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  1. Lucasmnunesk

    Arma 3 Kart DLC

    Will it feature a campaign?
  2. Lucasmnunesk

    A-164 wipeout laser

    What is the program you're using to read the code that way? For the most simple solution you just have to insert this code into the initialization of the JTAC unit. removeallweapons this; this addmagazine "Laserbatteries"; this addweapon "Laserdesignator"; this assignItem "Laserdesignator"; Its removing all weapons of the unit to make sure he won't try to fight the vehicle, and assign the Batteries for the laser designator and the laser designator itself, the last command make sure the unit will equip the Laser designator. This should work as far as the unit has the target on sight, and if the target is an enemy vehicle except for the Quadbikes and on civilian tests. Please be aware that i've tested it fairly quick and i'm not sure if all my information is right, if it didn't worked for you just say it and send me a PM and i'll try a more complex approach because i'm a very rusty with scripting
  3. Lucasmnunesk

    ArmA 3 : RESIST

    Looks really great what you're doing! Waiting for release, as ideas you could try to squeeze in, maybe as a spin-off mission it would be nice to be how it is on the other side, maybe putting us on the enemy skin i really enjoy to knowing how people interpret them, maybe playing one mission of the campaign but as the CSAT or AAF or even one completely different mission, but something that show us how things are on the other side, how the soldiers think about the invasion, about these survivors and everything in general.
  4. I'm currently trying to learn how to make addons, as a first project i've been trying to make what i believe would be a simple task. i wanted to track if a player is with GPS toggled on, and when he left an Magnified scope sight or even when he left an vehicle slot which has no interior he would have his GPS turned on automatically. When i first thought about it this was my first ideia, an Event Handler would turn a variable to true when a player toggled the GPS on, and when he left any state which the GPS would be turned off another event handler would check if the GPS variable was on. Unfortunately i couldn't find any event handler that would serve this purpose. My main reason to do this is to learn more about scripting and to get into add on making, but sometimes i was annoyed that my GPS was turned off just because i've used the binoculars so it could be useful. So anyone has any ideas how to track these events?
  5. I believe the next big dlc with new content will continue the Main Campaign history, so it should take place somewhere which would give answers about
  6. Thanks for your help! It will work, but still i'm not sure if its the optimal way of doing this. Correct me if i am wrong, but a while loop like this would cause performance issues with higher number of players, right? Still it seems to be the only method to do this. I've asked the FA_gps mod developer to have a look on his code so i would understand how to manipulate the gps but I've found Addon making documentation on BIS wiki pretty poor, still i couldn't find any info anywhere, is there anywhere else to look into? Or the best way is really looking at other people addons?
  7. I used to hate commanding AI, and sometimes they are pretty stupid indeed, but trying to play the campaign i'm getting the hang of it. I've found that small groups of AI operate better with me, but sometimes i manage to do good things even with an 8 man group, just keep trying and its fine, its common for them to make some stupid things like when i wanted one guy to fire with his AT at a Arty in front of us, when i sent him to engage he ran 500m backwards then i asked him to regroup and started advancing to the arty when he finally tried to shot it he fired it on a tree close to him and got killed. But sometimes they work great, i'm still learning but i've improved a lot and sometimes i even manage to be in a bad situation and win without any casualties! I would like to try Articulate but since they are dependent on Windows Speech Recognition i'm unable to use it but it seems like a great alternative look for it on the forums!
  8. Lucasmnunesk

    Problems With Mil-Sim Groups Taking Realism Too Far

    While i've experienced somethings that i didn't like in many groups i have to say that its hard to find a group that will perfectly fit to what you want all the time, even myself, sometimes i want to have some fun but sometimes i'm looking to have a more serious time and i cannot expect everyone else will do what i want. Like you said the groups that want to train their players the have to assume no one knows anything, because many people think they know everything and there is still something that maybe you don't know, and if you don't know someone else who is on the group doesn't know, so for the better of all the community i won't ask them to skip some part of the training because i believe that i know everything, i'm not the only one there and still they could tell me something i don't know yet. About the age, its up to these communities to manage their age restriction, don't you think that its too selfish for 15 years old kids not being able to give you orders but you still want to use an chain of command? The kids should just be ordered around? If they were allowed into an community they shouldn't be restricted by their age in my opinion. I play ArmA for the experience it gives me, i mean, i do know the AI has it issues, but i wouldn't exploit their issues to assure i win or whatever, laying on the grass or hiding behind bushes do work in ArmA, it has its limits but it still works. It would be the same as exploiting those clipping glitches which allows you to see behind building too fight against human players. I'm saying this because i truly believe its what most of the ArmA players want while playing, the experience the game provide. And in the end ArmA has LOTS of different communities, don't look for them to fit everything you want perfectly, try to be more reasonable because if you want to be part of any community, you have to play with different kinds of people which will want different things at different times.
  9. Lucasmnunesk

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Same here, add some nice variety. Just was pointing out for the guy that was (if i understood correctly) trying to add some custom texture, but the Kuma cage was in different color, that he has control over this randomization. Edit: Just add to the vehicle init this: this animate ["HideHull",0];
  10. Lucasmnunesk

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Some vehicles have things randomized, like the civilians cars colors, its the same with the FIA offroads and should be with the Kuma, but there are commands IIRC that make you choose what version of the vehicle you want, i remember people found an cop offroad on the game with this and other versions that wouldn't spawn other way. Unfortunately i recall nothing about these commands.
  11. I new to scripting but i believe it can be accomplished with some commands like lineIntersects and knowsAbout, but i'm not sure since i'm new to scripting and i get confused with arrays, maybe when zeus reach stable branch i could try script this. But you could try looking for yourself and see what you can achieve. For hiding the units the command should be hideObject it runs locally. I don't play on devbranch but if it isn't developed when Zeus reach stable branch, i'll try it.
  12. Lucasmnunesk

    A storm is coming (Arma 3 Zeus DLC)

    Its up to the mission maker or mission parameters if there will be any difference, on the livestream they made an example that the moderators would be able to give orders and modify things, but not create things, not sure if this is how the default missions works, but it can be changed so that both Zeus and the Moderator are the same AFAIK.
  13. Lucasmnunesk

    A storm is coming (Arma 3 Zeus DLC)

    Doesn't VBS have something like this? I mean, lots of people are complaining saying that they copied VTS or MCC which are great mods, but still the concept of live editing existed before.
  14. Lucasmnunesk

    A storm is coming (Arma 3 Zeus DLC)

    This awesome, either for casual play or for the more focused on realism. With this mod even when a mission has its hiccups you can fix it and make every mission as dynamic as possible! Yes, i find ArmA lacking in many things, but surely it is a great addition and the only servers that wouldn't use it to full extent in my opinion would be the public servers, they would have to limit only the admins to be Zeus or it would be an mess. I'm with GDent on this one. And keep in mind that ArmA isn't developed by a single guy or a small team of friends as most mods, so they aren't keeping other fixes and other features that people complain out of the game, i doubt they would let a developer to work on this project while detracting the progress from the full game, there are dedicated teams for each areas. It would be awesome to make a 3d editor with this, i don't really think we need a full working 3d editor, at least for me the main reason a 3d editor would be helpful would be for units and objects placement, if they could just make possible to save the objects positions and go back to the 2d editor to place triggers, waypoints, whatever you need would be enough. Like using 3d editor for precise object placement and 2d editor for general purposes.
  15. Lucasmnunesk

    @A3CV - ArmA 3 Coop: Vietnam

    Aldruic, what about the ACRE radio restrictions? Will we have a choice of setting this off? I understand the reason for this, to keep the Vietnam era as real as possible, but shouldn't it be up to the mission maker? I just think making restrictions which aren't optional never is a good idea, just a suggestion. But i'm looking forward to all your projects! Just can't wait for them to get launched!
  16. Lucasmnunesk

    AI planting Explosive

    The unit should have space on its inventory so the addmagazine command would work, with an regular NATO Rifleman he wouldn't get the Satchel Charge because he has no inventory space. Try giving him a backpack or clear his inventory or even try an smaller explosive. Tested here taking all his weapons off and everything is working fine.
  17. Lucasmnunesk

    Pet Peeves of A3

    When this happens just press tab again, its what i do to fix this. I would like to add, vehicle guns can shoot from angles that would hit itself, but the bullets just go through. Like the FIA Offroad, where you could shoot even through the driver. And the independent Tank where the commander gun. I'm not playing a lot of ArmA3 so i don't remember the vehicles names, but i could post some images.
  18. Lucasmnunesk

    No women at all

    It's because on Alice and on Half-Life you're playing as those set characters, and for other games, like ArmA, you're mostly playing as a general character so it is a nice addition that you have the choice to set him as you want. I do want females characters in-game, the civilians would be priority but i do hope we have the option to set our characters gender too.
  19. About the 3d cockpit, it didn't had to have any detailed texture, i would be fine with a all black interior as we have now but with all the viewports and the possibility to zoom on them. If they could make it all detailed and cool would be even better and it would make the gps issue gone right? Because as people stated its caused because the viewport is like looking through a scope.
  20. Lucasmnunesk

    Player Downed Script

    The best idea i had was this waitUntil {(damage _unit) > 0.8}; and you need something to check this before adding the action if ( (damage _unit) > 0.8 ) then { _unit addAction ( http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/addAction ) use the syntax here } and this action would remove itself after running everything it needs to keep the player up and good Hope i could help but i'm not really good at scripting still a early learner and i have stopped playing with scripts for a while
  21. It seems to me that the problem with voice activation is that to transmit over the radio, you cannot be speaking directly for some very little time, so maybe the random background noises are activating their local speech and when they use the radio it won't work. I'm not sure if i'm right, but when im speaking on voice activation and press capslock the radio won't work, but if i make total silence for like 1 sec and there is no background noise it works fine.
  22. Lucasmnunesk


    The only downside of this, it that it hides the grid numbers on the map unless you zoom in. I have preference over a full map, but it does looks cool
  23. Lucasmnunesk

    [WIP] Combine Transhuman forces

    Amazing mod! Waiting eagerly to the launch! Good Luck!
  24. Lucasmnunesk

    IN-GAME marker needs whole refurbishment

    In my opinion the dot as default marker make everything you told easier, but if they could make all these options possible it would be cool, and maybe even choosing what default marker you want
  25. Lucasmnunesk

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    But Pils, that makes the player create different ways to engage their enemy, i don't like the idea of changing weapons parameters, the Kamyish is a though enemy so you should avoid to fight with him heads on.I do agree about the ammo and specially the sounds! I would like them to make the vehicles and weapons as close as their real counterparts as possible and make those sounds possible to hear from way longer distances!