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  1. Interesting. I was running this script on my server last week when we encountered server crashes. Can i ask, how do you know this script caused your server to crash?
  2. Squad name:- Salticide Squad Timezone/location : GMT Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): coop Contact email: recruitment@salticidesquad.co.uk Website address:http://salticidesquad.co.uk/ Short description: We are a gaming community based on fun, teamwork, immersion and professionalism with members from all around the world. We are mainly focused on Arma 3 Milsim, but we do play all other games from FPS to Simulation and arcade as well. With Arma 3 Milsim, You can expect to carry out different type of missions in variety environments. We recruits people aged 16+ from any background. Would like to join the Great Salticide Squad? follow these simple rules, You will fit in with the group straight away. Be mature & dedicated Team player Can take any orders from high command Able to deal with criticism We are always looking forward to meeting with you and playing with you. See You In Battlefield Soldier! Language: English
  3. I've looked into this and i have to say that it is a can of worms. The animations used when dragging the body are simply enough but making the animations work across a network is particularly tricky, especially when you are dealing with dragging other players. Good luck anyways!
  4. bangabob

    Car Pursuit

    This is extracted from my mission. It will need adjusting to work in your mission but it basically creates a group of units and a vehicle near the player and gives them a waypoint. If the player gets too far away then the units, the script deletes the units and the script will reset.
  5. Type refers to the unit which is been selected. House groups, patrol groups, motorised groups, armoured groups, attach helicopter groups, transport helicopter groups.
  6. Just put in the init.sqf PLAYER setcaptive false; If your problem persists then it's another issue
  7. Very strange. Maybe your team mates are perceived as more threatening ;)
  8. bangabob

    triggered forceEnd issue

    Try this instead of forceend endMission "END1";
  9. Its probably just my trial and error approach to building scripts. But I have noticed some irregularities with the while condition. I try to avoid Waituntil commands where possible so i don't have as much experience with them. I assumed they would behave similarly
  10. Your errors are happening because there is not enough space in the containers for the magazines you are trying to add. Add a condition in the switch which detects for space in the containers before attempting to add magazines to avoid this error.
  11. Yes waitUntil and while conditions are pretty unreliable. What I do is have a while command with an exitwith to replace the waituntil For example; // REPLACE WAITUNTIL while {true} do { sleep 0.1; if (((((position _object) select 2) < 1) || (isNil "_para"))) exitWith {}; }; // CONTINUE CODE HERE AS USUAL
  12. If you have very large marker with a lot of groups then it will lag a bit when you activate the zone. Try separating the marker into smaller individual markers and apply eos zones with smaller groups
  13. _grp = group theuav; _unit = player; while {true} do { if (!alive (leader _grp)) exitWith {}; _wp = _grp addWaypoint [position _unit, 0]; _wp setWaypointType "MOVE"; sleep 1; };
  14. You have misspelled triggeractivated in your code. mis1 = player addaction [""<t color=""#FF8400"">" +"Capture AAC Airfield","ops\aac.sqf","",1,false,true,"","triggeractivated trig2"];