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  1. ACE build 595 There are two factors, which slow down speed of artillery battery work: 1) Unability to aim a mortar on to required baring with SHIFT button. 2) all objects fall off players hands, wihich makes imposible to charge mortar quickly. Another Trouble: Charges#5,6,7,8 of M119 howitzer have too small damage, in contrast to charges#1,2,3,4. In ACE Build 592 and early Builds it all absolutely equal.
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    ACE for OA 1.13

    ACE Build 595 Big trouble with all mortar shells: if i stay at uneven surface(most plaÑes in arma2),then shell drops out from my hands on the ground if i use mouse...
  3. In last ACE builds you fixed artillery random, its very good) but i found a couple mistakes in last builds: 1)81mm mortar absolutely have no damage 2)damage of 60mm mortar equal damage of underbarrel grenade launcher. i dont know about 60mm damage in real life, but i think it greater than underbarrel grenade....
  4. so, i see you fixed artillery random. thanx you for it :)
  5. sry for my english-speeker level, but i cant keep silence anymore: I'm a member of russian arma2 gaming community tsgames.ru . Every weekend we plays big pvp-games with 200 players on one server. And i must to say, that mortars are very weak and crippled. For example: radius of lethal fragments extermination for 61mm, 81mm and 82mm mortars is about 15-20 meters, but random of impact area is 100-150 meters. And its not realistic, when i shoot on so small range 2000-4000 meters, and cant hit enemy because random is very huge for this range. So huge random correct for really long range, not small range. i think u must fix it, cuz now mortars for only noising terrible effects )