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  1. TSAndrey

    A Complete Arma 3 - Not That Far Away

    Fixed physics, better netcode, better damage/injured system, performance(?)
  2. TSAndrey

    Next DLC and Expansion Speculation

    We don't need larger maps, Altis is big enough (even too big). What we need is a better netcode and optimization that can take more players so we can use the size of the map.
  3. TSAndrey

    JUMP please!!

    Why can't we have a jump like in DayZ?
  4. TSAndrey

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    But they didn't say it's the drivers fault, they said you shouldn't compare engine issues with driver issues.
  5. TSAndrey

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    He's saying it's not their fault drivers cause low performance issues. He never said all performance issues are caused by drivers.
  6. TSAndrey

    Episode 3, "Game Over" mission

    Well, I think the point of no saves is that it doesn't matter if you survive or not. That's the campaign ending, whetever you escape or not, the campaign is finished...
  7. TSAndrey

    any news on weapon resting?

    This pretty much sums up most A3 issues.
  8. That's not the problem at hand. AI should be atleast somewhat close, not get lost 200m behind wondering where you are...
  9. Yeah, I killed the whole middle part of the town with that. Too bad I only used 1 salvo...
  10. A server browser like in DayZ would be nice
  11. TSAndrey

    SUVs are STUPID fragile

    Arma 2 has the same issue, it's likely even worse there.
  12. Just use the UAV to destroy the incoming vehicles, and then use the stationary HMG to kill any incoming forces. You don't even need your teammates
  13. TSAndrey

    Beyond Recognition

    If you can find a Titan, use it to blow up the incoming spec ops heli. If you can't, loot the dead bodies at the destroyed artillery or base. Wait for the friendly squad to come into the town and assist, then kill all the spec ops!
  14. TSAndrey

    Damage system sucks - fix needed

    There's also a problem with RPG AOE damage. My friend fired an RPG shoot at an ATV and a guy was next to it, yet the ATV was intact and the guy survived!
  15. TSAndrey

    Episode 3, "Game Over" mission

    Yeah, I expected to atleast find some real answers there. But we only got a confirmation of what we already knew- the device is connected to earthquakes.
  16. TSAndrey

    Episode 3, "Game Over" mission

    1. You didn't wait a year 2. While a save option would be good, the mission isn't impossible to do without it
  17. TSAndrey

    Episode 3, "Game Over" mission

    I finished the mission, but I don't see how 1 save or atleast an auto-save after the intro would be a problem to implement.
  18. I have a problem locating the sniper in the one shot, one kill side mission. I've searched all the buildings in the factory complex and only found trip mines! Can somebody help?
  19. TSAndrey

    Why are much more people playing Arma 2?

    More mods, released earlier, less demanding requirements, cheaper.... I'm not saying A2 is better than A3, just some of the reasons why more people would play A2.
  20. TSAndrey

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Short?! If Win is as long as Adapt, the campaign will be atleast 10 hours when put together! (if you do the side missions)
  21. TSAndrey

    Arma 3 Cheating / hacking / Exploiting.

    Just because you see 1 cheater doesn't mean the anti-cheat sucks
  22. TSAndrey

    A storm is coming (Arma 3 Zeus DLC)

    *cough* Planetside 2 *cough*
  23. TSAndrey

    Arma 3 Cheating / hacking / Exploiting.

    I'm not lying, and please don't compare A2 to A3. A2 had a massive cd key theft problem and most admins failed to use BE filters. I'm starting to think the server you were on didn't have BE setup properly.