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  1. No need to do it with triggers, remove them.. just put this into your init.sqf for example: // dialog will be shown only once, when you meet old man for the first time wasHere = 0; [] spawn { while {wasHere != 1} do { waitUntil {(player distance2d oldman)<2}; oldman lookAt player; oldman disableai "move"; wasHere = wasHere + 1; //the condition "wasHere != 1" will throw false next time _handle = [] spawn {["OLDMAN", "Hello sir, if you go into the barn you will find"] spawn BIS_fnc_showSubtitle}; sleep 8; _handle = [] spawn {["OLDMAN", "some things that might could help you with your mission."] spawn BIS_fnc_showSubtitle}; sleep 8; _handle = [] spawn {["OLDMAN", "It is all we got, if you need anything else,"] spawn BIS_fnc_showSubtitle}; sleep 8; _handle = [] spawn {["OLDMAN", "you have to find it somewhere else."] spawn BIS_fnc_showSubtitle}; sleep 8; _handle = [] spawn {["OLDMAN", "Good luck, i have work to do.."] spawn BIS_fnc_showSubtitle}; }; // some other code if wasHere is 1 => if the player come back }; Cheers!

    AI Spot distance

    disableAI may "force" group commander to stop assigning the targets..

    AI Spot distance

    Look at https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/disableAI command or if you want to disable messages on the screen then use any of these (or combination): 0 fadeRadio 0; enableRadio false; enableSentences false; Hope this helped. Cheers!

    How do i remove actions at object?

    This should work
  5. Or hold CTRL, click on the folders/files you want to remove and then press delete. There are many ways how to do that.

    End trigger doesn`t work

    Is your trigger set to activate once ? This will not work on repeadetly activation. Alternatively, you can do this: put "activated" into condition field of tr6 (the end trigger) in tr5 activation field put "sleep 25; activated=true;" When the tr5 will be activated, it'll sleep 25 seconds and end tr6 (the end one).

    Making Markers Disappear

    These are options how to do that, it depends on if you want to completely delete the marker or not: using deleteMarker which will completely delete/destroy the given marker using setMarkerSize which will only set the zero x and y axis of the marker, so you can still access to the marker by the script/code Hope this helped!

    Dialog Help

    If you still need help, try this: First, make sure you have lines below in the GUI config: In my case: LUKI_myDialogTemplate.hpp class LUKI_myDialogTemplate { idd = -1; movingEnable = false; enableSimulation = true; objects[] = { }; Note: I recommend to export the GUI in the config format (key shortcut Shift + Ctrl + S) while you're in GUI Editor. Second step is to define this GUI to the description.ext file ... so simply put on the first line: description.ext #include "dialoges\LUKI_myDialogTemplate.hpp" Then you can simply create/show this dialog where you want by this line (for example in the init.sqf): init.sqf createDialog "LUKI_myDialogTemplate"; Hope this will solve your problem. ;)

    Following Enemy's Spawn Point

    If you'll have somewhere in the script mistake, black rectangle inform you on you screen - like this. :) Cheers!

    [CO15] BACK HOME -Ep.14-ARMA3 hardcore mission

    Excellent video! Downloading now, I'm gonna test it. Thank you very much for this mission. :ok:

    Following Enemy's Spawn Point

    As far as I know, it's -ShowScriptErrors - just small correction. :) However, good luck with the mission!
  12. It looks like I'll come back to Blender. It'll be easier with your awesome tool. :D Thank you!

    Throwable Satchel Charge!

    Cool video, and thank you for this Mikey, it looks be useful in multiplayer missions! ;)
  14. I would recommend The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It's good open world game, and it has potentially cheap DLCs. ;)

    ArmA-Banlist (Community Banlist)

    Very good, thank you for your work!

    Model Request - Ideal for Beginner

    Okay, nice ...I'll start with work tommorow. ;) No problem, I'm happy to assist with your project. :)

    Model Request - Ideal for Beginner

    Yes, I'll be happy to lend a hand on the project. I'll check it out. ;) By the way, the model can be in *p3d format? I can make the model, but I'll need help with textures. :o

    Model Request - Ideal for Beginner

    I can take a look on it and I'll see what i can do. :) When you need it Kydoimos ?

    HELPPPPP please (Error message)

    After which event this error occur? Have you activated any unofficial mods? Cheers!
  20. Aww, this looks fantastic despite the fact that it's in early alpha stage!
  21. Hi HellKiller! First, I never used sideChat for the dialogs between players (excluding dialog between HQ and player). Try to use titleText, it looks better like sideChat. :) ... and now the script error ... Why are you complicating it? :rolleyes: Simply use init.sqf (if the dialog is after start). Paste this code in your init.sqf: /* Dialogue script between player and characters by Hector Corral Modified by LUKI */ sleep 5; titleText ["I can't believe it...","PLAIN DOWN"]; sleep 3; titleText ["What captain?","PLAIN DOWN"]; sleep 3; titleText ["That they succeed to capture the president.","PLAIN DOWN"]; sleep 5; titleText ["Yes it's really surprising when you see all the security in the site.","PLAIN DOWN"]; sleep 8; titleText ["Those terrorists must be terrifically well equipped.","PLAIN DOWN"]; sleep 20; titleText ["And why NATO peacekeepers did not intervene?","PLAIN DOWN"]; sleep 8; titleText ["This is simply not their role, they are just here to protect the population, not to prevent coups d'état.","PLAIN DOWN"];

    3CB BAF Equipment

    Yes, thanks for your hard work guys! I'm gonna try it out. :)
  23. I used this in my mission too, you must only copy COB folder, init.sqf and description.ext into your mission's folder. Create a new init.sqf file in your mission folder, and paste in this: [group player, markerPos "spawnMrk", markerPos "dropOffMrk"] spawn COB_fnc_extraction; Create on the map 2 new markers: "spawnMrk", "dropOffMrk". Then follow instructions: ,,In this extraction example you pop smoke or throw an IR strobe then use radio 0-0-1 to call for an extraction helicopter. The extraction position is based around the position of the object that was thrown."

    JSRS3: DragonFyre

    I can't believe my ears, that sounds amazing. Great work as always LJ!

    SP Harpoon Delta

    I played this mission two times...no bugs. It's small, but funny for me yet. Thank you. :ok: