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  1. cry

    USP Gear & Uniforms

    Is there a possibility of a smaler "Uniform" Version- e.g. only with some combinations of uniforms? (only MC, MCD, MCT, MCB, without all the camouflage mixed up?) It´s hard to establish them in "larger" Communitys and CCOP Events with multiple Clans due to the size. :-O Nevertheless- absolutely astonishing work gyus! Keep up the incredible work, that´s pure awesomeness! 😉
  2. Hi Guys, I´ve got a Problem with the ACE Module. I´ve build a Mission, nothing extraordinary, no scripts, RHS US&UDSSR. Due the fact, that I´ve placed the ACE3 Module for Self,- and Interaction in the Editor, there is no availability of it within the Mission. When I start another Mission, there are no probs. Is this a well known Issue/ Bug? Is there any incompability with some Addons? If you need more Infos about the Mission, let me know!;-D I hope someone can help me. Greetz
  3. There´s always a way through the middle..... Watch and monitoring at the Patient simultaneausly by checking him of >SICK - ABCCDE< is a good way, I think. As Rye said - evaluate the " more potential treat" for the Patient. Nice would be some Hints, if the Patient is developing a shock or loosing consciousness. Like in real life, you don´t have to monitor his face all the time - You get a clue (e.g. colour of Skin, breathing, sweating, flood of words, restless limbs...) when he´s getting unconscious and don´t have to check his parameters again.
  4. cry

    Annihilation [NATO/DEVGRU]

    I´ve tested the Mission with a mate. No Probs with revive/ respawn. Also no Probs with Desync at all (even at the start). Good Job- Thanks!:)
  5. Hi there, is there a possibility, to save all placed things (e.g. Patrols, Buildings, HQ´s etc.) in the normal editor? You get the "Code" from MCC, but how do you create a "mission.sqm" from it? (Is it even possible?) Greetz
  6. Sounds a bit strange and not logical, but I´ve go the same Problem. But when I hit my Caps-Lock Button very hard, the "radiosquawk" appears and I can transmitt. Maybe there ist physicaly problem of your button.... My Caps-Lock button is ok and functional, just in case of ACRE, the button makes trouble....
  7. At first- love your Mod! It adds an additional feature of treating wounds. The ACE Module was fine, but not complex enough (for an Paramedic^^). A tutorial for Using it in the right order would be nice. I´m not really sure about the functionality of some applications. MOre feedback (like those little hints in the corner) would be nice. In reality, the PAtient is giving more feedback than just lying there. I think this should be added?! Also some possibility´s (e.g. applying a TQ to the Chest) are not realistic. SOme restrictions for the TQ would be nice and necessary (e.g. applying just possible at arms and legs). Maybe your Team can get direct feeback and support by e.g. Davegarry or other medical personal like me, if you want. I´m sure, we would help you, to make this Mod more awesome and realistic!!! :-) Greetz from Germany :D
  8. Hi Guys, I´ve got a Problem. When I do place an IED on a MP-Mission, there is an activation of it for each player. That means: when 12 Soldiers passing the IED, the IED explodes 12 times simultaneously- with more power than I´ve tested it in the Editor. So the radius around the IED isn´t valid anymore and all the players are death instead of being wounded. Hope you guys can help me! Thanks! Cry
  9. Hi folks, I´ve got a question about a single command, probably used in a trigger. My problem: I want to catch a single, suspicious suspect (e.g. named "Zivilian 1"), load it to an Vehicle (e.g. via Civilian Interaction Module) and carry it to an FOB. What´s the right "command" used in a trigger, to activate this trigger when "Zivilian 1" reaches the FOB and set task "done"? I hope, i get the point of the problem:) Thanks! Chris
  10. Is there also an Update of the thermal signatures? They don´t work in MP.
  11. Do the other MP-Player see the red flashlight too?
  12. I had the exact same problem as well. Just tried everything: different modes (with/without Admin), re-install ARMA II, ACRE etc.- nothing. Also our "Tec-Master" who´s running the server and all the other stuff had no clue about it. Then I was forced to re-install Win/ due to problems with the Hard Drive- Tada!!!! Everything is working fine till now. I remember- the day after I was running ACRE the last time regulary, there was an Win7 Update. There is no explanation like: try it with admin/non-admin mode. Some problems with ACRE are some deeeeep, Win7 sh*t. Does the ACRE-Developer knows about the issue? Maybe they find a way to fix it.
  13. Maybe this is a method for you: Press Shift+[Number] e.g. 3, 4, then you geht a specific Weapon without ;)Magpul is going to be everywhere....
  14. Yes you did! Thanks for the effort and tip, it´s working:) Is this also possible with buildings?
  15. Hey Guys, I´am constructing a MP Mission, where the player has to destroy some empty Cars (ZSU). My Problem: how do I configure the cars like "KI Players", that the trigger is setting a Mission Target to "SUCEEDED", if the cars are destroyed. I have no Problem with other KI Players (! (alive)+ Trigger), but I have no idea, how to solve this problem. Hope you guys can help me. Greetz