jumping from helicopter/plane in the sky -opening parachute -make animations for face of soldiers and players such as getting angry, aiming, and etc... -when enemy fires around players and soldiers (make them move and look around) -smoked people (by flashbang, and etc...): add animations and camera effects for them. and to avoid smoke add unti-smoke mask for players -enter and exit animation for statics -animations when looking at compass, map, and clock. It will make the multiplayer more realism. -spanning animation for guns (specially for sniper rifles and shotguns) ...and also improve animation for things like: -reloading (I know reloading is improved but in different stances it's a little bit awful) -pc players, they should move and play smoother -turning head -healing soldiers -changing outfit -getting wounded -falling from a height