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  1. rulie-JDF-

    too many mods...

    Just saying guys...too many mods will kill this awesome game. I hope BIS takes notice and ultimately takes control of the outta control mod thing soon or...:( Anyways, for now im going back to an AAS FPS game i've known for the last ten years...sort the mod situation out soon BIS or you will end up like nologic. :p
  2. rulie-JDF-

    Music Recommendations

    My "Path Finder" album. http://rule303-jdf-music.bandcamp.com/ Free to DL or listen too. I'll end up making an A3 TS mix track/video clip one day.
  3. rulie-JDF-

    What's the story behind your username and avatar?

    "rulie" is just short for rule.303 which is from the movie Breaker Morant. My avatar is from the "Free rulie" movement. Im not actually a Kangaroo though...:p
  4. rulie-JDF-

    Quick poll about the game so far

    Filled! :cool:
  5. rulie-JDF-

    ArmA 3.com

  6. rulie-JDF-

    ArmA 3.com

    okay...then why would "that site" care if i was born on the 1st of January 2013? I just clicked next and it's locked me out. A bug perhaps? Maybe B.I.S. could fix it? I hear this mob actually listen to thier fan base. :)
  7. rulie-JDF-

    ArmA 3.com

    ARMA 3.com "we are sorry, you do not meet the minimum requirements" what the?:mad: Im not telling you my real age (im over 40). I love my country but fear the government. ...oh well, i've done my bit to promote your game B.I.S. I have gifted the three ArmA 3 lites away through Steam. I sincerely hope this results in three full sales for you. Praying there will be more PvP maps when the final product is released. Thankyou, All the best. rulie.
  8. rulie-JDF-

    Welcome back Ivan & Martin!

    now i can see WHY they were detained in the first place. One of them is wearing "glasses".... Welcome back fellas. :p
  9. Thats one of the probs ive been having. ArmA 2 = which mod, installing them right is a mission in it's self.
  10. I would like to see more PvP (AAS) please. Don't change anything to accommodate the new folks(i.e. BF3, CoD, MW3 and *coughs* Counter Strike Source/GO crowds). The PvP maps don't have to be massive for AAS, 10 or 20 square km's with at least five to seven re-capturable PSP's (flag-base capture zones) would do just fine. I am fairly new to ArmA 2 and OA but not new to FPS'ers or AAS, since i used to play the game (which no-one has mentioned here yet) that it came from according to this link for about six years. http://pvpscene.armaholic.com/wiki/doku.php?id=english:game_modes:advance_and_secure :cool:
  11. again, thanks for your help gentlemen. Perhaps a small suggestion in the direction of the ArmA3 dev team for an embeded screenshot key maybe could be a good thing? (if there are any keys left in ArmA3 to do this). I will organise something to record in the meantime. This new graphics card of mine has a HDMI out for cloning to TV, i think some newer blue ray recorders have a HDMI record input. I am on the case. :cool: r.
  12. yer sorry about that fellas, i just assumed everyone knew what SS was. I mean Screen Shot. I do appreciate your response time. Ive only been playing a game called Joint Operations for the last six years so this is all just too much for me. I should have dumped that game years ago, but hey, i realize i am a num nut...no need to rub it in please. The SS key for that clunker of a game was F11 and dumped the jpeg into the JO folder. I don't use steam and don't have fraps. Previously i have recorded my game play by cloning the graphics card out to a TV and just recording that signal directly to a DVD recorder. :)
  13. Hi guys, playing now for a few weeks only. The voice chat guys told me the default SS key was F12. Is this right? i carn't see any reference to taking SS's in the manual. My next question is, when you take a SS where the frig does it end up? Thanks in advance, r.