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  1. Great work lads, sorry I did nothing for this release but I don't have apex Looks smashing
  2. It's foolish because there is no framework in the engine for trains, unless you are asking for a static model? "but instead of brushing this aside as some lame-ass crazy Idea" a crazy ass idea is exactly what it is, please tell me how I am supposed to config a train model to get it running on train tracks? next you will be asking for real time digging trenches under the map
  3. You're aware there are no trains in arma? How do you expect us to make a working train? foolish suggestion
  4. Got the ft17 driving but i need to split the tracks into a seperate texture
  5. As igu@na says this could have been a plane in the base game and it would have been perfect, great job
  6. skelig

    Faces of War [WW2]

    If you are considering desert campaign I started work on Italian tanks which I am happy to give you if they are of any use semovente italian tank destroyer L3 light tank
  7. skelig

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Really nice looking character models
  8. I'd like to remind everyone these vehicles you see here will be part of the first release and are available to download and play with now, sorry for the large images. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=30528- consider this the initial teaser release Included in the first release will most likely only have a german soldier to begin with, 10 or so guns, FT17 tank and these planes. I will let you know when I get the German unit in game as it is giving me a lot of trouble, I have contacted the person who made the model originally as I think he has since ported it to ArmA 3 and it would help greatly to have that version. once that is in game the guns are no problem to get working then a release will be close. I don't want to wait until I have 2 factions both equally armed etc to release, I want to release as soon as there is something playable that will not get boring in 5 minutes
  9. Got the FT-17 showing up in game and the turret working
  10. Anyone fancy a little bit of reading to help get the mod released? I have written configs for the FT-17 tank and a german and french soldier but I can't get them to show up in game, if someone would be interested in helping with the configs please pm me and I will send you a pastebin link and you can just scroll through it and tell me what to change if that's easier for you no obligations you don't have to stay working on the mod if you just have 5 minutes to look at a config that would help very much in other news all the vehicles featured in this mod http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=30528will be in our BLOT alpha release, as Eaglke made these models for our WW1 mod originally :) I plan to release the mod as an alpha as soon as I have a west and east solder with removeable uniform and the weapons are already in game
  11. Foolish to start a thread for this just wasting server space on something that will never happen don't you think?
  12. skelig

    Fokker dr.1

    planes look amazing in game
  13. skelig

    Fokker dr.1

    Nice one Eaglke :)
  14. You work so quickly :lol:
  15. Need help big time we've got all the mod folders and units and weapons set up but cant get uniform working in game and ft17 tank has an error in config i'm not sure about, but i've fixed the stretched track issue on it
  16. skelig

    [WIP] Black Powder mod

    I like your project, your work is very high quality, but is it possible to get bigger images? the pic of cannon is quite small cheers ;) also props for keeping the release content acheivable rather than the mods that start too ambitious with "we will have 10 factions, 100 ships and weapons" As for using bayonet and switching back to rifle, make it a rifle attatchment like side slot or muzzle slot then you can PROBABLY code it in to firemode the same way you do in model.cfg like in model.cfg you would have class muzzleflash_hide { type="hide"; source="hasSuppressor"; selection="zasleh"; minValue = 0.0; maxvalue = 0.25; hideValue = 0.01; }; where that would hide the muzzle flash if you have a muzzle attatchment, maybe you could code that config.cpp into a new firemode to add a new "attack" option like how a gun can be semi auto or full auto, only for stabbing Hope you can figure something out
  17. And it worked, for the most part :P M50 Ontos did big damage
  18. skelig

    Grob G 102 Astir

    Amazed at how quick you are putting plane mods out :D love the biplanes too
  19. Inactive atm but we will be back and will do it right this time :) I'm working on the unsung mod atm and i've learned plenty on how to manage and create a full conversion mod
  20. skelig

    Curtiss JN-4 Jenny

    Great work on the interior
  21. skelig

    Star Trek: Evolution

    really nice model