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  1. Kaijev

    CO25 Invade and Annex Occupation Mash up

    Thanks, gonna give this a go with some others tonight. :)
  2. Kaijev


    Yea but "shit" rain is better than no rain. :)
  3. Kaijev

    a few head scratchers, if you please

    Except for the last line (and possibly the range-finder, I don't quite understand what you mean.. you can't use a compass while using a scope IRL lol), those would be bugs. The zeroing issue is already on the bug tracker (http://feedback.arma3.com/view_all_bug_page.php), but you might wanna add the ones that aren't there. The "marking enemies" in SP doesn't carry over into MP. BIS intend it to be that way - you rely on communication to work as a team, and a floating triangle above an enemies head (or whatever the shape is) kind of detracts from the atmosphere. If it's something you feel you need/would like to use though, you can always make/find a script that you and your friends can use for coop sessions. :)
  4. Kaijev

    Questions from a noobie =)

    Check your control setup. Thinks like night vision goggles (NVGs), binoculars, map, watch, compass, etc can be accessed by pressing N, B, M, O, K respectively. If you mean first aid kits (FAKS) and stuff, well they are context sensitive and you can only use them if you "need" to/are given an option to.
  5. Kaijev

    Did BI push an update?

    :0 definitely choosing to opt in when I get home!
  6. Kaijev

    Feedback from a good pc

    Quite a few people have already mentioned the same thing. :) And yea, I have a HD7850 which handles SP pretty well (apart from the same things as everyone else - helicopters, lots of vehicles, some villages, etc), but the game occasionally fails spectacularly to maintain FPS. The GPU and CPU aren't fully utilized yet and changing graphic settings won't achieve much at the moment 'cos the game isn't optimized properly (yet). I do also hope they sort that out sooner rather than later though!
  7. Honestly, I don't know if anyone else has practiced attacking a fortified beach front with boats, but it'd be REALLY handy to be able to, as a diver, immediately dive from the boat into the water. Like how divers actually fall backwards into the water off the side of the boat, it'd be much nicer to AVOID GETTING SHOT while disembarking from the boat under heavy fire - that few moments where you're stuck at the surface leads to some nasty accurate fire on your face. Also it'd be much smoother to transition from boat to underwater tactics when you're doing other things that require stealth or whatever. It could be a simple extra option like "dive" or something beneath "eject" and "get out"
  8. Kaijev

    Organized Alpha Coop

    Lol no worries mate, I was just poking fun. :P Yea I'm up for trying multiplayer with whoever when I get a free moment, but as it's the start of the new Uni year I'll probably have limited time for a while getting on top of things. :) If the server browser is working and there are pub games up and running, I'll be more likely to join those for a while as opposed to planned/serious missions, just because it'll be easier on the time management for now. On the topic of playing with people in Europe, I'm curious to see how the game will handle the latency issues with such long distances. It was more an issue of desync rather than ping with A2, so hopefully it stays the same! :)
  9. I could be wrong, but I believe they said somewhere in one of these threads that for the start of Alpha they want us to be testing ground units and combat, and so they won't be including aircraft at the moment. Not sure about the submersible or boats 'cos that wasn't mentioned, but they're not "ground" per se.. hopefully a dev or someone with a link can come along and give a better answer shortly. :) (I'm utter garbage with the search function, and I couldn't find shit beyond the "8 vehicles" thing on the arma3.com site)
  10. Holy shit, it's (main island) about double the size in landmass.
  11. Kaijev

    Organized Alpha Coop

    Sounds like it'd be cool! ..alas I am Australian, and we are incapable of having or making friends.
  12. That'd be pretty awesome! Could be based on the model used in the first successful flight from back in 2008 over the English channel. :) It occurs to me you probably mean a UAV type thing, but this particular scene from the Simpsons came to mind. :P
  13. I'd actually love to see a medic type scenario/mod where you go into a dangerous zone and have to treat a VIP (like a government official or something) and then extract them under fire by chopper or Humvee or something to a triage unit. One of my goals this year is to learn coding a bit better in my spare time and hopefully attempt to get into making that sort of thing, just so I can do it myself and don't have to wait and see if someone else does it. :D Also I'd like to see a map that has a tunnel of some kind haha, like going through a mountain or something. I think that'd be pretty sweet. :)
  14. Kaijev

    Arma 3 plans for 2013

    YESSSS!! You beautiful, glorious motherfuckers have just made my week! :D I'll definitely be getting the DDE! I'd love to get the supporter ed. but I think I'll probably need the extra cash for University things since that starts again next week too.. :( Nice timing with that by the way. :P