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  1. Mattar_Tharkari

    Ukraine General

    I can solve that. Would you like a date with one of the first ladies? Give me some time to arrange it, I need to compile a list and work out which official residence they are currently living in. Dress: tuxedo and crash helmet.
  2. Mattar_Tharkari

    Ukraine General

    I can guarantee you weren't kicked off police training due to corruption. You just aren't suitible for the role. Proof? Go and read the above to a stranger in the street. They will either: a) Run away b) Punch you about half way through c) Set themselves on fire like a Buddhist monk So how would you give evidence in court as a police office if the judge, jury and prosecution are reduced to self immolation every time?
  3. Mattar_Tharkari

    Ukraine General

    The whole issue is Stalinist ethnic cleansing within the territory of Ukraine. Previous posts of yours have contained blatant anti semitism, then you deny 3 separate holocausts, now we arrive at 'Tartars don't matter because they are muslim'. As you are an addon maker and member of the slavic union mafia on these forums I won't waste my time on a complaint as it's widely known you can do and say what you like here with full BIS support. I would just like to make it openly known that I find you your extremist, muddle headed nonsense disgusting.
  4. Mattar_Tharkari

    Does Czech Repoblic for Dictatorship rather then Democracy?

    Oh so it's a conspiracy, non Poles are posting on Polish forums to make the Communist Party era look bad. Let me guess, it's the Bilderberg group again? I agree with you that Poland is a mess, the Communist Party and socialist economic policies made it that way, yet you seem to think times were better then even though verifiable recorded history says the opposite. On a £50,000 mortgage I repay £306 per month. Assuming the interest rate stays the same, after 30 years I will have repaid £110,067 to cover the original sum. The trick is to save up and repay early although that is limited to £5000 per year, without penalty. So yes we all have problems but that is how things are. No organisation is going to lend you money for free, what would be the point? The interest rate quoted for your loan was actually very reasonable. Turning the clock back and denying an entire country basic human rights just so you can have a free house and borrow money at 0% interest (only for the system to bankrupt itself again) is rather a selfish attitude. Poland has problems because of it's socialist past and it's up to you to work yourself out of it. The socialist economy didn't work and that is why you are in your current situation. Yet you suggest repeating the socialist experiment again. I have met many Eastern European people in the UK and their lives are difficult, they blame past and present corruption and not one of them complains as much as you.
  5. Mattar_Tharkari

    Ukraine General

    Oops - multiple holocaust denier detected! Another classic from Vilas - overlooks 4.2million ish deaths. The Holocaust in Ukraine http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Holocaust_in_Ukraine Deportation of the Crimean Tatars http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deportation_of_the_Crimean_Tatars So you're telling us the Russian speaking population of present day Crimea sprouted naturally out of the ground when the Tartars were moved out? I suggest you take your own advice and perhaps do 5 mins of research (preferably not on Russia Today, those cuties with dodgy English are used to ensnare vulnerable men lol)
  6. Mattar_Tharkari

    Does Czech Repoblic for Dictatorship rather then Democracy?

    Rent too high or something, that's one of the most ridiculous things I have seen on these forums and there is hardcore competition? Most countries in Europe have some form of social housing, Poland doesn't because it's still recovering from the economic problems of your beloved communist era, You seem at odds even with the views of Polish people: Polish forums: http://www.polishforums.com/society-culture-38/social-housing-poland-68939/
  7. Mattar_Tharkari

    Ukraine General

    That is certainly possible. Stalin's ethnic cleansing is still paying off lol. Putin gets to expand the area under his control using 'Hitlers' logic. (See Sudetenland)
  8. Mattar_Tharkari

    North Korea General

    There are thousands of escapees, including former prison guards who all tell the same story. If you read about NK agent's who were captured during assassination attempts, they are totally brainwashed due to the absolute information control in the north. They have to drive them around in cars to show them the truth about South Korea to break the conditioning.
  9. Mattar_Tharkari

    Ukraine General

    Then been kidnapped and taken back by the FSB or mysteriously murdered.
  10. My toes curl about the safety of that! Rotors and tightly packed crowd after screwed up auto rotation wouldn't look good! It would be interesting to see the risk assessment. No doubt it relies on dual engine redundancy but even that fails on occasion when the tail rotor components break.
  11. Mattar_Tharkari

    Ukraine General

    Arrest warrant out for Yanukovych who has reportedly fled to the Crimea with it's 25,000 Russian troops. Should be interesting to see how this works out? Also interesting that many other officials implicated in criminal activity have fled to Russia. Why is it they seek sanctuary there?
  12. Mattar_Tharkari

    Ukraine General

    Yet more twisted nonsense, the primary motivation is they don't want another Russian sponsored dictatorship, particularly in Europe. The whole thing is about containing Putin and his empire building.
  13. Mattar_Tharkari

    Ukraine General

    Same old Kremlin smear campaign Spooky? It's getting old, only a small percentage support Yarosh and they will not have a significant role in the future Ukraine. Interesting interview from Arseniy Yatsenyuk, former foreign minister, 25/01/2014 http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/ukraine/10596968/As-Kiev-violence-escalates-opposition-leader-says-a-foreign-power-wants-to-divide-Ukraine.html Spooky, you realise you are standing on the wrong side of this new Berlin Wall?
  14. Mattar_Tharkari

    Ukraine General

    Oh ffs, that toilet! I could never take a dump in that. It's just not right.
  15. Mattar_Tharkari

    Does Czech Repoblic for Dictatorship rather then Democracy?

    @ scrim Stalin was a power hungry psychopath who pretended to be a good socialist working towards communist ideals whilst murdering millions through greed and paranoia. While the socialist state he ran functioned just well enough, Stalin himself and all the other leaders lived as royalty. Socialism and the hardship of working towards the communist utopia was for the ordinary people. So they are perfectly correct when they say Stalin wasn't a communist. He enslaved an entire nation in socialist propaganda. What's laughable is people are still falling for the same thing. If you have a good look at any 'man of the people' anywhere, they all claim piety whilst getting stinking rich. See Tony Blair & Gordon Brown as good examples. Gordon's the worst of the two, runs a charity and takes 75% as costs, turns up at parliament about once a month yet takes a full salary and expences. Sorry to bore you all to death with a long essay but at least this makes grammatical sense.